Chapter1: New Life: REBORN



Adam was excited for the first time ever in a very long time, he couldn’t help but let out a girlish giggle, “hehe, Y..”

*Bang, bang, bang.*

The sound of somebody literally banging on the capsule reached Adam’s ears, and then a female voice that came from the capsule began talking.

-Outside interference with capsule detected. Scan on capsule has detected no abnormalities with the capsule. Please step outside the capsule and resolve the issue. Initiating shut down sequence.

“Noooo! Don’t shut down yet,” Adam yelled, but despite his objections the capsule ignored him and shut down.

The lid of the capsule once again became transparent (Once you enter the capsule and it turns on the transparent lid darkens until its absolutely black) and staring at him was his older sister Arianna which both shocked and surprised Adam. He was feeling multiple emotions at once; happy that she came back because of his graduation even if she was a bit late, mad that she forcefully ejected him out the capsule when he was about to start, and sad that he wouldn’t be able to do anything to her about it, because she’s insanely strong, and only fools that have a death wish would challenge her in anything.

No way in hell I want a death wish. However when he saw her usual ignorant face all of his feelings a-washed with anger and without realizing he vented on her.

“Aria! Goddammit, I was just about to start and you have to go and bang on the capsule like that, can’t you read!! It literally says “mic” right there on the top of the lid!! You only have to push the button and I’ll hear you!! Man, you’re worse than me, the saying shoot first then talk later, must’ve been made specifically to describe you.”

“Ohh,” said Aria raising one of her eyebrows and said in a threatening voice, “Looks like someone has grown some balls while I’ve been gone”

Adam realized his mistake too late. Oh shit, I’m dead. Adam took a basic defense stance and was waiting for the imminent attack that would come.

“But since it’s your graduation day I’ll let you keep them.” And within a second she appeared in front of Adam bypassing his defense with ease and kneed him right in the gut.

Adam landed on the ground with a gasp and began rolling all over. The pain was excruciating, but at least she went easy on him. He remembered when she would knock him out cold with one hit whenever he angered her.

With a smirk she added “That is for showing disrespect to your elders”

After 5 minutes of excruciating pain Adam slowly picked himself up and was tackled with a hug from his sister.

“And this hug is a present because you graduated, but mostly because I missed you,” she whispered into his ear.

It’s always been like this with Arianna. It was always hurt first then love later situation, but despite the hurt she truly cared about Adam. She was also Adam’s confidant. Aria always managed to pull out every one of his secrets whenever they talked, and she would always give her honest opinion. Too simplify, Aria is an honest-brute, one that Adam loves unconditionally.

“Thanks,” Adam murmured, with a his face blushing in embarrassment due to his earlier outburst, “and welcome back sis, I’ve missed you too.”

Aria smiled then separated herself from Adam and seated herself on his bed.

“I just actually arrived. The girls are sleeping and mom and dad are about to turn in for the night. I was wondering where you were, and they said that you were about to start playing some VR game or w/e. Anyways I came to your room because I couldn’t wait to give you your present!”

She pulled out a long box that was about 32 inches long and big enough to fit a textbook lying down but too small for it too stand up.

Aria’s excitement was written all over her face and she was even beginning to squirm around with impatience.

“Well, what are you waiting for, open it!”

Adam removed the lid, and was shocked at what he saw. He put his hands inside, and was about to pull out his present when the weight of it surprised him. In both of his hands Adam was holding a 29 inch long sword, made from stainless steel. It was unsheathed and sat alongside with its sheath in the box. He was truly surprised.

“It’s beautifull”

His sister smiled and jumped up towards him.

“There’s more inside.” She stuck her hand in the box and retrieved another sword with was twin to the one he was currently holding and she also pulled out two wooden swords that were an exact copy minus the hand guard.

“Remember how whenever we would spar you would always choose dual wielding wooden swords?”

