Chapter11: Home Economics

Readers, I’m sorry to say that this chapter has not been proofread so please bear with me. Sorry for the late release.
*Action* or *Sound*

Adamas opened his eyes and was greeted with darkness. The slow *Shiiin* sound of his capsule could be heard as the lid opened. Adamas tried to sit up and was met with mild stabbing pain from every muscle on his body. Oh yeah, the capsule has that feature where a 10th of the exertions you make inside will be felt in RL… He barely manage to sit up right and he was already breathing hard in exhaustion. The room was shrouded in darkness and when Adamas checked his watch he realized it was past midnight.
Adamas was about to raise his body out of the capsule but in the end he decided against it. He laid back down in the capsule and with him the lid followed locking in place above him. Right before he closed his eyes he saw and heard a message hovering in front of him.

Activate REM_PLAY mode?

Adamas was too tired to ponder the message, only hearing REM and catching sight of “MODE”. He concluded that the capsule system was asking him if he wanted to sleep so he quickly mumbled a “yes” and drifted of into dream land.

***1 hour later***

Adam found himself on a sidewalk holding hands with beauty incarnate. He couldn’t help but wonder how he found himself walking hand in hand with Kandy but as soon as he made eye-contact with her he decided not to dwell on the matter anymore. Her smile blew away all and any doubts within.  Adam breathed in her scent and held it in afraid that if he let it out he would never get to savior it again. His eyes drank in her figure never having enough of her lush and full body that would make any man’s head turn. The warmth that spread from their joined hands only furthered the feeling of security within Adam. Adam looked up and a smile was pulled out from his heart and painted his face when he saw Kandy smiling once more.

It felt like everything was right where it should be at that moment until the floor beneath Adam gave way. The ground sank down breaking into numerous pieces leaving him suspending in the air for a split second before gravity worked its magic. Adam quickly let go of Kandy’s hand on reflex in order to avoid dragging her down with him only to be grief-stricken when he looked back up in assurance of her safety.  Adam found Kandy in Liam’s arms, passionately sucking mouth with him and all signs that she ever loved Adam were gone as if he never existed.

Adam’s heart fell with him as the ensuing scene faded away from his sight. The surroundings were shrouded in darkness and the drop looked bottomless. As soon as Adam gave in to the inevitable and endless fall an unseen force grabbed a hold of him, pulling him down even faster. He flailed his arms and legs trying to repress the force but it was all to no avail. He tried to look down towards the source of the pull for an answer but only darkness greeted his endeavor.

What the hell is going on!! Please let this be a dream!  ….Wait!! That’s it!!  I must be drea-


Adam woke up with a start, quickly sitting upright on his bed breathing hard as if he had just run a marathon. His chest hurt, or to be more accurate his heart hurt. He felt hollow inside as if everything in his chest was ripped out from within, and the tears that fell from his eyes were the vestiges of his remaining heart.

After calming down and cursing both Liam and Kandy inside his head Adam looked down at himself and realized that he was a child!

Wait.. Am I back in the game? 

Now Adamas instead of Adam slowly slid to the edge of the bed and stood up. He looked around the place and noticed Grant’s sword lying on the floor from when he came up to go to sleep before he logged out.

Didn’t I log out and go to sleep? 

Adamas looked all around him in confusion until he realized the words on the top right of his vision spelling out “REM_PLAY MODE“.

REM_PLAY!? Rem? As in REM sleep? So is this like being able to play while you’re asleep? How come I couldn’t do this before…? Well… I guess I haven’t really tried to sleep in the pod before but i never really heard about any REM_PLAY mode either… Maybe this is a new update from INTERACT? Oh well, it’s not like me to stare a gift horse in the mouth.

Adamas headed towards the stairs and descended into the living room in time to see two flashes of light.

“Ady? What are you doing awake baby, did I not tell you to go get some sleep?” Said Elian in a scolding tone.

Adamas hesitated before responding, “Ah, I couldn’t go to sleep mother so I thought I might go outside and take a bath.”

Elian placed her finger on her chin while scrutinizing Adamas, “Hmmm, you do look filthy…. and that putrid smell! Ugh, intolerable. Follow me baby, Ill heat up the water and while I do so, I want you to remove your clothes and dispose of them in the basket outside. I’ll attempt to mend the damage.” In the middle of her dialogue Elian strode outside with Adamas in tow.

Adamas quickly spoke up before his mother reached the outdoor shower, “Mother, before you start, could you tell me where those two girls left to?”

Without turning around Elian answered, “You mean Lindsey and Hailey?  They both returned to Anilare, the goddess of Destiny, just like you will when you are of age.”

“Oh”, I guess that’s how NPC’s make sense of us logging out but who is goddess Anilare.?

Elian then placed her hand on the metal cylindrical container full of water. The metal on the container slowly began to turn red and when it seemed it couldn’t turn any redder Elian removed her hands and turned around to face Adamas, “Well baby, what are you lingering for, off with  your clothes and into the shower.”

Adamas removed his gaze from the container and proceeded to shed his clothes, placing them into the basket which was swiped by his mother on her way inside the house. He quickly scrubbed himself with soap that was found inside the shower and rinsed himself off.

He walked out and found a towel with some clothes under it. He dried himself off and dressed within the portable shower. He walked inside the house to find his mother sitting in one of the couches across from the fireplace mending his clothes with a needle and thread.

Adamas quietly seated himself near her and closely examined his mother’s work. He was baffled by what he saw. Her skills were exquisite. Her aim with the needle was precise and her spacings were consistent. In only a few minutes, Adamas’s shirt looked just like new.

Elian noticing her son’s interest spoke up, “Ady baby, do you perhaps want to learn the skills of a tailor? I could teach you all about it?”

Adamas smiled and nodded his head just like an enthusiastic kid and in response Elian told Adamas, “Wait right here, I’ll be back.”

Elian smiled as she placed her current work aside. She headed straight into her room and quickly returned to Adamas with a bundle of clothes, paper, and a human sized mannequin in her hand. She dropped them all in front of Adamas. She then handed him a pencil that surprisingly looked a bit modern, a roll of measuring tape, a wooden ruler, and a pair of scissors. “The first thing every tailor must know how to do is measure. I want you to accurately measure the mannequin ten times. Don’t stop until you get the same exact measurement ten out of every ten times. Once you’ve accomplished measuring the mannequin precisely we will move on to the next step.”

Elian then proceeded to show Adamas where on the body the measurements should take place. After she made sure Adamas understood how and where to measure she returned to her work on the couch.

You Have Been Taught the Tailoring Sub-Skill MEASUREMENT!
Sub-Skill Measurement!!
Completion 0%
    Crafting Sub-skills are skills that supplement the main skill. Rather than learning the full skill at once, sub-skills gives the user full understanding of each part of the main skill resulting in a more professional craftsman.

Adamas slowly read the notifications and grinned after he closed them. He picked up the roll of measuring tape and approached the mannequin. It took Adamas five tries for him to get the same exact measurements ten times in a row on the mannequin and a *Ding* rang out in his ear signaling his accomplishment.

Tailoring Sub-Skill Measurement has been mastered!

Afterwards Elian showed Adamas how to draw out designs and patterns according to measurements on paper using the wooden ruler and pencil. She quickly drew out a shirt design and taught Adamas how to draw out a basic thread pattern. Once Adamas understood everything, his mother handed him the ruler and pencil along with a huge blank paper.

“Now Ady, in order to draw a correct design, none of your lines can be crooked and you must map out the exact measurements for the shirt! I enchanted the paper to become a meticulous learning tool. It will remove your design every time you perform inaccurately. You must understand baby. First-rate tailors can not afford to make even one mistake. It would ruin their reputation and decrease the quality of their clothes. Now then, get to it!”

You Have Been Taught the Tailoring Sub-Skill DESIGN&PATTERN!
 Sub-Skill Design&Pattern!!
Completion 0%

Adamas was all over the paper with his ruler and pencil flashing across the blank canvas below him. For every mis-stroke the paper would erase his design forcing Adamas to start all over. For every millimeter he was off in his measurements the paper would erase itself as if laughing at his incompetence. Just when Adamas was about to explode, his mother called him from the kitchen. “Ady, how about you take a break from that and come help me out in the kitchen!”

Adamas put down his pencil and ruler and headed towards the kitchen. His mother asked him if he wanted to learn how to cook and Adamas nodded his head in reply.

Elian lectured, “Well then the first thing every cook should know is how to pick the best ingredients so I’ll first have you learn the identification skill since it takes too long to be taught.”

Elian opened up the highest cabinet and pulled out a small thin brown book from inside. “Here, this is the beginner’s identification skill book. Since Basic skill books sell for about a house worth of gold and there are only a handful of Intermediate skill books this was the only one I could obtain. In order to advance your skill you’re going to have to use identification continuously whenever you can.”

Huh, so you can skip levels by buying more advanced skill books! That’s cool and kind of unfair at the same time. I wonder how much this cost?

So Adamas inquired his NPC mother. “How much did this book cost you?”
“Well these skill books usually sell for about 5 Gold coins, but I acquired this one when I was adventuring around Galea with your father. *Sigh* Those days were full of adventure and excitement. Just the two of us! Your father and I against the world!”

Elian had a nostalgic smile until her eyes met Adamas’s and she picked him up and gave him a hug. “But I wouldn’t trade what I have now to go back in time! Ever since you came my days have been full of nothing but happiness!”

“haha, I love you to mom” Adamas couldn’t help but get caught up in his NPC mother’s mood. Even though a part of Adamas’s mind told him it was weird to have feelings for a mother that was made up of endless strands of data Adamas decided to ignore it since in the end his feeling were real and that was all that mattered.

Unlike Kandy and everyone else, at least I know that Elian won’t ever betray me…..

Elian then put Adamas down and handed him the book but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Adamas replied with a happy “Thank you mother!”

Elian smiled and ruffled her little baby’s hair, “You are welcome my little pumpkin.”

Adamas put his hand on the book and instead of yelling out “learn skill” like some cartoon hero, (I was too caught up in the moment last time, I’m never doing that again) he cleared his mind and filled it with only the thought of learning the skill identification. The book began to shine until finally his hand sank into it and the book collapsed into dust.

You Have Learned the IDENTIFICATION Skill!
Beginner Level 1 (0%)

Adamas gave himself a high-five and grew wings in order to fly towards the sky inside his head in celebration. Unfortunately his wings were clipped and he was brought back down to earth when his mother spoke up. “Remember to clean that up young man. I’m not going to always clean up after you!”

“Yes ma’am”
“Good, now after you are done, I want you to come over here and identify the baskets of vegetables and meat and pick out the best one of each ingredient accordingly. Here is the list of all the ingredients I need. Once you finish, head over to the spices and identify them. They’re all common but you should still familiarize yourself with them.”

After Adamas cleaned up the remains of the book he dived inside the ingredient closet room. Inside the spacious closet there were two sides. Located on the right side where the temperature was cold (35 degrees F), was meat, and a select number of vegetables. The left side of the closet however remained at room temperature. It was full of vegetable and fruits.

Pretty cool, I guess their lack of scientific technology doesn’t hold them back when they have magic to use.

Adamas could only shrug and move towards the left where some of the vegetables were located. When Adamas identified the vegetables he would usually just get the name and info on whether or not it was edible;

Edible healthy food

Sometimes Adamas would get an adjective before the vegetable name;

Fresh(or Nutritious) Carrot!!
Edible healthy food

So Adamas only picked out the vegetables with adjectives before their names in the description and the same thing applied with the chicken breasts on the right side of the room. Instead the adjectives were “Tender”, or “Succulent” which meant the same thing but Adamas decided not to think too much on it. He just chose those as well. After he was done identifying all of the vegetables and meats a *Ding* rang out

IDENTIFICATION Skill has leveled up!
Beginner Level 2 (0%)
More details whenever you identify obvious goods.

…… obvious? Seriously! If the goods were obvious I wouldn’t need you to identify them!!!

Adamas sighed and closed the notification. He gathered his ingredients and headed towards the back of the room where bottles were lined up side by side with different spices in each bottle. Adamas identified them all and picked out the 5 bottles of spices his mother needed.They were basil, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and a spice indigenous to NLR, luneard.

After Adamas handed all of the ingredients to his mother she proceeded to teach him how to use a knife when cutting and shredding vegetables, meats, fruits, and everything else imaginable. He received the Slice&Dice sub-skill and he mastered it in one hour.

 Sub-Skill Slice&Dice!!

He was in the middle of learning another sub-skill called measuring when his mother told him to stop and help set up the table. 

 Sub-Skill Measuring!!
Completion 38%

As soon as Adamas had the table set for two people his mother entered the room with pots full of food. “Mother, is father not eating with us today?”

Elian set the food on the table and shook her head. “No, he’s staying the night over in order to prepare for the monthly goblin raid. He’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.”

