Chapter2: Mother’s Love

*Action* or *Sound*

A notification suddenly appeared in front of Adamas’s face.


You have been Reborn!
Your growth period will consist of 10 days in game and you will be able to log out during your sleep cycle without missing out on your growth period.
If you wish to log out during the waking hours, you must be aware that your avatar will fall into a deep slumber until you log back in or until the mandatory 10 day growth period is over.
Sleep in game is as fulfilling as sleep outside the game. If anyone sleeps for 8hours in game they will feel as if they slept 8 hours in RL. Please look at WARNING
Remember that every choice you make affects the “growth” of your avatar so please act accordingly.
WARNING: Do not abuse the in-game sleep system. It is unhealthy for the body to become a costumed to in-game sleep. Please sleep in RL when possible.



That makes sense, the sleeping part is really convenient, but it looks like I shouldn’t rely on it too much… Looks like I can only log out for 3 hours every 6 hours…. I’m sure lucky I started this on Friday, and next week is a national holiday so neither mom or dad are working…

Adamas’s line of thought was disturbed when he heard his pseudo mother speak up suddenly.

“Ah, he stopped crying Rand, it’s a shame that he’ll grow up so fast, I feel like Maia is robbing me of my time with my son.”

“Honey, we talked about this, every oracle of every church were given visions by the gods that told them that most of the next generation of children would be extraordinary and their unusual growth rate is only one out of many strange tendencies. But don’t fret my sweet love, in exchange they will be given limitless potential just like the hero’s of old, so we can only try to teach him as much as we can in this little time.”

“Yes, I know. But it still breaks my heart to know he may leave us in but only 10 days.”

“Then maybe we should kneel,and offer homage to Maia in order to grant us with another child minus the flair of an extraordinaire.”

“If only it were that easy, you know how hard it is for us to bear children. The fact that I’m elven and your human cannot be changed. It’s a miracle that we were able to have a child even if he does turn out to be a bit extraordinary.”

So half elves and half humans are rare huh. I wonder why? Ah! Maybe that’s why the AI had to search for availability.

“Of course your right but if we wish to conceive another child you shouldn’t give up hope my love. The goddess Maia only rewards those who believe, and I truly believe that if we want another child Maia will grant us this boon. We all but have to pray to her benevolence in sincerity.”

“Why yes, your absolutely right Rand! I don’t know what I would do without you. You always manage to find and bring joy to my world, but for now let us enjoy the company of our new addition to our family.”

The next hour consisted of both pseudo parent touching and kissing Adamas until finally they stopped when Rand got up.

“Elian, I must leave for the watchtower, my hours of duty draw near and I wish not to let the commander boil in rage during my absence.”

Rand kissed his wife and Adamas goodbye before leaving through the front door.

Elian? The name really suits her… Speaking of which they were talking about gods!! Bona fide “in control of everything” gods. So they really exist in this world and there’re even able to communicate with people. I bet they have some high-ranking quests too. This world is amazing, I can’t wait until my 10 days are up.

After seeing her husband out Adamas’s pseudo mother turned her attention towards Adamas and rubbed her cheek against Adamas’s cheek affectionately. You could see in her eyes how much she cared for Adamas and that was only touching the surface. She would probably sacrifice her own life if it meant saving Adamas.

Adamas himself couldn’t help but respond to her affection with garbled sounds like “Ah”, or “gu”. He found himself beginning to grow some form of affection for this NPC mother.

Thank god she’s a drop dead gorgeous mother… I wonder if this is how it felt when I was a toddler and mom was taking care of me, I really haven’t been paying attention to her recently….

The next six hours consisted of him being fed milk from a bottle, being carried around the house, and lying down in his crib staring at the ceiling. Being fed milk from a bottle was a small disappointed but Adamas quickly got over it. The only enjoyment he had was when his pseudo mother carried him all over the house, it gave him a chance to familiarize himself with his dwellings and where everything of import was located.

The 2-story house was actually pretty big and looked nice. There were 4 rooms in total. Three on the second floor and one on the first floor. His pseudo parents took up residence in the bedroom on the first floor and his crib was located near their bed. On the second floor, one room was actually an office/library, the room across from the library (consider it a library from now on) was Adamas’s future bedroom. You could already see his name etched across the top of the front door. The other room which was a bit further in was just a normal guest-room.

Adamas could only catch a glimpse of the outside which looked like a backyard and to the right side of the yard near the fence there was a sturdy wooden scarecrow that looked like it been through hell, and right next to it was a wooden sword leaning on the fence. The fence was actually just long thick sticks tied together going around the spacious yard. Farther towards the door Adamas’s spotted rows upon rows of vegetables and whatnot and a bit towards the right an apple tree was growing with soon-to be ripe fruit hanging down from the branches. The apples had an unusual bright red gleam, but due to the distance Adamas wasn’t able to glean anything else about the unusual color. When his mother finally got tired of looking at the yard through the window she decided to prepare dinner so she laid him down in his crib and began cutting vegetable and boiling water.