“Yeah, and you would always end up breaking them, with your crazy strength”

“First, The two steel swords are a match, since it fits your style, and second now you don’t have to worry about those second rate wooden swords breaking anymore, the wooden swords in my hand are made from Quebracho, one of the heaviest and hardest wood known to man. I got them both made for you while traveling around China during my last 6 months there. Try them out”

She casually threw the swords to Adam, and he nearly dropped them due to the unexpected weight. They were about as heavy as the real sword. They had a dark reddish brown color, and were smooth to the touch. He looked at the real swords and then back to the wooden swords contemplating.

Wow, they’re all so beautiful, but how much must it have cost her, and I don’t have the courage to tell her that I’ve been slacking off on my martial arts ever since she left…

“I…I… don’t know what to say, these are amazing, more than I could ever ask for. I’m guessing these were really expensive.”

*giggles. “Well you could say thank you, but I prefer you show me your thanks in the training hall tomorrow morning when we spar.”

“Yeaaahhh, about that, I need to tell you…”

“Stop right there. I know. Mom and dad told me how you’ve been skipping on your martial arts practice, so I’ll make sure to give you a thorough lesson on why you should never slack off in the morning.”

His sister smiled evily at Adam, and before he could reply she also added on to her earlier statement.

“Oh and whether you like it or not I’m also gonna find out why you’ve been acting all emo these past months. You have no idea how annoying it was when mom wouldn’t stop calling me because she was worried about you. So you can either tell me now or wait till after I thoroughly wipe the floor with your ass tomorrow.”

This caught Adam by surprise and he could only sigh and say that he didn’t feel like talking about it. Rage gradually began to build up inside him when he thought on what Liam did to him, but before his anger consumed him, his sister surprised him again by not pursuing the subject.

“Okay, I guess I can wait one more day for you to tell me, just remember that I won’t give up until you spill the beans. Anyways whats up with this new game I’ve been hearing about… err, what was it again…TLR?”

“NLR (New Life: Reborn), If I’m gonna explain the game to you, I’m going to have to tell you everything all the way form the beginning so hang on tight and don’t’ get bored,” Adam said in an excited voice forgetting his anger. This game was after all the highlight of this year for him, so why shouldn’t he be excited.

“Sure, I just got of the flight so I’m bit jet-lagged, wont be able to sleep anytime soon, so lay it on me, what’s the big deal with NLR?” replied Arianna

Then Adam began explaining:

“Well, NLR is the first VRMMO game ever to be created by INTERACT corps located in Tokyo Japan, but don’t be fooled by the location into thinking it was solely created by the Japanese. The concept and specifics of the game were indeed created by INTERACT corp., but the Full Dive technology and the control AI were both created by a group of elite scientists from all over the world called UNVEIL. The secret was held tight within the labs of INTERACT corps. For ten years UNVEIL worked hand in hand with INTERACT corps to create the most advanced AI that is simply beyond human comprehension. Five years later in the year 2050 in the month of January INTERACT and UNVEIL both presented their invention to the world.

While the AI left everyone speechless the FULL DIVE technology made everyone skeptical. The FULL DIVE equipment looked like a futuristic see-through coffin that modern vampires would use, and so doubts were raised all over the world. “Virtual Reality? Yeah right.” Even if it was UNVEIL the renowned elite group of scientists, being able to go to a man made world and experience it with all 5 senses was a bit farfetched. But when UNVIEL together with INTERACT hosted a middle-aged man doing a full dive live on television, all doubts were replaced with excitement and every other scientist that didn’t belong to UNVEIL had jealously written all over their faces. What’s even more amazing is that you can benefit from FULL DIVE physically. Any strenuous activity that you do would affect your body as well but at a 10th of the speed in RL. So your basically getting a slow work-out by just laying down and playing a virtual reality game. No injuries or anything harmful to your body will be transferred so its completely safe.