Adamas could only nod in response. Deep inside he was a bit disappointed since he was looking forward to showing off how strong he became to his NPC father. He repressed his thoughts and went to the kitchen to help his mother bring out the food.

Today they were eating chicken breast filled with vegetables. White rice was added as a side and water was place on table. For dessert Elian place a bowl of fruit on the table. His mother held his hand in thanks to the gods and goddesses for the meal. Once they started digging in, Adamas told his mother everything that happened since he left the house.

How he met a strange girl in the city, and how he followed her to the training hall where he met Grant. The part where a guild chased him all over the city and how he trained with Grant in Hell’s Ground. When he encountered trouble in the form of three people on his way home and accidentally fell down inside a mini-dungeon while running away from them. By this point in the conversation they had already finished eating and were just sitting down talking.

He continued talking about the remains of the blue alae (Andrew) he found in the mini-dungeon and what he wrote in his journal. When Adamas got to the part of him seeing Cannibal-Rab for the first time his mother had a worried look on her face which scared Adamas into thinking she might keep him in the house forever. So he just skimmed over the battle and when he told his mom about the Amantes shard she told him to stop and show it to her.

Adamas took off his shirt and his mother came closer in order to examine the shard. She touched it and tried to move it, but it was locked tight inside of Adamas’s chest. She whispered a few unrecognizable words and her hands shined but nothing happened to the shard. After 15 minutes Elian finally stood up and looked at Adamas with an unreadable expression.

Adamas looked at his mother in worry, “What? Is there something wrong mother?”

“No, not really, Since you have already stated the effects of the shard I’m somewhat sure that nothing unpleasant should occur within your body….” Elian paused as if not knowing how to continue

“But…. what mother?” Adamas asked confused at his mother’s reluctance.

Elian hesitated a bit more before sighing in resignation. “That shard is a piece of the Amantes’s Gem. Amantes is the goddess of love and beauty and she is rather well-known for her playful and mischievous nature. Despite her godly affiliation she neither blesses anyone who is beautiful nor in love. She only blesses those that arouse her interest but the conditions of attaining her attention are unknown….”

Adamas absorbed everything his mother said like a sponge and spoke up with a question of his own, “What exactly is this “Gem” you speak of mother?”

“Well, every god and goddess has a materialized object of their affiliation on this world which turned out to be gems in different shapes and sizes. Only those who meet certain requirements are able to wield or sometimes fuse with these gems. Those who aren’t compatible wield greater strength but they go crazy and lose themselves in madness. I have only ever heard of the gem that belonged to Zon, the god of sun, war, and justice. It was whole when it was used by the leader of the seven heroes, the only being who was compatible with it. He embedded it into his great-sword which made his strikes split the earth and evaporate the sea.”

“Woah, that sounds cool. So how many gods and goddess are there?”

Elian smiled and began her lecture. “Well there are the “Supreme Seven” Gods/Goddess. The highest tier gods/goddesses. Their names are Zon (War, Sun, Justice) Maia (Birth, Fertility, Hearth, and Growth), Amantes (Love & Beauty), Evones(Any body of water) Anilare(Destiny and Adventure), Agreya(Agriculture, Domestic animals, and the Seasons) , and Dodth (Death). Then you have the Greater gods, Common gods, and Lesser gods. Their home which is rumored to be located high above us where no being can reach is called Abhuvan. Lesser gods though uncommon are known to sometimes come down to our world since they wield zero to little power and influence, but the rest of the gods are unable.”

“Why aren’t they allowed to come into our world?”

“Because the gods made a pledge to never directly interfere with the affairs of this world since they knew they would eventually fight each other for dominance. However they alway manage to find ways to indirectly interfere with the world. For example they sent down gems that personify their power or sometimes they select prophets to be their voice and champions to be their hand.”

Dang, these gods/goddess sound like nothing but endless trouble. And this Amantes goddess! Love!? Seriously! I know I like Elian and Rand but come on! That’s family!!! Love is only a broken promise…. It only leads to pain… So what the hell does this stat do!!!

Adamas looked up an asked his mother. “Is there any way to remove this shard from my chest?”

Elian quickly replied. “Well, according to the legends people compatible with the gems were able to control it completely in order to draw out the maximum available power. I’m guessing you would have to find the rest of the shards to make the gem complete or you could talk to a priestess in Amantes’s temple and have her look at it. All seven gods/goddesses have their own temple’s in each of Alvernon’s major cities so we can go to Greenage if you want.”

We? Ugh, I should’ve seen this coming when I told her about the battle… dammit!

“Okay mother.”

Adamas then continued on with his story of how he escaped from the mini-dungeon and fell upon some people in the woods. He told his mother about how the group that attacked him was going through some internal strife and how one of them betrayed the girls. When he finally finished recounting everything that happened his mother wore a troubling expression. “So those two girls attacked you?”

Adamas replied seriously to his mother. “Yes I’m pretty sure Lindsey was one of the attackers and I think it was Hailey that nailed me with that arrow.”

Elian face was red with anger, “How dare those hussies harm my child!! Ohh, when I get my hands on them I’ll ma-”

Adamas cringed from the pressure his mother was emitting and quickly interjected, “Mother relax, I’m okay now and that’s all that matters.”

Elian held eye-contact with Adamas for a few seconds before relieving her self of some of the anger she felt, “Why on earth did you help them Ady?” His mother was genuinely confused. If someone had tried to kill her she would have responded in kind if she had caught them off-guard like Adamas did.

“Don’t get me wrong mother. I really wanted to leave them by themselves to let them suffer, but I got the feeling that they were after my life for a reason since I know I haven’t angered anyone. I guess I brought them here in order to find out why they wanted to kill me.” and because it just felt wrong leaving them their……

Elian couldn’t help but see her son in a new light. He didn’t act on emotion but instead he analyzed the situation for the best result. She smiled and ruffled her son’s hair. “Come help me pick up the dishes so we can head to bed, you need to wake up early tomorrow in order to make a grave for Andrew.”

Before, while they were discussing Adamas’s short journey, Elian suggested Adamas bury Andrew on top of the small hill that lies right next to their house. Adamas fancied the idea and agreed to start in the morning.

Adamas and Elian did quick work on the table and dishes. When they were done with everything Adamas went straight to bed and fell asleep….

************************************RAND POV

In the tall watch-tower that reached out towards the heavens on the first floor where the structure looked more like a huge fort. Rand sat in his desk writing out the day’s report. He hated spending the night in here, but sometimes it was just unavoidable. He needed to spend more time with his men. They were his shield and sword, but most of all they were his friends. Cohesion of the group was what kept them alive these two years and if he had any choice it was going to keep them alive until they retired.

Rand took a break from his writing and stretched thinking about his men. He had 20 humans, 15 wood elves, 5 night elves, 5 high elves, 3 mountain dwarves, and 2 wild dwarves. They were all in top condition and most of them were almost level 50. His corps was rapidly leaving behind the other corps that were also manning watch towers on the borders of the kingdom.

Their stats were unusually high and their teamwork was perfect. Rand smiled reminiscing how they all first met. All of them were a rowdy bunch that he had met on his travels with Elian. When word got out that he was demoted to captain of a watch-tower, all of them signed up for his corps.

Rand sat up straight once more and picked up his quill. As soon as he dipped it into the ink his door burst open with his high-elf friend Mars at the door. “Captain, Nell just returned from her scouting mission and it’s a lot worse than we thought.”

Rand quickly stood up grabbing his coat from the chair as he followed Mars. “Is she unhurt?”

Mars quickly replied, “She took one of their arrows to the shoulder, luckily it wasn’t poisoned or tainted by dark-magic. My sister Mir already healed her.” Mir is Mars’s adopted sister. Mars’s father picked Mir when she was only just a girl after her village was raided by hobgoblins, the evolved form of goblins.

Rand let go of his breath in relief, everyone here was a friend and he would rather cut off his own hand than lose one of them.

Mars continued talking, “Nell wouldn’t speak to any of us about what happened but when I was with Mir as she healed her she told the two of us that what’s coming is more than we could have ever imagined.”

Rand grunted in annoyance. His son was just born this month and now he had to deal with this. He was hoping for a small raid, but now it seemed like it was a lost-cause.

When they finally arrived at the court-yard where the soldiers usually practice Rand found all of his men, and their family’s standing waiting for the news that would either relieve them or make them want to pull out their hair. At the head of the crowd was Nell, who was being supported by Mir.

When Rand walked up to her Nell let go of Mir and saluted him with her fist to her heart. “Sir!”

Rand returned the salute. “At ease, state your report soldier.”

Nell lowered her hand and took a deep breath. “Captain, when I arrived at the enemy’s camp one week ago, I counted 500 goblin warriors, 10 goblin-shamans and one hobgoblin.”

The crowd gasped. 100 was always the expected number of raiders. Sometimes there would be 200 raiders. They rarely faced 300 raiders and never before have they faced 400 raiders. But 500! They were all stunned into silence. Their hearts beating hard against their chest.

Nell continued on with her report. “They should be here in ten days time sir, and they’re only the vanguard. Behind them is an army of 1,000 goblin warriors, 100 goblin-shamans, 10 hobgoblins a-a-an-and 1 bu-bu-bugbear sir.” Now even Nell was sweating in worry.

Several women in the crowd fainted and curses could be heard. Rand was unable to shake off a cold feeling of dread that encroached him

************************************ADAMAS POV

The morning(5AM) was met with Adamas waking up and heading out with the two wooden swords that Grant gifted to him. He faced the wooden dummy and released a triad of assaults. Visualizing Grant as his opponent and the dummy as Grant’s body Adamas danced through the air dodging unseen attacks and attacking with strikes powerful enough to shake the dummy. He kept this up for an hour before cleaning up and helping his mother prepare breakfast.

Adamas mastered the Measuring Sub-skill and moved on to the Mixing Sub-skill of cooking. Before he could get past 12% his mother called him to the table for breakfast.

When Adamas finished his breakfast he headed out-side with an engraving knife given to him by his mother and looked around for a flat stone to use as a tombstone. After a good while of searching Adamas found the perfect stone to use as a tombstone. He hauled it up the hill where he wrote out an inscription:

Here lies Andrew 
A courageous One-Winged(Rookie) Blue Alae.

After writing the inscription Adamas used Grant’s sword as a shovel. He was crying through the whole dig because of the disrespect he was showing his instructor’s sword, but he eventually got over it. After he finally accomplished digging a decent hole in the ground Adamas took all the bones from his bag and buried them within the hole. When he almost filled up the hole Adamas took the tombstone and forced it into the remaining space so that it wouldn’t be moved. Once Adamas was satisfied with the arrangement he stood up  and dusted his hands off.


You have completed the Dying Wish quest!
You have gained +10 affinity to nature.
You have gained 1000 Blue Alae Contribution Points

Adamas closed the notification and walked back home. The rest of the morning was spent learning the Design&Pattern Sub-skill along with the Cutting sub-skill.

It took Adamas two hours before he finally mastered the Design&Pattern sub-skill. His mother then showed him how to use the design as a blueprint when cutting the clothes and how the cuts should be straight with no deviation. Measurement also reared its ass as she gave him a long 15 minutes lecture about how cutting the exact length and width was necessary for every “first-rate” tailor. Another three hours flew by when Adamas finally mastered the cutting sub-skill. Just in time for him to help his mother with lunch.

Adamas mastered his mixing sub-skill in no time and before he could take the final step and cook something in order to acquire the skill his NPC mother Elian asked for his help setting up the table. Dammit! So close!! 

While they were setting up the table two flashes of light announced the arrival of Hailey and Lindsey. Thankfully this time they were dressed in some of Elian’s older trousers, and shirts. Elian shot them a glare but before they realized her expression did a 180 degree turn into a smile. Before Adamas could get a word in Elian spoke up “Welcome back Hailey and Lindsey. Pull out two chairs and make yourselves comfortable at the table. Lunch will be served soon.” If smiles could kill then this one was definitely one of them.


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Chapter10: SU

Adamas’s feet beat upon the dusty path in the afternoon heat at a regular beat with the sun blazing from above causing drops of sweat to slide down his small forehead and into his eyes. He wiped the sweat off his head for about the 20th time since he first left the woods and it wasn’t just the sun that was making him sweat.

Adamas tried to look back towards the sound of the rhythmic beating of four footsteps behind him and the cause of his agitated state.

“Keep your head straight or I’ll poke your eyes out,” voiced the grim semi-naked girl who introduced herself earlier as Hailey. She trailed behind Adamas with another girl in the same underwear that Hailey was wearing. She was in Hailey’s arms and was still sobbing incoherently.

Adamas suppressed his curiosity once again and kept his head forward.


I save them and this is how they repay me… I knew I should’ve just left them alone. Adamas then sighed once more and thought back to what happened when he stepped out of hiding in order to give them his assistance.


Shit, me and my niceness. Wasn’t it because of me being nice that Kandy broke my heart? Shit.