Just like that for the next hour Adamas stared at the ceiling until he heard footsteps on the doorstep, then Rand opened the door and greeted Adamas with a peck on the cheek and his wife with a long kiss (totally immodest). Afterwards Rand and Elian were siting across from each other at the dinner table with Adamas being held by his mother. After dinner they made small conversation about Rands work which from what Adamas could understand was border control. Apparently Rand was a captain in the army and he had a large watchtower as his base of operations with 50 subordinates. There would be regular attacks by regiments of goblins which numbered to a 100 each month trying to pillage the surrounding villages and it was Rand’s job to either eliminate or deflect them. It was an easy job according to Rand. His Calvary of 50 soldiers were far superior than the goblins and coupled with the capabilities of the trained war horses nothing could stop them hence their situation of always being outnumber. This was a prime example of the popular saying: “quality over quantity”.

When the table was cleared and they were getting ready to turn in it was around 8PM. Suddenly, a wave of drowsiness began to wash over Adamas and before he could do anything about it, his eyelids were slowly closing. When he felt like it would be a good time to get some sleep he suddenly heard a “truing” sound and a notification appeared before him.

You are about to enter a deep sleep for the next 12 hours. Do you wish to log out during this period?

Adamas was exhilarated he was more than a bit tired so he quickly accepted by moving his tiny hand towards the Yes icon. White light engulfed Adamas and before he could register anything he was back to being Adam lying down in his capsule. The capsule lid dimmed to transparency and Adam walked out. He noticed it was almost 8AM on the clock in his room so he decided to go to grab a quick breakfast. As soon as he closed the lid, a contraption from the bottom the capsule popped out. When Adam looked closer he found it to be a storing space and within that space was a black futuristic looking wrist watch. Without hesitation Adam picked up the watch and spotted a small handbook below it. The cover of the book read: How to use “Connect”.

While examining the wristwatch Adam accidentally pushed a button on the side. The watch lighted up and a small light greenish hologram was emitted from the screen showing a baby sleeping and right next to the baby there was timer.

“Woah” Adam said in surprise. Then he looked closer at the timer. Scratch that. In fact there were two timers. One read 11:44 and was counting down at a fast pace while the other one read 2:56 and was counting down at the normal pace of time.

Adam was once again amazed at INTERACT’s ingenuity. Not only did they create an unforgettable game, they also managed to create a device that will keep you updated on your avatar whenever you log out and leave it behind in NLR. Adam’s mind was already racing thinking of all the benefits this watch had.

Whenever I’m in a danger zone and I have to log out, I can keep up on my avatar’s state with this watch. Maybe it also has the function to warn me whenever something or someone attacks me during my state of inactivity.

Adam pulled up the small handbook, thought: Let’s see what other functions it has. While walking to the kitchen Adam’s eyes were quickly skimming throughout the book. He took a break from reading when he arrived at the kitchen finding it weird that it was empty. He began making himself breakfast. As soon as the food was ready Adam began eating a light breakfast consisting of cereal, and a piece of toast. As soon as he was about to finish eating his older sister walked in and smiled.

“Somebody was finally able to leave fantasy world. I was gonna go wake you up to go for a short run with me but you were too busy dreaming.”

She had on tight shorts and a sports bar and she was sweating profusely, evidence of a very, very long run. Noticing this Adam though: No way in hell was it short. Then he decided to ask the question that’s been on his mind.

“Where’s mom and dad. Also the girls, they should’ve been awake for a while now.”

In fact, I haven’t been spending much time with the twins ever since Liam and Kandy… I’ll have to make them their favorite pecan pie and apologize when I see them.

“Actually I saw them an hour ago when I was about to leave. Apparently they just came out of fantasy world. They were talking about NLR and some wrist watch that they were all wearing…. Anyways, can you believe it, they bought you and everyone else a capsule except for me!! It feels like I’m not a part of this family anymore!!” *sobbing*

Adam rolled his eyes at his sister. Another drama play episode. She always exaggerated the wrongs that people afflicted her with. It was one of the reasons why she always had an extreme response to every wrongdoing done to her.

“Anyways”, It looked like she was finally getting over her episode, “I already ordered a capsule online it should be here around 12.”

“That fast. Is that even humanely possible.”

“They mentioned something about it taking a day, but when I mentioned my name they asked me if I was the Arianna from China and when I said yes, they said they could have it over in 5 hours with no additional charge.”

“Wow, I guess you’re a Celebrity now.”