A few days later INTERACT alone announced the release of NLR (New Life: Reborn) the very first VRMMO boasting in 99% realism that would be played by using the FULL DIVE technology. It was every gamers dream and some actually fainted! Haha, I sure would have if I was a full time gamer, but you know I’m more of an outdoor type person… Anyways I digress. This game was so revolutionary and incredible that even people who didn’t play games decided that maybe now would be a good time to start. Most of the excitement was attributed to the awesome time discrepancy between RL and the game. Time in NLR is 4 times faster than time in the real world so you can have 4 times more fun. And best of all is that you have to play with your own gender. None of that guy being girl crap that every gamer hates.

Unfortunately we would all have to wait 10 months before any of us could start playing. You remember those jealous scientists I told you about? Well they were so jealous that they began protesting against the FULL DIVE technology by claiming it was unsafe and there were still many health issues that needed to be resolved, and so began the long ten month waiting period. During this time INTERACT went ahead and broadcasted all of their beta testing’s with the FULL DIVE technology while playing NLR since they were confident it was completely safe. Once a week I would watch their testing which usually meant have one side of the screen showing a guy laying down in a capsule with his eyes closed while the other half showed him going around slaying monsters left and right with his huge claymore. It looked so real that the channels broadcasting the game had to sensor some of the gore.

The scientists were enraged even more when they realized that FULL DIVE technology was indeed safe so as a last ditch effort of retaliation they decided to influence the rating of the gam two months before its release date. Every kid below the age of 18 was enraged, haha. I would be too but thank god im already 18. As you already guessed the game was rated-R. If any children below the age of 18 wanted to play they had to rely on their mommy or daddy to buy the game.

Anyway enough about the creation of NLR, lets talk about the game itself. NLR is actually tremendously different from any other online MMOs. INTERACT hasn’t released anything solid about the game play other than the beta testing video but they did release an announcement about two weeks before that the beginning is unlike any other game. According to INTERACT every player has to be reborn into the game… w/e that means. They only said every player has a mandatory 10-day growth period and after that no one is allowed to leave their “Threshold” until 20 more days have passed, so basically everyone has a month restriction, which is actually a week in real life.

What’s weird is that they have a daily restriction to the amount of players that can register. So far they said they’ll only allow 6 million player to register per day for the game. At the end of the month the restriction will be released since it’s highly unlikely that that many people will register in one day. Considering that mom and dad bought this for me for my graduation gift while only 6 million copies were available for the first day is really lucky of me.

So that’s really all that I know right now, which is pretty much what everyone else knows, since I’ve been on top of the development of NLR from day 1.”

Aria looked thoughtful while she sat there and digested everything I told her. It gave Adam a chance to see how his sister changed since he last saw here 4 years ago. Her height is the same as his, 5’10, and her hair similar to Adam’s that seemed black at first glance but once you looked closely you could see the dark red color shining. Here eyes were different. Just like his other two sisters (twin) her eyes we blue. In fact Adam was the only one with hazel eyes in the family. Her body proportions on the other hand are just perfect. Her chest was just the right size (c-cup), and her derrière was neither too small nor too big. Her arms were cut showing a bit of her biceps and triceps without flexing and so were her legs. She could definitely make it big as a model. He was distracted from his observation when his sister’s voice reached his ear.

“But wait… what about the AI, you only mentioned that UNVEIL and INTERACT worked together to create it, but why does it have to do with the game?”

“Oh I guess I forgot to mention it. The AI is basically the one who keeps the game running. It makes everything in NRL run, from how the NPC’s act to the specifics of quests that are given. From what’s been released by INTERACT the AI basically allows the NPC’s to be more realistic and act as if they themselves have their own personalty or in a unscientific term “soul”. There is one rumor that caught my attention and I can’t help but feel like there’s some truth to. Lately, its been going around in some forums that the AI has the capabilities of a quantum computer. So in short I guess you could call it a quantum AI.”

Arianna fell back on the bed and sighed.