Adamas got up and walked towards the pair of sexy teenagers. Adamas thanked the gods that he was still a kid causing his reaction to go unnoticed. As soon as Adamas reached the pair he got a good look at each of them. The girl that was staring daggers at him was dark skinned just like milk chocolate with white long hair. She also had slightly pointed ear which attested to her elven heritage. Her eyes were ruby red and her body wasn’t an hourglass per say but slightly developed nonetheless. The girl tied up next to her was a typical red head. She had freckles all over her face but that only added to her unique beauty. She was light skinned with dark brown eyes.  Now unlike her friend she definitely had an hourglass body that would leave any man drooling after her. Her bust and derrière were full and just ripe for the picking. A grunting voice broke Adamas out of his trance.

“Ummmgh!!!!,” grunted the girl on the left that looked like an elf. Since she was gagged by a white cloth she couldn’t talk.

Adamas’s turned towards her and by the stare she was giving him, he realized that he was inappropriately staring at her friend. Adamas cleared his throat and looked down attempting to hide his blushed state while raising his sword. He heard a gasp from the elven girl but he ignored it and brought down his sword in a quick flash. The ropes that were tying the dark-elf’s legs and arms together were sliced the next second. Adamas then proceeded to do the same to the other girl. Adamas stepped back to give the two females some space and looked towards the dark-elf as she ripped her gag from her mouth. She then bent down hastily started to collect rocks the size of a thumb. Adamas just stood there staring at her confused on whether to let the girls speak first or if he should just wait for the red head to stop crying then speak up himself. Thankfully Adamas didn’t have to wait long because as soon as the dark-elf girl stood up she began chucking rocks straight at Adamas.



-10 Hp (Critical Hit!)

“Ow! What was that for!” Yelled Adamas indigently while raising his small arms to cover up his small face.

-5 Hp

-5 Hp

The dark-elf girl proceeded to throw more rocks at Adamas while yelling, “Turn around you perv!”



With arms raised in order to protect his face, Adamas hastily turned around with a slight blush tinting his cheeks while cursing himself under his breath for his lack of tact. He also heard the dark-elf girl mumbling something about brats being indecent and having no manners, but Adamas didn’t really mind since he was more relieved that the violent girl finally stopped throwing rocks at him. They really hurt despite the small damage.

“Lindsey come on we need to arrive at a rest point before we’re able to log out,” said the dark-elf girl softly as she gently helped her friend rise from the ground. The red head whose name is Lindsey slowly rose while sobbing and began to mutter incoherent words to the dark-elf in between her sobs. The dark-elf on the other hand seemed to understand since she would sometimes reply with a “yes”, “Everything will be fine”, or “You still have me”.

Adamas just stood there with his back towards two of the most alluring girls he’s ever seen, and in underwear to boot! And what was he doing… He was counting the leaves on the tree in front of him in order to alleviate the boredom he was feeling. He would finish one tree then move on to the next closest one and so on until finally his patience snapped after his 9,803rd leaf.

Why the hell am I counting leaves in a virtual reality game!! He understood that the red-haired girl needed some time to recuperate and having her friend there for her to comfort her was priceless to her recovering process, but Adamas had to be home before dinner. It was still going to take over an hour to get back. Adanas decided that he needed to leave now, so he cleared his throat loudly interrupting the conversation the two girls were having behind his back and spoke out in his childish voice.

“I’m going to have to leave now since I need to be somewhere before dinner. If you want to enter a safe place you can follow me since I’ll be entering one. There you should be able to safely log out….”

The girls remained silent for about 10 seconds before whispering with each other until finally the dark-elf spoke up.

“That sounds good…., Lead the way and we’ll follow…….. If you look back at us, I’ll blind you……..”

Adamas sighed in relief. I can control myself, its not as if I have to see them. Then Adamas frowned after realizing he didn’t properly know their names which pushed him to speak up towards the girls. “If we’re going to be traveling together we should know each other’s names. To begin with my name is Adamas.”

The dark-elf relied curtly, “Name’s Hailey.”

The red-head who finally stopped sobbing a while ago spoke up as well with a clear voice. “My name is Lindsey.”

Adamas dug into his bag/inventory and took out a small blanket that was big enough to cover his entire body since he was still only 8yrs old. He held out the blanket over his head until he felt one of the girl snatch it from his hands. He knew it wasn’t enough to cover up but it was all he had.

Lindsey thanked Adamas and he just mumbled back you’re welcome and waited for them to give him the go sign so they could leave. Once they started on their journey towards the Maoson household neither of the girls spoke with Adamas but when it was among themselves they were quite unreserved. In fact they did nothing but chatter and sometimes Lindsey would start sobbing all over again.

When is she going to get over that guy…….

***Flashback End****

Adamas sighed once more while his fingers started to mindlessly tap on the pink gem lodged into his chest. It was a conundrum. Amantes shard? He could only think of asking his parents about it when he got home. It was thanks to it that he managed to survive but it was still unknown. Something he didn’t understand, and anything he didn’t understand left a bad feeling inside him.

They made good time and in only a few minutes Adamas could see the familiar hill that rested right beside his house.  As they pass the bend in the road, the house came into view and so did Elian who was out side hanging up wet clothes to dry in the afternoon sun. Her actions were odd to Adamas since the sun was going to go down soon, but as soon as Adamas frowned in confusion he saw his mother use…. magic. Literally it was Magic. It was the only word he could use to describe what he saw. His mother was waving her hands in front of the wet hanging clothes and with each movement water would leak form the clothes in front of her and trail her hand in the air. She repeated this process until the whole piece which was Rand’s trouser was dry. She then moved on to the wet sundress and began the process anew. Adamas was mesmerized with the sight of Erian using magic including the two girls behind Adamas.

All of the players in NLR so far are relatively new and magic has only been seen bt using incantations for attacks, but never before has magic been seen being used so effortlessly and naturally. As they neared the house Erian finished drying the clothes on the cloth line and began to fold them until she saw Adamas.

“Adamas! my baby,” Erian quickly put down the clothes in her hands and rushed straight towards Adamas like a bullet stuffing him into her bosom while ruffling his hair. Adamas could only groan and squirm in capture. Oddly enough even though Erian was beyond beautiful and very well endowed Adamas couldn’t feel anything for her other than family love.

“I’ve missed you soooo much my baby! Are you hurt? Have you eaten well? *Gasp* You’ve grown so much! This won’t do! I can’t have myself as your mother missing out on your growth! I won’t ever you go again until you’re all grown up!”


    • Your Mother has put down the law. You are not able to leave the premises of the house until you are 12 years old.
    • In Alvernon 12 is the age that most children begin apprenticing under masters in order to work towards their occupation.

‘*groan* Not again, I can’t believe my luck.


Adamas managed to turn his head and look at the girls who now wore smiles and were repressing their laughter. They were still in their bras but now they each had a piece of Adamas’s blanket wrapped around their thighs as a makeshift skirt with a rip down one side in order to optimize movement. My blanket!! *sigh* nothing I can do about it now. I expected them to rip it apart anyways. Adamas wasn’t the only who noticed the girls though. Elian also raised her head to look at them.

“Oh my! Adamas, you’re still too young to be bringing girls hime with you.,” Elian said in a surprised voice. Adamas wanted to clear the misunderstanding but he was shoved further into his mother’s bosom with both her arms possessively wrapped around him while intensely observing Hailey and Lindsey. It was as if she was trying to protect her little baby from the two seducing ladies. The action Elian took didn’t go unnoticed by Lindsey and Hailey and they both tried to explain the situation.

“It’s not like that ma’am, Adamas just helped us out when were betrayed…… and left by our friend… Well I guess he isn’t our friend anymore…. Anyways Adamas found us tied up in the woods nearby.” Lindsey said. She looked like she was about to cry again but she balled up her hand in fists and somehow held her grief inside and continued talking. “Our… companion knocked me and Hailey out only to steal everything we had and left us tied up. Then Adamas found us and helped us get free from the ropes. He also offered us sanctuary inside your home since it was close by and we thought we might be able to take a rest.”

Erian noded her head in understanding and slowly released the pressure that was suffocating Adamas to her bosom.

“I see, well come in, come in. We can’t have you young ladies underdressed outside for all to see.” Adamas’s mother finally let him free from her bosom but she quickly grabbed his hand and led the girls inside. Once they were all inside the house Erian turned around towards the girls.

“I’ll quickly go upstairs and get you young ladies some clothes. Adamas dear, you look tired, why don’t you go up to your room and get some sleep.”

When Erian pointed out how ragged Adamas looked he realized that he was indeed tired, especially after the fight he had with that monster. All of the sudden his legs felt weak, and his arms just hung from his body.

Adamas looked back towards the girls and waved goodbye. “I’m logging out so I guess I’ll see you all again.” The girls waved back to him and said goodbye.

 Adamas dragged himself upstairs after his mother and went straight towards his room where his cotton bed was located. He fell down in exhaustion and quickly logged out from the game.


***Aria’s POV***

I’m in the living room of the house on one of the couches in front of the huge holographic image in front of me. Under the holograph image is a small circular device that is the size of a medal projecting the hologram up above it. The device is a Holovision otherwise known as HV. Ever since hologram projectors were invented in 2017, televisions slowly became obsolete.

I noticed the news coming on so I decided to watch it,  seeing that I have nothing important to do. Oh! the whimsical life of a maiden. *sigh*

On the HV a good looking blonde male appeared.

News Anchor John: New on SUN.  Construction on Mars is soon coming to a close. The colony has been reported to be 95% complete and the assembly of the gravity reactor has begun. It is estimated that the colony will be able to hold up to 500 million occupants and about one million people have already registered to move to mankind’s new frontier. In other news the Moon Colonly X1’s governor has been detained for tax evasion and for accepting bribes. The expected court hearing is scheduled for October 9th. And now on to the the topic of the day. It seems that another major discovery has been made by UNVIEL. Please tell us the specifics Mina.

Mina: Well John a few hours ago UNVEIL has publicly released viable plans for a practical Space Elevator

John: A space elevator!? Haven’t scientists all over the world already tried and failed. Something about not having material strong enough for a cable?

Mina: Thats right John. UNVEIL was able to come up with a way to create long cables of carbon nantubes.

John: You know Mina whenever I hear of an amazing new tech, or ideas UNVEIL’s names always come up.

Mina: Obviously John! They are rumored to be prodigal geniuses that have the intelligence to technologically advance mankind hundreds of years into the future in only one year.. Many have tried to identify this secret group but no one has succeeded. On the other hand we have received an anonymous tip on who they really are.

John: There’s actually a lead on UNVEIL’s identity! Well, don’t keep us waiting Mina, do tell!

Mina: haha, hold your horses John, in order to better explain this for our viewers, I’ll have to give a quick history lesson.

John: Go right ahead Mina. If what your saying is true than this could finally shed some light on one of the world’s biggest mysteries.

Mina: *Chuckles* Not just the world John but the whole Sol solar system. As everyone knows 2017 is the year known as the Tech Boom year. Corporations were making new discoveries left and right. First it was the holographic emitter then it was the high efficient process of creating clean nuclear energy, which was followed by the huge advancement in nanotechnology and so on. . However despite this time of technologic advance scientists still could not mass create the materials strong enough for the force that would have been exerted on the cables of a supposed space elevator. At the time they were only able to create small amounts of carbon nanotubes which is insufficient for a 100,000 km long cable. Well despite those shortcomings during this tech boon the path to living in space was no longer a dream. With such a huge leap in science, space ships were being built by each separate government and space ramps were sprouting out like plants all over the world in a matter of months. The race to space was on. The future looked so ideal back then, but the tough reality was that not every nation thought the same thing.

John: Ah yes, you must be talking about the 3rd world war, but why? Does that have anything to do with UNVEIL?

Mina: Why yes John it does, but don’t worry I’m getting there…. Recorded as the shortest and most lethal war in history WWIII began when North Korea out of jealousy decided to cripple South Korea’s advancement into space by launching a nuclear strike. On August 18th, 2017, the day known as Bloodfall, South Korea’s capital, Seoul was struck by  an atomic bomb. The casualties reached up to 11 million people and more than 9 million were afflicted with radiation sickness. Once the situation was made clear to the rest of the world, nations were forced to pick sides.

John: Ah yes, if I remember correctly Russia, China and Iran sided with North Korea which came to be known as the Federate Alliance while the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan aided South Korea (Allied Force) in their retaliation. Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, Canada, Egypt and all of the other major countries remained neutral (Neutrality Alliance). If I remember correctly all the neutral countries allied with themselves and adamantly stated that they would not condone another nuclear attack from either sides and would be forced into taking action.

Mina: Yes but matters escalated out of hand rather quickly. The UN had no idea on how it should fix the situation and when Germany made their position clear by joining the Allied Forces, Russia conducted a joint attack with China on Germany. Germany with the help of France and the Uk were barely able to prevent them from getting a foothold in their country. On the other front Iran and another force from China pushed into what remained of South Korea with the North Koreans leading.  They held a solid grip in South Korean territory for about a year but thanks to the US and Japan, South Korea was able to push the North Koreans back into their land and began to attack North Korea with everything they had.