“Yeah, I guess. There was a bunch of news reporters when I came from the airport last night. They asked me stuff like “how does it feel to be the youngest and strongest female fighter in China.” I didn’t know how to answer since I never really felt anything about it, so I was thinking hard about what to say when this one guy suddenly came up and shoved his mic in my face. Literally, the mic was shoved up against my lips, and he wouldn’t let off. He was acting all obnoxious and stuff, so I had to one hit KO him after I told him to stop getting into my personal space and he wouldn’t listen. Afterwards no one else came close to me, I hope it wasn’t because I smelled bad or anything like that… so I just ended up walking out without any disturbances.”

Yeah I bet they were just too afraid to get too close to you after seeing you pummel a guy down.

“So wait, dad, mom and even the girls are playing NLR right now?”

“Yeah, didn’t you just hear me say that.”

It’s kind of awkward when I think about mom and dad becoming toddlers again…. I wonder if the twins will still be twins as well in NLR..?

Then his sister interrupted his moment of thought by saying, “After your done with breakfast let’s go to the dojo and have a spar.”

Adam quickly finished his food and went straight to his room to pick up his wooden swords and some clothes, soon after he was in the dojo. The dojo was located right next to their house. It was originally a shed until Aria begged her dad to make it into a large empty hall for her training. Their dad went all out and in the end it looked extremely similar to the traditional dojo’s in Japan, hence the name Dojo.

(something like this:

As soon as Adam entered the dojo, he went to the changing area and wore his workout clothes with the appropriate padding required for fencing. After dressing appropriately he picked up his two wooden swords, headed to the center of the room facing his sister and took a dual stance….

When Adam was forced into sparring with his sister ever since she was in middle school, he started to create his own dual sword fighting style. He spent every morning with his sister when he was 8 and she was 12 practicing hand to hand combat and sword fighting. Adam first started fighting with dual swords since he thought it was “cool” but after his first spar he regretted his decision. In order to dual wield, he had to coordinate both hands which was difficult since he was strictly right-handed. At first he was going to quit dual wielding but due to his sister consistent nagging he decided to let her train him in it. She had Adam do every daily activity with his left hand by tying his right hand into a fist for the whole year. When he was 9 he could write, eat and play with both hands fluently. In short he became ambidextrous.

After many trials and errors and with the help of his sister who was a martial arts genius he began to show some results. By the time he was 11 he had the basics of dual wielding down. Essentially there were two styles he learned. The right hand attacking while the left hand supports by parrying and blocking, and the other style was just ignoring defense and depending on his own dodging ability to inflict damage with both swords. Until he entered high school he would refine and combine both styles while sparring with his sister who was literally like a god in martial arts.

Aria would always spar with one weapon then when she mastered it she would change to another. With her learning curve Aria would always end up mastering a weapon ever two months, but her favorite would always be the staff. She loved twirling it around and pounding Adam with both ends of it. After the end of Aria’s high school carrier and a day before she was leaving for China, she had one last spar with Adam using a one-handed sword. The end result was close but Adam managed to emerge the victor. It was an hour-long battle and in the end he overcame his sister by disturbing her guard with a parry and executing a feint which ended as a stab. It was incredibly close but Adam was still happy. 1 win and 4,999 loses. Everyone starts somewhere but this was the end for Adam. After Aria congratulated Adam and said she could tech him no more, she left for China the next day. Later on Adam started practicing less and less and started playing soccer more.

Now here he is facing his sister once again with 1 sword in each hand after four years of practically no practice. His sister, China’s youngest and strongest female fighter, was standing in front of him wielding one sword with both hands. Adam could feel the stifling battle aura permeating from her body.

She’s stronger, way too strong. I’m gonna have to rely on attacking and dodging since it seems like she’ll be able to breakthrough my defenses. Let’s try to test the waters before I attack though.

Adam started running towards his sister and attacked with his left sword with a slash from the right, she quickly parried the strike, but towards her other side Adam’s left sword was coming with another slash.As hick as lightning she parried his left sword as well. Using the momentum of the parry Adam rotated a full circle with both swords coming at Aria with an underhand slash. Aria quickly jumped back and after the attack touched only air. She jumped back in and under Adam guard and delivered a powerful stab into Adam’s gut.

“Ugh”, gasped Adam. It was a sure kill strike. Without the extra padding, Adam would surely be out cold.

“Tch”, Aria shook her head, “looks like you really have been slacking, only your speed is a bit better, but all of your skills have gone down a level.” *sigh “Looks like your helpless without me. Let’s dedicate six hours of your RL time to practice. Every morning and every night. You can sleep one day in-game and use your other 3 hours however u like, but I suggest doing weight training. You’ve grown taller so you need to add some more muscle to your body.”

“How do you know I can sleep in-game, I haven’t told you about that.”