“All this sounds to sic-fi to be real, I mean come on a quantum computer? Next thing You know, we’ll be building a space elevator, you know those tall towers that go into space, I’ve seen them on those gun dam shows you like to watch”

“Hey, I only said it was a rumor, but to be able to keep up with millions of players and practically run a whole world, I don’t think average AIs are capable of all that, but what do I know, it’s not like I’m a scientist myself.

“Hm, I guess I’ll just have to see for myself!! Maybe I’ll buy one tomorrow.”

“Good luck with that, one capsule is $9,999, and the monthly subscription is $200.”

“I can totally afford it Adam, its only $10,000”

“The hell it’s “only” $10,000!! that’s 100 100 dollar bills yo!! There’s no way you can just wave money like that around like its nothing.”

*giggles “The you won’t believe what happened in China”

Aria began telling Adam how she went to a university in China that is known for its martial arts program and how she finished the four year training program in only two years and entered an all-womens martial arts tournament. Of course no one there was a match for Aria and she became the champion and won $100,000 dollars in prize money with the title of “Strongest women fighter in China”. After she won, she went traveling all around the country side where she met a true master of martial arts and spent a whole year training under him in order to learn how to stabilize your own ki by meditating and studying nature. It sounded skeptical at first to Adam but when she went into detail explaining how ki strikes were fundamentally stronger than normal strikes wherein they can dame the opponents organs directly and how its a close kept secret by masters all around the world.

An hour passed with Adam and Aria exchanging small talk mostly about Aria’s trip in China until Aria suddenly let loose a yawn. When she finally managed to drag herself out of his room in order to go to bed it was already 3:30 in the morning, but Adam still felt awake and restless. Adam couldn’t contain himself anymore so he made a straight b-line into his capsule, and once he was situated inside and the lights dimmed down to total darkness, a message popped out once more just like before.

Connect to NEW LIFE: REBORN?


    The scan on your iris and vein has determined that you are an unregistered user. Do you want to create a new account?


    Select name of you avatar


    Your gender has been identified as male, is this correct?

“uhh, most definitely”

    Select race, there are only 3 races available at the moment

“What are they?”

    Humans, Elves, and Dwarves

“Can I be a half-elf and half-human”

    Please wait, while I search for any availability….


    Yes. There is one possibility.


    You may now alter your appearance.

“The way I am now.” Don’t wanna spend time getting used to a new body.

    You will now begin in the kingdom Alvernon in the Human Threshold city Greenage. Would you like to go through the tutorial?

“No thanks”

    Welcome to New Life and enjoy being REBORN!!

A white light engulfed Adamas and blinded him. After a couple of seconds his sight returned and the first thing or rather person he saw was a beautiful elf woman with long blonde hair and golden eyes staring affectionally at him, and right behind her was a ruggedly handsome human who was smiling as well looking right down into my eyes

……What the hell are they looking at me for, damn, is this some kind of beginning video, or what…….. The hell…, I can barely move my head.., wait a minute if i can move my head then this is def. not a video… wtf is going on… Maybe I’m injured…. but how? Let me wave at these people to say Hi, and see what happens from there.

As soon as Adamas’s hand crossed into his vision, he started to freak out and during the freak out attack the most embarrassing thing happened…. he cried.

Look at that, I’ve got tiny hands…. whoa whoa, wait a minute tiny hands?…Holy shit, I’m a freaking baby!! Aww and now I’m crying aww gawd kill me now!!

It all clicked in Adamas’s head. He finally figured out where the “reborn” part of the title came from and what the “10 day growth period meant”. Now here he was looking at his NPC mother and father.

Mother: “He’s so beautiful, What shall we name him Rand?”
Father(Rand): “Hmm I have the perfect name, it came to me in a vision…. Adamas. Yes, it just rolls of the tongue smoothly, don’t you think so hun.”
Mother: “I love it. My little Adamas, my one and only.”

Aww shit, this is gonna be a long 10 days..

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