John: A desperate fight that led to another tragedy.

Mina: True. The Allied forces learned from then to always be wary of a cornered rat but they learned it the hard way. When North Korea’s capital Pyongyang was on the verge of collapse from the siege of the Allied Forces, their mad “king” launched two atomic missiles. One of them hit Washington in the US and the other one hit Tokyo in Japan. Following this action the Neutrality Alliance joined the Allied forced into subjugating North Korea, and continued their attacks on China, Russia and Iran. On 2020 January 9th, The North Korean king and his generals were now history and the rest of the Federate Alliance surrendered but not until they bombed more than 18 countries with nuclear weapons. After joining the war Canada, Israel, India, Germany, Uk, France, Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Chilie, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Spain and Ireland were all bombed by either Iran, North Korea, Russia, or China.

John: The Nuclear Months of 2019. All the nuclear attacks took place in that year, but they weren’t the only ones to use nuclear weapons. The Allied forces also retaliated using their own atomic bombs. Onc nation even used a hydrogen bomb.

Mina: Indeed they did but they only targeted military instillation away from civilians, but there were still civilian casualties among them. It was truly the most deadliest war. After the Federate Alliance surrendered and WWIII ended, a group of young prestigious scientists, politicians, and great thinkers from every nation came together and drafted the SU plan. They presented the plan to the UN conference that was held after the war in March and they publicly released it to the people.

John: Ahh, it sure was a huge upstart back then. I was just a child and every nation’s government thought the plan was preposterous and wouldn’t agree upon it.

Mina: Yes, It was originally thought that it would be forgotten and everything would return to normal, but the next upcoming weeks after the meeting surprised the world. The citizens of every country were just sick and tired of politics and wars. So many loved ones were lost in the world nuclear war that they were just exhausted and sad. All they wanted was to live in peace without having to worry about another war that might affect them or their children and so they spoke up. Almost every country in the world had about 80-90% within their population that wished to go through with the plan purposed. But their governments were stubborn and took a firm stance against the plan. That was when the riots broke out. It was turning out to become a full on revolution and once the various governments of the world noticed their predicament another summit meeting was held with every country that wanted to attend. The plan was reviewed once more, revised a little, and finally it was voted through.

John: The Great Revolution. A historical moment for all of mankind.

Mina: Of course, it’s not every day that the world decides to come together under one government. It was on June 28th 2020 when the Sol United (SU) government came to existence. The Sol United capital was place in Switzerland, Geneva with all 152 countries, now know as provinces, under SU. Each province no longer had a president but a governor with select representatives from each area within the province. So the United States turned out to be the US province of SU. The governor as everyone knows is usually the main representative of the province and the president of SU has certain rights but only usually oversees the proceeding when each governor meets in Geneva to discuss budgets, laws, and the oh so important political mumbo jumbo. I won’t bore the audience with the details of our government since we’re talking about INTERACT. On the other hand the audience should know that most of the governors and political officials that were elected originally belonged to the group that developed the SU plan. They were all young politicians that were extremely bright and intelligent. Each province had at least one from the group of capable politicians that drafted the SU plan and they were promptly elected as their provinces governor by the people in lieu of their part in creating the SU plan.

John: Ahh, Now that i did not know, so they were all apart of the original group that drafted the plan?

Mina: Yes John, even our first governor was part of the original group, but aren’t you more curious to know about what happened to the exceptional scientists that aided them in the SU plan?

John: NO! So its been them this whole time!

Mina: Haha yes John, the mysterious group known as UNVEIL were the very same scientists that helped create the government we all now live in. They were also the ones that participated in the advancement of technology in 2017. Unfortunately, even to this day we still don’t know the names or faces of the members in UNVEIL except for their PR announcer Melvin, but it is rumored that most of the first governors in SU know certain members in UNVEIL.

John: So I guess that explains the appearance of UNVEIL in 2020 when the governors were elected. They were able to stay in the shadows while the governors hogged the spotlight. When they announced the inception of their group nobody really realized since the world was transitioning to a new united government.

Mina: That’s right John, the world only began to recognize UNVEIL when they aided in construction of the Moon Colonies in 2022.

John: What else can we deduce about UNVEIL with this new information Mina?

Mina: Well John, nothing solid. I guess we can deduce that UNVEIL has mankind’s best interest at heart since they helped draft the SU plan but other than that all of our questions remain the same with number one being; What is UNVEIL trying to accomplish?

I got fed up with the news and decided I couldn’t take it anymore so I shut it off. There were no decent HV shows nowadays.

Where was the action coupled with the drama? The dying hero out to save the princess or the tomboyish princess that doesn’t want the burden of ruling and decides to leave the kingdom in search of friends and adventure. Where are the classics!! I mean come on. Is this all that matters nowadays? At least show some news about the US Province’s boxing tournament or maybe the Takewando tournament thats supposed to be taking place right now. Why aren’t the important stuff being reported on!!

I noticed a shift in the couches weight and looked up to see Lexi about to leave.

“Where are you going?” I asked her.

Lexi looked at me and smiled, “Oh, I have to meet up with some of my friends from back home (Chicago) in NLR.”

“Oh, should’ve known, have fun..” I replied back to her.

Then she left running upstairs.

Looks like she really wants to play!

*Ding, Deng, Dang, Dong, Dung* rang the doorbell.

I jumped up from my couch and ran straight towards the door opening it after confirming who it was by looking at the holographic camera next to it. I ended up facing a delivery man who was rolling over a large box.

“Delivery for Ms. Aria Arez from INTERACT crops.”

“Thats me!” I said

“Please sign hear and tell me where you would like me to install this for you.”

I quickly signed the pad and led him towards my room. As soon as the delivery guy entered my room he stopped at the doorway gawking like an idiot.

What the hell? What is he doing, hasn’t he ever seen a girls room?

***Delivery Guys POV***

As soon as the sexy girl in front of me opened the door to her room I could’t believe what I was seeing. She had posters of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chang, Chuck Noris, Kathy Long, Guitierrez, and some paintings of old chines martial artists. She even has swords, spears, daggers, and even whips. Now that’s kinky. Her bed isn’t even girlish, it’s so normal. What the hell is wrong with this girl!

***Aria POV****

“uhh, you still gonna set up the Full Dive capsule?”

The delivery guy finally came out from his trance and quickly began to unload the part of the capsule at the spot I pointed to. He carefully and methodically put together the pieces and connected the power. He took out a square object the size of a credit card with the thickness of pencil. A hologram came up from the object.

Ah, an I-phad. (Basically a holographic tablet) I guess I should get him a cup of water.

After returning to my room with a cup of water I saw the delivery packing up his tools getting ready to go. He turned towards me and began to speak up.

“I’m done assembling the capsule for you and I’ve also installed the new feature called REM-PLAY which basically allows you to play the game while you’re asleep, so you’ll be well rested when you log out. You can now enter REM_PLAY or regular play whenever you want. I was also told by my company to install any other capsules in the house with the new feature if you all want it.”

Hmm, that actually sounds good, I know mom and dad would like it since they don’t usually have time to play with their busy schedules so I tell him that we have 6 other capsules in the house that need to be upgraded.

I then lead the delivery guy to every one of the capsules in the house. Some of them were being used but the delivery guy said that he could still add the group with the capsule in use. Once I finished giving the delivery guy the tour of the house I lead him back to the front door where I had to sign again.

“Well then, enjoy playing NLR, if you have any problems please call this number.” He then proceeded to give me his business card that read:

Paul Renald.
Junior INTERACT corps technician

“Thanks Paul, I’ll give you a call if anything comes up! Goodbye”

When I finally returned to my room the download for NLR was complete so I quickly opened the capsule and laid down. Once the lid closed, I closed my eyes and I was hit with a question that I thought was dumb. Why else would I be here?

Connect to New Life: Reborn?
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Main Characters: 

  • Adam (NLR: Adamas): Our protagonist in this story. He goes through a harsh break up with his first love when he caught his best/childhood friend in bed with her. He goes through a stage of depression until he is finally able to enter the world of NLR.
  • Liam (NLR: TBA): Our antagonist in this novel who has a cold calculative outlook on the rest of the world. After encountering his best friends girlfriend, his cold world starts to shatter and without regards to Adam he seduces Adam’s girlfriend intending to explore and investigate why he feels so many incomprehensible emotions.
  • Kandy (NLR: TBA): Adams first love and Liam’s current girlfriend. She first went out with Adam and ended up cheating on him with Liam. More about her will be said in future chapters.
  • Aria (NLR: TBA): Adam’s sister who is a genius at every form of martial arts. She is heralded as the strongest female in the China region.
  • Allie (NLR: TBA): Adams younger sister (2 years) who is just beginning her senior year in highschool. Due to her intelligence, her and her twin sister skipped a grade and are soon about to graduate. She is considered as the out-going, and naive one among the two of them, although she is usually shy at first. She has long hair.
  • Annie: (NLR:TBA): Twin sister to Allie. She is also intelligent and in her senior year along with her twin. She is the opposite of her sister. She is more aware of reality and always guards her innocent twin sister from corruption. She has short hair
  • TBA (NLR: Hailey): Mysterious, silent archer within NLR.
  • Lexi (NLR: TBA): The daughter of unknown (not for long) people who are close friends with Adam’s parents. She moved into Adam’s family home in order to attend Tulane summer school. Adam thinks that under her layer of kindness is a sly and conniving woman.
  • TBA (NLR: Alecia): Mysterious girl who hounds for Adam’s attention.
  • Fleur (NPC): Mysterious silver haired girl that invites Adamas to Temptantes

Mini Main Characters:

  • Rand (NPC):  Adamas’s father. Captain in the Alvernon army with 50 subordinates. Not much is known.
  • Elian (NPC): Adamas’s mother. A High-elf. Wielder of magic. Great cook. Great tailor. Not much is known.
  • Gaurald (NLR): Long time friend of Lindsey and Hailey. Once he was rejected by Lindsey he decided a clean break was best so that he can get over her. So he betrayed her and Hailey in order to make them hate him so that they won;t ever talk to him again. He’s actually a good person but doesn’t know the right methods to use in order to convey his feelings hence the asshole act.
  • Lindsey (NLR): Hailey’s best friend. She was also very good friends with Gaurald until he confessed to her. Due to her surprise and not knowing what to do she refused him and ran away from him. The next day she acted like nothing happened and talked to Gaurald which hurt him. Although she acted like calm and collected deep inside Lindsey was conflicted and started to look towards Gaurald differently. When she decided to confess to him, Gaurald already betrayed her and made her feel like trash.
  • Grant (NPC): Greenage’s training hall’s head instructor. Also close friends with Rand. Not much else is known about him.
  • Crazy Kong (NLR): A Korean player who killed two other plays outside the city’s inner wall.
  • Leo (NLR): One of FF’s lower executives who is a huge pervert.

World Name: (TBA)
Continent Name: Galea
Kingdom’s Name: Alvernon
Main Cities in Alvernon:

  • Greenage (Human)
  • Faraldew (Wood-Elves)
  • Sythiyin (High-Elves)
  • Ithle (Dark-Elves)
  • Irongar (Mountain Dwarves)
  • Kirtan (Wild Dwarves)
  • Illumina (Capital of Alvernon)

INTERACT corps: Made NLR and in charge of A.I.s that was given to them by UNVEIL. Located in Tokyo Japan with many subsidiary branches across the globe.

UNVEIL: Group of elite scientist that invented the first A.I. and the FULL DIVE technology. They are shrouded in mystery.

Blue Alaes

  • Galeas prestigious Courier Association which is in charge of delivering messages all across the continent. They do not hold any allegiances to any country and are allowed across all the borders free of charge. In times of war between kingdoms they abstain from delivering for either side remaining neutral.  They are held in great prestige by citizens all over the continent and kings can do nothing but curse at their freedom.

Known Gods and Goddesses

  • Maia: Goddess of fertility and Hearth
  • Amantes: Goddess of Love
    >The rest will be announced in upcoming chapters.

Current Guilds in Greenage

  • FF (Fierce Fighter)
  • Valiant
  • Loyalers
    >The Guild system in NLR prohibits players from creating guilds until the month lockdown is over, so the players instead gather in groups and keep tally of “future” guild members by friending them and accepting either in-game payment or RL money to join. The merchants write up the contracts so the players won’t be cheated.

> Alvernon is not the only kingdom on Galea. There are many kingdoms and most of them comprise of only one race. The names of the kingdoms will become known in the upcoming chapters since the destined children will soon set out in search of adventure.

>The political state of the real world will also be discussed in the upcoming side-chapter since that also pertains to the story. Since this is set in the future the political state of the world needs some explaining so look forward to that.