“I heard mom, dad and the girls talking about it, they said they were reborn as babies and that they only have 3 hours to log out every six hours if they want to keep up with their growth. They also mentioned about how they can get a full night sleep inside the game. Pretty cool if you ask me. Anyways we’ll go with this schedule for now. I’ll go and take a shower, I need to get this sweat off.”

Sure, don’t ask for my opinion on the matter. 

Without another word Aria turned around and left the dojo, when she was out of Adam’s sight, he picked up his swords and started going through the motions of all his stances. It was high time he started practicing again. With his sister back, he would need all the practice he could get in order to survive the next spar. He shivered at the thought of how she would beat him down tonight. After an hour of practice Adam was still going through the motions when suddenly.

*beep beep beep*

Adam’s wrist watch started beeping in a loud noise. He looked down at it and the RL time read 00:30 while the NLR timer read 2:00. It looked like his avatar baby was going to be able to wake up in 30 minutes. Adam quickly put up both his wooden swords and his real one in the weapons closet along with his protection gear. He jogged to his room and went straight into the shower to clean up.

Twenty-eight minutes later Adam stood in front of his capsule smelling like fresh strawberry soap (I like strawberries and if they smell like they taste, everyone would love them too). He got in and answered the usual question with a yes. With a flash of white light Adam found himself in his crib still asleep. Luckily a timer was located at the bottom right of his vision and it said he only had 3 minutes and 29 seconds left. Adam was bored so he counted down the seconds along with the timer in his mind until it finally hit zero.

“Finaaaaa!!” He yelled when Adamas opened his eyes. He tried to say finally but he somehow couldn’t get the whole word out of his mouth. He looked around and saw his mother rushing straight towards him.

“What’s wrong my sweet little dumpling” she said in a worried voice, “I’ve never heard you shout so loud before. Are you perhaps hurt somewhere?” She touched Adamas everywhere on my body looking for any possible injuries and when she found non she sighed in relief and looked at Adamas.

“Oh You! You gave me such a fright little one.” She said in relief. She kept looking at me and remarked, “By the gods, I’ll never get used to you fast growth rate. Already a night passes and you seem to have grown 2 years! Before I know it you will be a young man.”

2 years old!? Well I guess we would grow fast since it’s only for 10 days, but since I’m 2 it means I can walk around now. I should try to go upstairs and start reading from the library since I can’t really do anything to extreme with this body.

After Elian dropped Adamas onto the floor he quickly got up and started walking. He fell as soon as he took the first step. Adamas was confused. He already knew hoe to walk so why couldn’t he walk now? Every time he tried to stand up and walk alone he would end up on his but.

It seems like my muscles are still unaccustomed to walking. Maybe I should practice first by holding on to something.

Thirty minutes later Adamas found himself walking upright. He was extremely wobbly but thanks to his 30 minute long walk back and forth while holding on to the couch he was able to barely walk alone.

When his mother turned around she gasped, and clapped her hands together.

“Adamas! You’re walking before crawling! Dear gods, you constantly surprise me!!”

She swooped up Adamas into her arms and started hugging and kissing him on his cheeks. Adamas wanted her to let go so he could hurry up and read about the new world but her iron grip hug didn’t leave much room for movement. He tried telling her to let go but the only words that came out of his mouth were “Le de go a” so he gave up

“I love you Adamas,” his pseudo mother said her face full of happiness. Adamas was bewitched, not by her beautiful face but by her heartfelt words. They strung a string deep inside Adamas and he truly felt that this NPC elf mother deserved so much more than he could give. At that moment he promised himself to return to her as much love as he could give. He wanted to reply to her so he opened his mouth and ended up mumbling the words, “I luv u mamma”

His mother gasped and covered her mouth. Tears were beginning to stream from her eyes and Adamas was worried he did something wrong until his pseudo mother said, “oh Adamas, I love you too, I’m so glad you said mamma…, oh my dear ,dear Adamas, I wish you would stay young and with me for a bit longer!!”


Mother’s Love:

Your mother’s love for you is so tremendous that she can’t bear to let go of you in 10 days. The gods have heard her prayers and now they offer a choice to you. Expand your growth period to a whole month instead of the 10 days and spend your time with your family.

Difficulty level: ???

Quest Requirments:
Spend first day without logging out until sleep.
Tell your mother “I love you mama” within 5 minutes of your first time walking.

Will you accept?




Wha… A quest already!? Too bad I’m going to have to refuse. Having to remain a kid for a whole month sounds too brutal. No way, I can put up with this from 20 more days.

As soon as Adamas was going to touch the “No” button, he caught sight of his mother still crying tears of joy and holding him close to her. Adamas sighed inside and quickly pressed “Yes”

You have accepted the quest!

I’m gonna regret this….

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