>The set races are only the current available races for players. In the future more races will be discovered and unlocked. But only after the player leave the continent Galea. Don’t worry, Galea is a small continent so the appearance of new races wont be long to come.

>>> I am now un-pausing myself and will continue to upload chapters. Two chapter will be uploaded in a week. If it doesn’t happen just wait because it will. Anyway I know many people have emailed me, but I still haven’t checked me mails yet so ill get back to you all soon. CIAO

And sorry for the wait, school has been a pain and work just adds to it.


Adamas’s feet beat upon the dusty path in the afternoon heat at a regular beat with the sun blazing from above causing drops of sweat to slide down his small forehead and into his eyes. He wiped the sweat off his head for about the 20th time since he first left the woods and it wasn’t just the sun that was making him sweat.

Adamas tried to look back towards the sound of the rhythmic beating of four footsteps behind him and the cause of his agitated state.

“Keep your head straight or I’ll poke your eyes out,” voiced the grim semi-naked girl who introduced herself earlier as Hailey. She trailed behind Adamas with another girl in the same underwear that Hailey was wearing. She was in Hailey’s arms and was still sobbing.

Adamas suppressed his curiosity again and kept his head forward.


I save them and this is how they repay me… I knew I should’ve just left them alone. Adamas then sighed once more and thought back to what happened when he stepped out of hiding in order to give them his assistance.


Shit, me and my niceness. Wasn’t it because of my naive niceness that Kandy broke my heart? Shit.

Adamas got up and walked towards the pair of sexy teenage girls. Adamas thanked the gods that he was still a kid causing his reaction to go unnoticed. As soon as Adamas reached the pair he got a good look at each of them. The girl that was staring daggers at him was dark skinned just like milk chocolate with white long hair. She also had slightly pointed ear which attested to her elven heritage. Her eyes were ruby red and her body wasn’t an hourglass per say but slightly developed nonetheless. The girl tied up next to her was a typical red head. She had freckles all over her face but that only added to her unique beauty. She was light skinned with dark brown eyes.  Now unlike her friend she definitely had an hourglass body that would leave any man drooling after her. Her bust and derrière were full and just ripe for the picking. A grunting voice broke Adamas out of his trance.

“Unnngh!!!!,” grunted the girl on the left that looked like an elf. Since she was gagged by a white cloth she couldn’t talk.

Adamas’s turned towards her and by the stare she was giving him, he realized that he was inappropriately staring at her friend. Adamas cleared his throat and looked down attempting to hide his blushed state while raising his sword. He heard a gasp from the elven girl but he ignored it and brought down his sword in a quick flash.

>>>>>Full chapter will be out soon!

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Chapter9: Heartache

*Action* or *Sound* (and sometimes censorship for curse words)
#Whisper# (Means to chat with another player)


Hailey groaned in pain as she woke up to a raging headache. She steadily opened her eyes and tried to ascertain her condition. She was still in the woods near the top of the hill where the kung-fu kid fell. She looked down and found herself tied by ropes with nothing on except for her underwear. Her mouth was gagged by a white cloth as well. Her mind was still foggy due to the pain but she could process that she no longer had her clothes on so she checked her bag as well.

She somehow muttered, “Invondowy” (Inventory).

Thankfully the system understood her and a box popped up into her view with only one word at the top.


The long-bow that she received from her NPC father was gone as well as the arrows she painstakingly took the time to make. The clothes that she received from her NPC mother as well were gone and they were in a pile out of her reach. All the items she had on her lay down in a heap besides them and even her money was gone. She slowly looked around her surroundings in confusion and found 4 FF guild members sorting through what looked to be her friend’s, Lindsey’s, items. She looked to her right side and found Lindsey sitting there beside her unconscious. She was also tied up in the same semi-naked way.

What’s happening? Why am I and Lindsey in our underwear? Weren’t we showing FF where the kung-fu kid left his trac-

Suddenly Leon stepped into her view from behind her distracting her line of thought and he kneeled right in front of her. He bobbed his head up and down checking out Hailey’s body with his eyes leering at her bare skin not trying to hide his intention at all. A disgusting smile appeared on to his face as he regarded the “goods” in front of him.

“Heehe, you woke up pretty earlier. It’s only been 5 minutes since I knocked you out and you’re already up! More fun for me I guess. Its boring staring at an unconscious girl in her underwear.”

Everything that transpired only moments ago came back to Hailey in a rush. This asshole!! He must’ve knocked me unconscious…. and Lindsey! Where’s Gaurald? I saw him last. Maybe he went to get help! She glared at Leon while struggling to wiggle loose from her bonds.

“Woah, calm down there little kitten. Heeehe. Watching you struggle in your undies will only turn me on even more! Heeheheehe”

Hailey couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment. She drew her body in closer in a futile attempt to cover herself. She felt Leon’s gaze licking all over her semi-naked body. Hailey could only shiver in disgust. This was the first time anyone other than her family members have ever seen her in her underwear and it made her extremely uncomfortable.

Leon’s smile widened even more when he saw Hailey’s reaction and his eyes grew wilder. His breathing grew rougher as well like an animal in heat.

“Yes, Yes! That’s the reaction I love the most. Shame, embarrassment, and discomfort! This is why I’ll never get tired of this! Heeheehe!”

Wearing a sadistic smile, Leon reached out a finger to run over Hailey’s bare thighs. Hailey tried to draw herself away from Leon’s touch but she couldn’t. Her back met against the trunk of a tree when she tried to reel away from Leon’s hand. She tried yelling “don’t touch me” but all she could manage were muffled sounds due to her gag. When she saw that she couldn’t escape from Leon’s touch her eyes teared up and she closed them refusing to see him touch her. When she waited and felt nothing she slightly opened her eyes and saw Leon scowling in anger before he spoke up.

“Tch, the creators of this game suck ****. They sure know how to take all the fun away!” His finger was a couple of inches away pressing on what looked to be an invisible barrier. A message popped up in front of Hailey.

Another player is trying to initiate a sexual encounter. Do you approve?

Hailey wanted to scream out no but she controlled her self. She knew she couldn’t with the white cloth gagging her. She mumbled no in a barely audible whisper with the gag on.

Rejection has been logged. In the next three days, further advances shall be reported to GMs

Leon looked surprised as if a notification had suddenly popped up in front of him. After reading its contents he his face was red waiting to burst with anger. He looked at Hailey with his seething eyes. She saw some motion from his hand and before she could react she was no longer sitting upright. She was on her side lying on the ground. She felt a slight stabbing pain in her jaw and that was when she realized that she was back-handed by Leon. He sneered hauntingly at Hailey and spoke out in a deep commanding voice.

“Don’t get full of yourself you little slut. I still have you life in my hands.”

That was when Hailey realized the hilarity of the situation. She started to laugh. At first it was a quiet laugh kept to herself but before she realized it, she was laughing out loud. She couldn’t manage to truly laugh out loud since she was gagged and unable to open her mouth, but her chest rocked from the rumbling laughter inside, making it obvious to all she was laughing. The 4 FF member stopped what they were doing and stared at Hailey wondering if she had finally gone crazy. Leon had a confused look as well. He probably thought that Hailey had went cuckoo as well.

Leon couldn’t hold it in anymore and he practically yelled out his question towards Hailey after ordering one of his men to take off her gag.

“Why are you laughing!!”

Hailey controlled her large fit of laughter and responded with giggles in between.

“It’s because this is only a game.. hehe.. and you looked so… hehe.. serious when you said you had my life in your hands. hahaha!”

Leon’s face somehow went from light red to a darker shade due to embarrassment. Even some of the other FF member were snickering. He finally had enough and kicked Hailey in the face. Hailey immediately shut up as soon as Leon’s boot met her face. She was on the ground again with blood dripping down from her nose. Leon was about to do more until he saw Hailey’s health bar. It was still in the green but Leon must’ve thought it was better to be safe than sorry. Last thing he wanted was to become a chaotic player or what everyone likes to say, a “red player”.

Leon, realizing he wasn’t going to have a one on one session with Hailey no matter what, threw up his arms, and walked away in anger. He was cursing the creators of the game and Hailey under his breath while he kept kicking up a bunch of branches from the ground. He than signaled the same FF member that took off Hailey’s white cloth gag to tie it back on again.

Hailey sighed in relief and using the tree to drag herself upright into a sitting position. The blood running down from her nose reminded Hailey that Lindsey might be injured as well so she looked at her friend once more searching for any severe injuries. Other than a red bump on her head, Lindsey looked fine. She was still unconscious but that really didn’t worry Hailey.

“Are you all done yet? The road is clear and I’d like to get out of here as soon as possible.”

The voice Hailey heard unbalanced her world.

No it’s impossible. He would never casually talk to the people who captured us! It has to be someone else!

In walked Gaurald, straight into her view from the surrounding trees. It looked like he just returned from what sounded like watching the road.

Leon stopped cursing and looked up with a scowl responding rather vehemently. “Soon! We have to sort through the items and catalogue them.” Then his expression changed again. He sneaked a peak at Hailey and smiled. “Its a good thing you told me to bring players with the “pickpocketing” skill. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to take their money or bag items.”

Gaurald grinned. “Yeah. I thought we might need them in case we couldn’t find the kung-fu kid. I guess I was right.”

Hailey could only gawk at Gaurald in disbelief. She couldn’t believe it. He was talking to them as if they were old friends, as if he was working with them, as if he had betrayed her and Lindsey. It took a while for Hailey to come to grips with Gaurald’s massive betrayal. It shook her foundations. He was supposed to be their close friend.

Gaurald followed Leon’s line of sight and found himself looking towards Hailey. He met her eyes. He didn’t look away in shame, nor did he look sad. He looked Hailey in the eyes with a stoic face and spoke up with a matter of fact voice.

“At least they served me some purpose.”

Leon wore his usual ugly smile and replied. “Yes, with all their items and money I don’t see the guild leader refusing you admittance. Heeheheee.


Adamas slowly opened his eyes to a blinking notification box.

You have been blessed by the shard of the Amantes Gem!
All ailments have been healed including bleeding effects! (You may only be blessed once a week)
These bonus stats shall remain applied while shard is in possession.
+5 strength
+5 agility
+5 endurance
+5 wisdom
+5 intelligence
Other bonuses:
Love stat has been generated! (+10 LOV)

Adamas wore a dumb look on his face as he read the notification. He quickly checked his health and found that he only had 7HP left. His health points suddenly jumped up to 8. It looked to be slowly increasing. The stab wound on his side was closed up as if someone had melded it together and all the pain in his body was now reduced to a throbbing ache. The poison in his system was gone as if someone had sucked it all out. When he looked to his immediate right a few inches away from his stab wound he found a small purple puddle of what looked to be the missing poison that was inside him. The burnt marks on his arm were also healed. They were now only red spots instead of the poisonous purple color.

I freaking survived! Holy shit! Thank you god!

His clothes were still worn out. The long sleeves on his wounded arm had holes in them due to the acidic poison and both undershirt and front shirt had holes in them from the malicious stab attack by the Drill Rabbit. He felt his body all over with his hands to make sure he wasn’t injured and felt a small bump on his chest towards the left. He steadily stood up and took off both shirts. There lodged into his chest on top of his heart was a pink shard about the size of his thumb. He was too afraid to pry it out and injure himself since he only had 9HP (it slowly increased) so he warily but carefully touched it. The shard glowed softly from his touch but other than that nothing else happened.

Why the hell is this thing in my chest!!

He tried to wiggle the shard to see if it was loose but it remained in place like a tree rooted in the ground. He tapped against it to test if it would hurt him by putting some weight on it but oddly enough it felt like he was touching a part of his own body.

Shit! It’s already firmly lodged in and made itself at home! I hope I wont start turning purple and spitting out poison like the drill rabbit….

Adamas then turned his attention towards the notification icon that was constantly blinking. He touched the blinking icon and another box popped up before his eyes followed by more.

Love is an essential part of everyone’s life. It comes in many forms but the underlying meaning is the same. The higher your love stat the easier it will be to familiarize yourself with the inhabitants of NLR! You cannot distribute points to this stat. It will rise and fall according to your actions

You are the first player to generate the love stat!

– Love rises by 5 (+5 LOV)
– Wisdom rises by 2 (+2 WIS)
– Intelligence rises by 2 (+2 INT)
You have defeated the min-dungeon boss Cannibal Rab!
– Strength rises by 2 (+2 STR)
– Agility rises by 2 (+2 AGI)
– Fighting Spirit rises by 10 (+10 FIG)
– Luck rises by 5 (+5 LUC)

You are the first player to defeat a Drill Rabbit!

– Strength rises by 2 (+2 STR)
– Agility rises by 2 (+2 AGI)

You have defeated a monster 30+ levels above you!

– Fighting Spirit rises by 20 (+20 FIG)
– Endurance rises by 10 (+10 END)
– Luck rises by 10 (+10 LUC)
You have earned the new tittle: Rabbit Verminator
  • When facing rabbits your attack power increases by 25%. When facing rabbits the chance of critical hits rises by 20%. The chance of evading rabbit attacks rises by 20%.
  • The received title increases all stats by a bonus of 1.
  • Fame increases by 25

Rabbit Verminator? …..I could think of worse titles so I guess I could live with that.

Adamas wore a massive grin on his face as he continued to read the many stats boosts he gained from all of the hardships he was forced to endure. He went through all of them again and checked even the notifications that popped up during his battle. When he finally came upon the notification describing Cannibal Rab’s level Adamas couldn’t help but pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dead and just dreaming.

Level 40! No wonder… The sucker wouldn’t even flinch to any of my conventional attacks. I should worship the ground Grant walks on for giving me that skill book. Without it I would be rabbit food by now.

Adamas also noticed the timer under the word evolution but he ignored it. He didn’t want to think about what would have happened if he waited 4 more minutes before killing Rab.

His attention was taken away by the various objects lying on the ground. He picked up 2 gold coins and 5 silver coins, two bottles of what looked to be some poison, some rabbit meat, some rabbit fur and one more item. The last item brought a smile to his face. It was a short bone sword that had rabbit fur near the top of the hilt. The blade was all bone but it was exceedingly sharp to the touch. Adamas tried to equip it but failed. He couldn’t even identify what it was exactly so he sighed and threw into his bag with the rest of his new goods.

Adamas then proceeded onwards to the incline that would eventually lead him to freedom. Much to his surprise, it was a long climb up before he finally reached the square hatch-like door. He slowly swung the hatch open in order to peak at the outside. When he saw no immediate threat he opened it the rest of the way and climbed out quickly.

It felt like I was in there for days, but it was only for about 2 hours!

He closed his eyes and inhaled the fresh air while streaks of sunlight sneaked through the openings of the surrounding trees only to land on Adamas’s face. He held the fresh intake of breath inside of him relishing the scent and feeling of the outdoors. Adamas still couldn’t get over how real virtual reality turned out to be. He could taste the wild grass in the air and smell the fresh supply of oxygen that the surrounding tree were releasing. If it wasn’t for the constant reminder of the time located towards the bottom of his vision, he would begin to think that NLR was in fact a real world. His thoughts began to wonder. He played with the idea that maybe his real life was a virtual reality as well. He felt he was in a similar situation just like the matrix only that he was playing a virtual reality game inside a virtual world. It seemed mind-boggling but his imagination would always turn up with a crazy scenario.

Adamas finally exhaled when he could no longer hold his breath and opened his eyes. He pushed away all of his wild imaginations into the far corners of his mind and concentrated on the task ahead. He looked around his surroundings hoping to get a better bearing of where he was. He needed to get home. He still had time seeing as it was only 10:30, and dinner wouldn’t start until 6 so he took his time. He looked around until he saw a familiar decline towards his right. He reached the top of the decline and noticed that it was the exact same decline he had rolled down earlier. He was just a bit further south from the exact spot where he got clipped by an arrow.

Looks like my best chance towards finding the road is to back track the way I came in.

Adamas then proceeded to unsheathe both his swords from their respective scabbards. He held them pointing face down at the ground while he traversed through the woods.

I won’t be caught with my hand in my ass next time anyone wants a piece of me.

It took about 10 minutes for Adamas to reach the vicinity of the place where he last got hit by an arrow. Before he reached the exact spot he heard voices up ahead and stealthily walked over to the nearest shrub that was big enough to conceal his body. He peeked past the bushes and saw a small group of 6 guys and two girls. Five of those guys were all wearing yellow and red clothing and had the picture of a lion roaring on their cloaks with the letter FF on top of it. One of them had what looked to be better gear than the other four. The guy had what could only be described as a greasy smile. His face was unsightly and his smile gave Adamas the creeps. His hair was long and black. Adamas immediately recognized the 6th guy in the group. He was wearing full armor except for the helmet. His hair was blonde and his build was kind of big. He wasn’t fat. Just really muscular. Maybe it was a game tweak. Adamas didn’t know.

The two girls in the group were naked in their underwear. One was awake with her nose bleeding and eyes wide staring at the guy in full armor and the other gal was knocked out. The unconscious girl was immediately recognized by Adamas as one of the assailants along with the armored guy. Adamas did not know what to make of the situation. They seemed to be in the middle of a discussion so Adamas stealthily moved closer to another shrub that was hearing distance away from the group. The first words he heard came from the greasy guy’s mouth.

“-n’t see the guild leader refusing you admittance. Heeheheee.

Gaurald grinned at what Leon said and replied.

“No, I don’t see him refusing me either.”

The shock of Gaurald’s betrayal was so immense that Hailey couldn’t have said anything even if she wanted to.

If Lindsey sees this, she’ll break down! She loves and trusts Gaurald unconditionally! Oh god or whatever you are in this game please don’t let Lindsey wake up!

Hailey silently prayed to whatever higher being the game housed for Lindsey to stay down and unconscious, but it seemed like they had other plans because at that exact moment, Lindsey began to stir.

Hailey looked down at Lindsey then up at Gaurald in a panic. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if she even could do anything. She was helplessly tied up by numerous ropes in her underwear and she couldn’t speak due to the gag in her mouth. Hailey looked down and saw Lindsey slowly turn around. She saw her mouth and realized she wasn’t gagged like she was.

Why didn’t they gag her like me!!

Hailey thought that it was a bit unfair but she quickly got over it and began to worry all over again about Lindsey finding out about Gaurald. Gaurald also saw Lindsey stir and looked a bit concerned. Nonetheless he stood his ground and watched her arise.

“Ugh, my head hurts.”

Lindsey groaned under her breath before she opened her eyes as she sat herself upright on the ground. When she realized she couldn’t raise her hand in order to touch her head because it was tied to her back, her eyes quickly opened. She squinted because of the sunlight and blinked a few times before she finally got accustomed to the light.

Everyone went quiet. They all stood still as they observed what Lindsey would do next. She first looked at herself and had a wondering expression on her face. Then she looked to her left and saw Hailey with blood leaking from her nose. Her expression quickly changed into that of worry.

“Hailey! Are you okay? Oh my god. What happened? Who did this to you? Where’s Gaurald? Why are we not wearing our clothes? Who did this to us? Are the-”

Hailey could only grunt in reply since she was still gagged and unable to properly talk. Lindsey quickly caught on that Hailey was unable to answer her questions so she stopped her interrogation.

Lindsey looked up towards the 4 FF member going through her and Hailey’s stuff. She wore a “wtf” expression on her face when she saw them folding her clothes. Then she swung her head to look at Leon who was flashing his repulsive smile. She was quickly disgusted and swiftly looked away. She eyed the rest of her surroundings looking around for Gaurald who wasn’t really all that hard to find.

When Lindsey met Gaurald’s eyes, Hailey realized that he faltered under her gaze and he quickly looked away. Lindsey caught him looking away as well but she spoke up as if he hadn’t.

“Gar, what’s wrong with everybody? Did we get attacked by another group while looking for the kung-fu kid? Did you all just rescue us? Hurry up and untie these ropes. They feel really uncomfortable.”

Gaurald just remained quiet while he keenly observed a nearby tree.

“Gar! What the hell! Are you ignoring me?”

Leon decided to open his big mouth right then and there.

“Heheeheheee, yeah “Gar”! What’s wrong? are you ignoring her!? Heehehee”

Gaurald stared daggers at Leon which only resulted in more fits of laughter from the creep. Gaurald finally looked at Lindsey and spoke up.

“Nobody attacked us, I was the one who knocked you out Lindsey.”

Lindsey stared at Gaurald with confusion written all over her face.

“What? You knocked me out? Come on Gar, there’s no way you would do th-”

Gaurald yelled out loud interrupting Hailey before she could finish.

“I did! I knocked you out so that I could take your money, items, and weapons! I’m going to give them to FF as payment for joining their guild! I did the same thing to Hailey and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! We’re over Linds! Our little group has been over since the day you rejected me! I can’t stay near you and just be friends! I can’t keep smiling as if nothing is wrong! I wanted us to be something more but you already made it clear that it’s not gonna happen! That’s why I couldn’t go to Tulane with you! We needed a clean break and this is it!”

Lindsey face was that of absolute shock. Her mouth moved but no sound came out. She wanted to say something but sadly she couldn’t.

Leon was laughing even more after hearing Gaurald’s embarrassing confession but Gaurald just ignored him and called out to the rest of the group.

“Let’s get going!”

Gaurald walked away through the woods towards the road. The other four FF members quickly picked up the items on the ground and stashed them into their bags. Leon snickered and followed Gaurald with the other 4 FF members in tow.

Lindsey just sat there staring at the man she was beginning to fall for walk away with everything she had including her heart.

Hailey couldn’t help but tear up when she saw Lindsey’s face following her traumatic experience. She wanted to just hug her best friend and tell her everything was going to be fine but she couldn’t. She could only watch in despair as her friend ‘s emotional scar took form.

Adamas saw the whole situation unfold before him and he now had a better idea of what transpired.

*sigh* Well, she got what she deserved for attacking me. Karma’s a bi***

Adamas felt bad for the girl who still had that dazed out look, but not bad enough to help. He decided it was best to avoid them completely and just let them die of starvation. He moved towards the direction the other men had gone and didn’t get farther than two steps before he stepped on a twig that broke into two pieces so perfectly under his foot, the resulting sound rang out like a bell traveling throughout his surroundings. He looked back towards the clearing and saw the girl with a white cloth acting as a gag in her mouth looking directly at him.

Their eyes met and Adamas sighed. He knew he would be no better than the jerks who betrayed them if he just ignored them and went on his merry way. But then again they were the ones that attacked him which resulted in him starring in his own horror film. He was struggling inside on whether he should help them. He met Hailey’s eyes once more and saw tears sliding from them. He decided then he might as well free them of their bonds before leaving.

…..His decision was in no way influenced by the allure of getting a closer look at two fine girls in their underwear…..

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Chapter8: 1st Taste of Battle

*Action* or *Sound* (and sometimes censorship for curse words)
#Whisper# (Means to chat with another player)

Is this seriously just a game

The creature looked like something you would see from a horror film. It had a grotesque mouth that leaked purple drool from the gaps of its purple razor-like teeth. Its eyes were no longer red but light blue instead with the purple gem that Andrew mentioned lodged between them. Its fur was corrupted with the same purple color without any traces of it once being white. Most strange of all was its horn. It was bright purple with a spiraling pattern that belongs on a drill and near its base on the forehead there were two other smaller horns that looked like they were still growing. The body seemed leaner than that of a regular drill rabbit as described by Andrew’s journal. Almost as if it had shrunk. The arm and legs were still those of a rabbit but they also looked as if they were transformed as well. Its claws were razor-sharp as well and they seemed to be leaking the same purple substance.

The large purple drill on the other hand looked incomplete. It ended with a smooth surface as if someone had cut of the top. It was also a cripple. There was only a stump where its right shoulder should have been but it only made the creature look even more revolting.

(Something like this: CrazyRabbit plus all of the above)



Mini-boss: Cannibal Rab (Drill Rabbit)!
Adult (3/3)
In Progress: 37m 54s

Adamas was too afraid to read the notification so he ended up missing it. The creature looked towards Adamas and cocked its head to the side as it breathed heavily releasing purple mist from its mouth. Adamas wanted to move, to run back into the corridor towards the small room, but he couldn’t. The Drill Rabbit’s stare held him firmly in place like the roots of a tree. Adamas was afraid. In fact he was afraid of many things while he stood there under the Drill Rabbit’s gaze. Afraid of confronting the vile creature in front of him, afraid of being impaled by its purple drill, afraid of dying a slow death like Andrew, but most of all he was afraid of becoming a coward.

“Coward!” It’s what Kandy called him back then. Just thinking about it made him forget the immense pressure he was feeling from the Drill Rabbit. He clenched his fists in anger and refused to cow under the Drill Rabbit’s stare. He looked up defiantly and raised his hand towards the scabbards strapped on to his back. He unsheathed both his blades and the ringing sound of released steel sang through the empty room. Adamas raised his right hand sword horizontally in a defensive position and his left hand sword vertically in an attacking position.


    Fighting Spirit rises by 5 (+5 FIG)

Cannibal Rab scowled in anger when it saw its little snack failing to succumb to its pressure. It raised its head and opened its mouth towards Adamas and let out a shrill screech that made him cringe. It sounded as if someone was scratching a chalk board for a whole minute. It sent shivers all over Adamas’s body so he put both hands on his ears trying cancel out the sound. When it was all over Adamas looked up and couldn’t see Cannibal Rab anymore. He was just gone. At that moment when Adams was looking around the room for the monster’s whereabouts, just like spider man’s spidey sense’s, Adamas felt a distinctive tingle along his spine.

“I have to duck.”

Without a moments hesitation Adamas pulled his feet out from beneath him and let gravity handle the rest. A swooshing sound could be heard and felt as Cannibal Rab’s claws swung in the same space where Adamas’s head had been not only 2 seconds before. Adamas felt like he could see the whole swing in slow motion as he fell down. It freaked out Adamas plenty, so he quickly rolled away in fright and stood back up in preparation for the next incoming attack.


You have unlocked the new Passive skill “Sixth Sense”!
Sixth Sense!
Allows the user to sense any imminent physical or magical danger that approaches him/her unseen. Activates whenever incoming threats are thrown towards the user. Whether the user is quick enough to avoid that danger is up to him/her.

Adamas didn’t have time to read the notification so without thinking about he just said “Close notification”. As soon as the notification disappeared from view he saw Cannibal Rab rush towards him face down, horn in front, in order to ram Adamas with its drill. When Rab was only a couple of yards away it launched itself from the ground towards Adamas like a rocket.

Adamas quickly moved both swords in front of him and when Cannibal Rab was only an arm’s distance away, Adamas swung them from the left and hit Rab’s horn/drill. Adamas’s veins popped out from his little hands, arms and chest as both his swords redirected Rab’s attack to his right, straight into the wall. The stone wall cried out loud in pain as Rab’s head imbedded itself. The drill rabbit ass stuck out like a sore thumb begging Adamas to attack it.


Adamas looked down at his swords and noticed a thin line running along the basic steel sword his father had given him. It lost a huge chunk of durability.

If I keep fighting like this, the sword Rand gave me is definitely going to break!

Adamas looked up at the Drill Rabbit and he could see that its health bar above it went down by a quarter. He ran up to the still trapped Drill Rabbit and slashed with all his might at its thick skin with Grant’s Old Sword only to see its health barely go down. Adamas could only stare in disbelief at the little damage he inflicted. In response to the attack, Rab was now struggling even more trying to get out. It’s whole body was wriggling like a fish and Adamas could now hear a *Bzzz* sound.

Shit, it’s using its drill. I need to think of a way to damage this creep… but even if I attack while he’s trapped I’ll barely do any damage..Shit! Come on think Adam! Wait…. why did it receive so much damage when it rammed into the wall….?

The drilling noise was getting intense and chunks of the stone wall were now falling onto the ground. Adamas was getting even more anxious now. He looked at his swords and thought about what he could do to avoid its next attack.

I can probably only redirect one more attack, maybe two if I’m lucky….. Wait a minute…. “Redirect!” I used its own momentum against it when it rammed into the wall. The larger the mass and the faster the speed, the larger the momentum! Resulting in an even larger collision…. But I have to do it at least three more times and I doubt Rand’s basic sword is going to last another attempt.. Shit! Come on, think!!

Adamas could only continue pondering as Rab sought to wriggle itself free from its self-made imprisonment. Out of no where Adamas beamed with a smile. He quickly reached into his bag and retrieved a golden book. He put his hand flat against the surface of the front cover and yelled out loud “Learn Skill!!” The book shone with golden light and the light slowly transferred to Adamas’s hand continuing onwards to his arm and the rest of his body until Adamas was engulfed in a golden glow. The book lost all of its color and turned gray. Adamas’s hand then sank into it until it fell apart into dust.


You have learned the new skill Double Guard Slash!
Double Guard Slash!!
COUNTER(Attacking while defending).
    Bait your enemy into using there full strength with a guard stance and counter their attack adding their strength into yours with a powerful double slash!

Adamas smiled in relief. He wasn’t glowing gold anymore but inside he felt like he was. I was right! The skill Grant gave me turned out to be a counter after all! I had my suspicions when I saw “guard” and “slash” in the same sentence…. Now then back to-


A gut-wrenching screech was released from Rab as he finally escaped from the stone prison. He looked towards Adamas with eyes full of rage. Adamas was too occupied learning a new skill at the moment to notice that he escaped but Rab also failed to register the gold light surrounding his prey. He was hysteric. Rab never, even in his wildest dream, imagined that his food would fight back. Then he remembered that monumental event when all of its brethren were slaughtered in front of his eyes by the blue man. Yes, he was reminded of that blue man. As he looked at Adamas the image of the blue man with one wing slowly began to replace him. The hate surged up from within him. All of his muscles in his body clenched in rage until Rab lifted his head up and released a blood curling scream. Being reminded of the blue man who hurt his pride, the man who cut off his arm and maimed his beautiful horn, he instinctively opened his mouth wide and felt something rushing out pointing towards his nemesis.

Adamas looked up just in time to see Rab regurgitate a huge running stream of purple goo. Adamas relied on his reflexes and jumped to his right but it was too late. He was nicked by a few drops that burned through his clothes and onto his skin.


Adamas didn’t even realize he was kneeled on the floor yelling until he stopped for some air. It hurt. It hurt him so much that nothing he had experienced in real life or in NLR so far could compare. Half his health was gone in an instant.


You have been poisoned!
      -1hp every minute!
    Go to a priest or herbalist before you die in order to get healed, or if you have an antidote use it quickly! (Depending on poison, only certain antidotes will work.)
    Endurance rises by 10 (+10 END)

The pain was now subsiding to a constant throbbing. Adamas slowly picked himself off the ground and read the notifications. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

“The Hell!” Adamas yelled out in disbelief. Half of my health gone and a poison effect because of some vomit drops!! He looked up and saw Rab in the middle of disgorging the rest of his acidic poison. When Rab finally spit out the last of his purple vomit he swung his face towards Adamas and wore a creepy grin with purple drool leaking out from its mouth. That just made his disfigured rabbit face even more repugnant. The way Rab grinned made Adamas feel like the Drill Rabbit knew that it managed to hurt and poison him, but when Adamas saw his eyes he quickly revoked his previous thoughts. Those eyes made him look like he had completely flipped out..

“The damn rabbit went crazy.”

Cannibal Rab let out another screech and charged towards Adamas at an unbelievable speed. Adamas could only raise up his sword in defense as Rab swinged its left arm towards the right side of his body. The claws clashed with both his swords throwing sparks left and right. Adamas was unable to hold Rab’s massive left arm as it continuously pushed against his swords. He was lifted up from the ground forced back towards the wall behind him. He met the wall hard and bounced off it only to meet the ground head first. His back quivered from pain while he coughed up some blood. His health had taken another dive. Adamas picked himself up as quickly as possible trying to ignore the pain and when he looked at Rab what he saw confused him.

Rab wore a strained face as his body seemed to change. Adamas thought that the Drill Rabbit’s body was unstable as certain areas of its body were bulging out as if it was growing.

No, it’s… shrinking?

Rab’s body looked to be smaller than before almost like a humans and the two extra horns on its forehead were no longer small. They were now half the height of the original horn. Adamas had a sinking feeling inside of his stomach. Whatever was happening could not be good so he stood up and yelled at the Rab.

“Hey Vermin!! Whats the hold up! Having trouble taking a crap!! Maybe it’s because you ate your own kind you little flesh-eating prick!!? Why don’t you come over here so I can help make all the pain go away with my sword!! Then I’ll be able to enjoy some of your rabbit jerky!!”

Cannibal Rab looked up in anger. It didn’t understand most of what the puny little human was yelling but it did understand one word. “Vermin” It remembered that word. When it was young and still a red-eye rabbit it used to live in the fields outside the city. It was chaotic then, sometimes humans would come out and slay his kind for no reason at all. Even his brother was slain and he remembered what those ugly humans said before they did it. “Die you Vermin”. Vermin. It angered him beyond means. Vermin? This puny little human dared to proclaim it would kill him? It was even more angry because it brought back memories of his deceased brother. Cannibal Rab looked up with anger clouding his eyes and let out another ear-splitting roar!! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Its mind was preoccupied with only one thought: KILL!

Cannibal Rab ran straight towards Adamas faster than ever but this time Adamas was ready for it. He thought of using Double Guard Slash and his swords automatically went out in front of him in a cross guard. When Rab saw that Adamas thought he could take on his attack he went into a frenzy from all the anger. Adamas took a deep breath and began doing a mental exercise his sister would always force him to do before sparring. It never worked before but he had nothing to lose now and he needed every advantage. He closed his eyes and pictured it all within seconds.

A sword. A white stainless steel sword without any hilt. It started with just a bar of steel floating in complete darkness. He concentrated on the base and made sure it was strong enough to handle the most powerful impact. Next he focused on the balance. It had to be just right so that it would strike true. Afterwards he turned his attention to the edges of the sword and made them sharp and sleek so that it would slice unimpeded. He then went to the end point of the sword and imagined himself apart of it. He imagined that he was the end of the sword. The end to any he pierced. He was deadly and unforgiving. Precise and accurate.

Suddenly Adamas opened his eyes and looked up with a tranquil expression.

Adamas could feel his heart beating in anticipation, the flexing of every muscle in his body, the sweat sliding down his face, the numb feeling in his shoulder from where the arrow struck, the burning wounds on his left arm, and the slow acting poison in his blood stream. He was calm. Unusually so. He felt as if he knew exactly how to defeat the incoming enemy.

When Cannibal Rab was only a few yards away he drop his head and all of his horns began to rotate like a drill. He didn’t jump like before but increased his running speed. He looked like charging bull getting ready to shatter the two little metal sticks between him and Adamas. Rab quickly closed in on Adamas and was ready to make contact with his swords but the were no longer crossed in front him.

The skill forced Adamas into action and he calmly went along by moving his swords to his right and stepping to his left. After his first step, both his swords came up covered in gold and made a fast arc towards an empty space on his left. Cannibal Rab saw the incoming swords to late and he ran straight into that same empty space. Adamas felt the swords sink into Rab’s side and they cut through him like butter.

“Eeeyargh!!” Rab screamed out in pain and at the same time the sound of Adamas’s basic steel sword breaking could also be heard. Rab fell down with blood streaming everywhere and it continued to cry in pain as it lay there twitching.


      Level Up: Sword Mastery [5] (23%)
      Increases Attack Power with a sword (+40% ATK)
      Increases Attack Speed with a sword (+15% ATK SPD)
You have unlocked the new Passive skill “Serenity”!
Allows the user to dive into a serene state of mind that allows for full control of the user’s body and emotions. This is a passive skill that will only be activated when certain conditions are met. Whenever the user finds out what those conditions are they will be listed in the skill directory. Once the user masters this skill it will turn into an active skill that can be used whenever user desires

Adamas continued on for a few steps after slicing Rab and just dropped onto the ground with his sword beside him in exhaustion. His tranquil state of mind was lost after that attack, he rolled over face up breathing hard. He had watched the Drill Rabbits health sink during the attack and he was confident that it would die soon. Almost all of his stamina was gone and he could still feel pain from his past injuries. He was beyond tired. After a minute or two Rab’s screams finally stopped. Adamas smiled.

I did it!! I beat that crazy f***ing bastard. Yes!

Adamas was glowing on the inside. He felt like he had just moved mountains.


The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard and Adamas quickly looked up.

“Are you for real!!”

Cannibal Rab stood only a few steps away. It looked tattered beyond repair, and it was breathing heavily. The health bar above its head looked empty at first glance but when Adamas looked closely he could see a bit of red attesting to the life of the Drill Rabbit. It growled at Adamas and began to limp quickly towards him. Adamas panicked. He didn’t have time to stand so he reached out for his sword beside him without looking and realized he wasn’t going to make it. I’m not gonna make it! Then an idea struck him and he thought of extra gravity pulling down on the Drill Rabbit.

Gravity Field Activated

Rab faltered under the extra gravity but he soon continued on despite the extra weight. It only bought Adamas a couple of seconds but that was all he needed to find his sword. As soon as Rab opened his mouth to bite Adamas’s head off, Adamas brought up Grant’s old sword from underneath Rab and stabbed it through his chin. Digging all the way through his brain and coming out from the top of his head, Rab could only make a choking sound. His eyes stared into Adamas in hatred as the dimmed away into death.

Adamas sighed in relief but when he did, he felt a sharp pain coming from the side of his stomach. He looked down and saw on of Rab’s claw stabbed into his body. Due to the adrenaline he never noticed being stabbed.

The b**** stabbed me!

You are Bleeding!

No shit sherlock!

His health slowly began to drop at a steady rate. He looked up he saw a timer counting down from ten on top of the Drill Rabbit’s body.

Am I going to last long enough to see it reach zero? Shit! ……I can’t believe I’m gonna die and fail two quests!!

The timer reached zero and the Drill Rabbit’s body broke into tiny glass pieces that disappeared.

Ahh, So that what happens…..


Adamas’s health was almost all gone and his eyelids grew heavy. He tried to stay awake but he couldn’t. He looked up and the last thing he saw was a purple gem among the various glass pieces turning pink and radiating profusely as it fell down towards him. When Adamas’s eyes closed the echoing voice of some female laughing could be heard.

*************** (Hailey’s POV)

“Leon! Thanks for coming over!” Gaurald yelled at loud to the oncoming group.

Garuald was now outside in the woods around the vicinity where Adamas had fallen. Hailey and Lindsey behind him and in front of him was Leon and four other players. The newcomers all wore yellow and red clothing. Leon looked like a young adult in his mid-twenties. He had a wide mouth, big lips, brown eyes and black hair. Overall, he looked very creepy

“After saying that you had located the kung-fu kid I had no choice but to come. No-”

“We told you to only bring two other players! I see four with you!”

Lindsey came up and cut in yelling.

Leon wore a disgusting smile and replied. “Now, now. Let’s just calm down. There was nothing I could do about that. Executive members have to have four bodyguards with them at all times. I’m only following the rules set by the guild.”

Lindsey couldn’t come up with a rebut all so she just smacked her lips and shut up with a scowl on her face but thankfully Gaurald came up and assured her.

“Hey don’t worry, we can trust him, I’ve known him for a while now. He’s one of the brothers in my dad’s fraternity….. Trust me.”

Lindsey could only mumble “okay”.

(FYI: They have different names in real life, but for now I won’t say them until we actually have them in a RL setting.)

Hailey could only smile as she watched Gaurald comfort her best friend. She had known Lindsey ever since they were children and Gaurald begun to hang out with them in middle school (8th grade) when he transferred. In High School (10th grade) Gaurald confessed to Lindsey but she turned him down. Only now it seems like after the confession she has become more aware of Gaurald. It was just a few weeks ago that Lindsey confessed to Hailey that she liked Gaurald. She cried saying that she was afraid Gaurald still hated her because she turned him down but Hailey comforted her by telling her there was no way Gaurald would ever hate her.

Now that they had all graduated, Gaurald, the Valedictorian (#1 student), left for the University of Oxford in the UK while Hailey and Lindsey chose Tulane since they always dreamed of living down south in New Orleans after their family summer trip there. Now Lindsey was planning on confessing to Gaurald in VRMMOPG since long-distance relationships would now be possible with the invention of Full Drive. They could meet up online here in NLR.

Hailey’s watchful gaze over her best friend was broken off when she heard Leon talking.

“Now then, where did you say you last saw the kung-fu kid?”

“Wait…. Are we going to… join.” Hailey asked.

Leon looked at her and smiled.


“That depends on whether your information is accurate. If we can find him than of course we will allow you all to join.”

They showed Leon and his guild-mates where they last saw the little kung-fu kid and they all went back to where they originally met which is only a couple of yards away.

One of the four guild member that came along with Leon stepped up and spoke up to his superior.

“What if he logged out sir?”

Leon looked surprised as if that thought had never struck him. He put his hand on his chin in what looked to be a thinking pose and hummed for about 3 minutes until he spoke up.

“Well, I can’t deny that possibility. A grown person could log out when a considerable amount of time especially since a lot has passed since the battle you all fought trying to catch him.”

“Wait, you mean you can’t log out during a battle when your inside the city?” Lindsey asked curiously.

Leon smiled and replied. “Yes but that can only happen here in Greenage outside of the inner walls. This area is special since its wide and most of the land is still wild. We also tested it ourselves just to make sure. You are however able to log out after 10 minutes of combat.”

Lindsey absorbed the information and mumbled out “I see”

“But one of our members managed to overhear the boy in a discussion with a girl and we, the executives, found out that it would not be possible for him.” Leon said while grinning.

“What do you mean?” Gaurald asked.

Leon’s grin grew wider which made his face look even more ugly. “We found out the kung-fu kid is in fact a player still in his 10 day growth period! That means if he logged out he would leave his body here in the woods unattended.

The three-man team were all surprised. Most of all they were relieved it wasn’t an actual kid. Lindsey sighed in relief knowing she was catching some older player and Hailey felt a small part of her guilt lift from her shoulders. Only a small part since what they did was still wrong and she knew it. Gaurald on the other hand just shrugged his shoulders once he got over the surprise. It didn’t matter to him. They still needed the kid to get into the FF guild.

Leon looked back at his four member and whispered something to them. They all ran of into different directions when he was done whispering. “Now then let us join in on the search as well!”

For the next 30 minutes they all searched high and low for the kung-fu kid but none of them could find him. They all met back where they originally met and all of them shook their heads as they came up empty.

“Gaurald, I need to talk to you.” Leon said in a rather monotone voice.

Hailey watched as Gaurald walked over to Leon. They both began to whisper and soon they were arguing Gaurald slowly began to wear a reluctant face. Leon looked to be pressuring him by swinging his hands as he gestured while he continued to whisper to Gaurald. There talk continued for about 10 minutes until finally they came back with Gaurald wearing the same friendly face whenever he would talk to his team mates.

“Me and Leon decided it would be best if we went back to the spot where you all last saw the kid. From there we will try to track his way through the woods. He must have left some sign of where he went.”

Hailey frowned and spoke up. “I already tried that…. and told you that the tracks just lead to a couple… of bushes… They just ended there.”

Since Hailey had the most experience with tracking prey they had her follow the tracks before Leon came that lead them to a couple of bushes. They searched the bushes failing to find the kid or the mini-dungeon entrance so they decided to just wait for Leon.

“Maybe we can add some new perspective by observing the tracks since we haven’t seen them yet.” Leon said as he motioned to his guild-mates.

So they found themselves heading back to the spot where Adamas began to roll down the hill. Hailey, Lindsey, and Gaurald led the way and behind them were Leon and the 4 FF guild members. Leon was talking to them but none of the others up front could hear what was being said.

When they finally arrived Leon asked Hailey to show him where the tracks were and when he followed her, two of the other guild mates also came along. Hailey bent down and quietly described the track marks to Leon and his guild-mates.


When she looked up to see what the sound was she was suddenly hit in head and she passed out. The last thing she saw before she passed out was Gaurald with a face full of resolve looking down at an unconscious Lindsey sprawled out on the ground.

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Chapter7: Hopeless

*Action* or *Sound* (and sometimes censorship for curse words)
#Whisper# (Means to chat with another player)

“Ouch! how long is this going to hurt!!,” Adamas groaned, “this is a freaking game! Why do they have to make everything so realistic!”

Adamas was now standing while applying pressure to his wound in front of what looked to be a dark corridor. He looked up at where he fell through and decided that the hole was to far for him to reach. He then averted his attention to the long eerie corridor that stretched before him. It was the only way leading out of the circular room he was currently entrapped in. The corridor was as dark as the darkest night with no moon. He could barely see what was in front of him even with the light streaming in through the hole up above. It looked eerie as if it was sucking in the very little light remaining.

Adamas pulled his eyes away from the creepy hallway and inspected his wound.
Continue reading

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Chapter6: Destined Ones

*Action* or *Sound* (and sometimes censorship for curse words)
#Whisper# (Means to chat with another player)

5 A.M. at the Wandering Sword. It was still dark outside without a single soul about and the lights of the inn outlined the windows of the main hall in the darkness.

Adamas and Grant along with the innkeeper were sitting down at the table eating a congratulatory breakfast in the main hall. As soon as Grant arrived he offered to pay for breakfast. When they ordered more than 10 dishes for breakfast the inn-keeper came by and asked them what the occasion was. When Grant told her that Adamas had just passed “Hell’s Ground” twice in a row she busted out some of her special grape juice and gave some to Adamas.

“It’s on the house”, she said as she gestured for Adamas to drink with no reserve.

Adamas frowned at his cup unsure if he should drink and the inn-lady laughed.

“Don’t worry, its non-alcoholic, We don’t give out our alcoholic drinks to children.

They and another group were the only people up and awake eating in the main lobby.

The other group consisted of two bow-women and one swordsman. They were huddled up together whispering in low voices. They looked like a suspicious lot to Adamas, mainly because he didn’t know whether they were players or NPCs. It was one of NLR’s special features where an ordinary player or NPC can’t tell if someone is a “destined” one or just another resident of NLR. Continue reading

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Chapter5PT2: Rewards

*Action* or *Sound* (and sometimes censorship for curse words)

Tackling an impossibly hard obstacle course that was named Hell’s Ground as the sun was coming up had a certain romantic feeling about it. Adamas couldn’t help but feel like he was Hercules about to perform the famed 12 Labors. Well, in Adamas’s case it was 10 gut-wrenching courses that required completion before 15 hours…

Adamas looked up towards the end of the last course and spotted Grant ready with a huge hourglass containing black sand at the bottom. He was casually waiting for Adamas to start the course and flip the medieval timer. His eyes were full of greed waiting to see Adamas wither in pain under the continuous pressure of each course. Or at least that was how Adamas portrayed Grant in his mind.

Slowly but surely Adamas walked up to the first course’s starting line. After the line was an endless sea of swinging logs that would swing across the field at irregular intervals. The humongous trees surrounding the pathway across the numerous amount of swinging logs groaned slightly as the ropes which are supporting the logs keep on swinging as if Newton’s Law of Motion didn’t exist in NLR. Adamas stood there in wonder once again.

This is the second time I’ve seen this up close but I still wonder how the logs don’t slow down despite air resistance and gravity…. Maybe it has something to do with Magic?

Continue reading

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Chapter5PT1: Hell’s Ground

*Action* or *Sound*

Seven hours of constant swordplay by giving it your all. First thought he had was that it would be easy. He tackled the challenge by looking back at his previous feats and using them to justify his ability.

7 Hours? Didn’t I just complete 6 hours awhile back. Pfft. I can totally do this.

This time though he remembered to eat before he started. Unlike last time his satiety bar wasn’t full when his father had him swing the sword. Before he took up both wooden swords he quickly munched on one of the many sandwiches that his mother prepared without being able to actually enjoy them since he was in a hurry to get the challenge over with. Once he drank water from his canteen to wash it all down, he stood still (10-15min) to let the food makes its way through his stomach. Once he felt sure that he could push himself to the limit without regurgitating the food he just ate, he rushed towards the wooden dummy with his full speed.

His swords went up and struck the wooden dummy with a resounding thud. From the first strike Adamas fell into a trance. His feet never stayed still, circling his opponent and delivering slashes mixed with stabs. It was like watching a dance. A dance that would only be possible in NLR. He knew if his opponent was moving around it would be harder to make his attacks meld with each other like he was doing now, but he thought he could still manage a smooth flow unlike in RL. He knew the cold truth. Aria would always remind him after all. In reality sword fights were quick, vicious, bloody, and devastating.

Fighting with swords without armor in reality is like asking for a quick death. It’s rarely ever a drawn out match like those they feature in movies and cartoons. The swords would surely break if they clashed as many times as they do in TV. In order for Aria to train Adamas in how to use a sword she had to constantly remind him that drawn-out battles are a rarity. She would persistently teach him to avoid the opponent’s weapon not by parrying but by dodging. Being on the defensive was useless when you had no shield and your sword would just whittle down against the opponent’s. He was taught how counterattacks were very efficient and how to always be aggressive when possible.

“Don’t hesitate,” she would say, “because if you do, that second will cost you your life.” Continue reading

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Chapter4: Training Start

Pictures of what Erian, and Rand somehow look:
Erian, but with Blonde hair & golden eyes.

*Action* or *Sound*

You have accepted the quest!

“Haha, good, good. that’s my boy!” Rand said with a deep throaty chuckle. He looked at Adamas with pride and he wore it all over his face. “Dual swordsmanship, haha this will certainly turn out to be interesting. You must always remember though son to keep pace with your training and never cease to learn. Soon before you realize it you shall be stronger than most warriors. Now then let’s hurry on home so I can show your mother that I was right and you were indeed ready to start training.”

Adamas was beginning to feel the aftereffects of his reckless overexertion. His adrenaline rush was now receding and his arms and legs were quickly starting to feel like jelly. His satiety and stamina bars were both dangerously low in the red and his breathing was ragged. Once he thought about how he, a young boy, was practicing for 6 hours non-stop he couldn’t help but shiver with dread. He was lucky he didn’t just pass out over fatigue and even more lucky he didn’t die over hunger. What he just accomplished was only a few steps short of suicide and because he was feeling enervated both mentally and physically he had to think twice more about what his NPC father had just said.

“Wait… Mom didn’t give you permission,” uttered Adamas in surprise when he finally recognized the full implication of what his NPC father had just said. When his father just shook his head and replied nonchalantly with a “Nope” Adamas started to sweat bullets. Elian’s anger was not to be tested. Never. Once Adamas refused to give her a book he was reading because it was “bedtime” she literally flicked him in the forehead with an air bullet that shaved his health down to 5 hit points and made him pass out for the whole night without being able to log out. Thenceforth Adamas has never disobeyed Erian. Now here he was, an accomplice to his father’s crime, and the main perpetrator in question was smiling without a care in the world, or that’s what Adamas thought. If he took the chance to look closer he would’ve spotted the unusual twitch at the edges of his father’s supposedly carefree smile. Continue reading

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