Chapter3: Alvernon & Father’s Pride

*Action* or *Sound*



You have accepted the quest!
Your growth period will be spread out from 10 days to a month (30 days)!
You are now able to roam the city alone as long as you make it back home in time for dinner!
You are now able to leave the city as long as you are with your father or mother!
You are now able to access your stats but they will be halved until you have grown!
You will be able to earn exp. points but they will not be added until you have grown!

Tch, I knew I would regret this. I have to be a child for 20 more days and I can’t level up until I’m fully grown. All my stats are halved, so I can’t really fight against monsters, and being allowed to leave the city early doesn’t really mean much if I’m weak and I have to drag one of my NPC parents along as well.. *sigh. Might as well make the best of the situation. On the upside I get free food and lodging for the whole month and maybe the reward will compensate me for all these setbacks.

After a long 10 minutes Elian finally managed to let go of Adamas, but only because her stew was boiling for too long. After Adamas was left alone to his own devices he headed straight to the stairs. Since he was too small to walk up, he had to crawl his way all the way to the top. When he finally finished climbing the 25 or so stairs he was extremely winded. It seems like he was still weak to do anything to extraneous.


    Stamina rises by one point (+1 STA)

Adamas was shocked by how quick he was able to gain a stamina stat point. He only had to climb some stairs! It took him a while to figure out that the weaker you are and the more extraneous activities you carry out, the easier it is to gain stat points. He tucked away his little nugget of information into the back of his thoughts and proceeded to wobble/run to the library. Opening the door was perhaps the most frustrating/infuriating task. Adamas could barely reach the doorknob and when he finally managed to touch the metal contraption he foundd himself on his butt because he was on his tiptoes for too long. After 11 tries, he finally managed to open the door.

Within the library there was only one small bookshelf with only three shelves and they were all within reach of Adamas. He counted only 12 books available. They were all as listed: Monster Encyclopedia, Magic for Noobs, Basic Swordfighting, Herbology, Elian’s Cooking Recipes, History of Alvernon, Floating Continents: Are They Real, Basic Blacksmithing, Tale of Lover’s Bond, The Hero’s of Old, Sewing and Cutting.

Adamas felt like he hit the jackpot. In any gaming world, information is always required, with it you would have a huge advantage over those who didn’t. Without it, you would be walking blind and be left behind by all the other players. Adamas took out History of Alvernon from the shelf and sat his little butt down on the floor with the book open to the first page in his tiny lap. Thankfully it was in human language, which looked perfectly like english. I wonder if this game also has an automatic language converter? He shook his head and quickly got rid of any distracting thoughts and began to read history. An hour later Adamas was still engrossed in the book when he heard his pseudo mother yelling out his name.

“Adamas!! Honey where are you!? Its time for your lunch!”

Adamas closed his book and dragged it along with him downstairs. On his way down he heard two notification chimes.


    Stamina rises by 1 point (+1 STA)
    Strength rises by 1 point (+1 STR)

He quickly closed them and landed on the ground floor (1st floor). His mother put her hands on her hip and shook her head at him.

“Young man, I looked everywhere for you and where do I see you come from? The second floor! What’s that in your hands?” Erian came closer and saw the book and its title. “Well I suppose books are good for young minds, but you are still to young to read my little dumpling. Children are not allowed to play with books, so please give it to mamma.” She raised her hand in preparation to snatch the book, but…

Ah dammit, I really need to finish this book today, I can’t waste anymore time since I’ll be growing at a slower pace than everyone else.

Adamas’s brain did a full mile sprint in 5 seconds thinking about what he could do to keep the book. He finally came to a decision and  shook his head while standing his ground. “No!” he yelled, “mine!”

Erian was genuinely startled. She never thought her sweet little son would rebel openly just because of a book, so she decided to let it be. “I see, well if you’re so adamant about it then I’ll let you keep it, but you better believe me young man when I say you will be giving me that book during bedtime.

Thank god that worked….

Erian led Adamas to his chair at the table and proceeded to feed him vegetable stew with some chicken on the side. Whilst feeding Adamas, Elian wore a nice bright smile as if feeding her child was the most enjoyable activity in the world. When Adamas finally portrayed to his pseudo mother that he was full (by shaking his head whenever food was offered), Erian put Adamas down and let him roam as he pleased.

First things first, let me finish learning about the history of this kingdom. After I’m done with this I’ll figure out what to do with the rest of my time before I have to go to sleep. The next four hours consisted of Adamas read History of Alvernon, and when he finally finished reading he had a general idea of what the situation was.

To sum it all up, Alvernon came into existence 2,000 years ago. But a 1,000 years before that time the world was in pandemonium. Each race was fighting for supremacy and resources were very limited, but the number one reason why every race were at each other’s throats was because of the inborn prejudice that the stronger races’ had towards the much weaker races. Most of the stronger races that despised the three weak races are still unknown to this day but some of them have been identified. One of them was named orcs, and another was called vampires. (Information about these 2 races are not available) The weaker races had no choice but to either run, hide, or work as slaves under the rule of the stronger races.

There were three races that were the weakest of them all in the world and the targets of every other races’ animosity. They were the humans, elves: dark elves, high elves, and wood elves; and the dwarves: mountain dwarves and wild dwarves. Before we talk about how these 3 weak races were able to resist the advances of the stronger races we should first understand their characteristics. First let’s start with the elves.

The history of how the elves came into existence is still a mystery that no one in Alvernon knows about, but we do know how the elves were divided into sub-races. Elves were a race that considered themselves the closest with nature. They would never dream of killing other creatures for game or selfish reasons. Whenever they hunted they would use every part of the creature’s body, and offer homage to the land goddess (name: unknown). Before the “time of Pandemonium” when elves came to existence there was only one type of elf. They were all known as the sub-race “Wood Elves”, one with nature and all loving. They were peaceful and their physical features were light coppered skin, pointy ears with black or brown eyes, and most of them have inverted triangle faces.

Whenever a wood-elf became corrupt by either killing indiscriminately, or by committing any type of wrongdoing they would go through a transformation that would darken their skin color, make them a bit taller, change their interpretation of time that would make them nocturnal, and their eyes would shine at night often mistaking them for demons. The name of this sub-race became known as “Dark Elves”

Whenever a wood-elf would go above and beyond by being courageous, honorable, and virtuous they would also undergo a transformation that would make them taller, lighten their skin color to an extremely light tone, and their eyes would change color into hues of blue, green, yellow, or purple. Their sub-race soon became to be known as high-elves. The high-elves were also known as the “Light-eyes”. They were considered the nobles of all the elven races while the wood elves were considered as commoners and the dark-elves were considered peasants or like most high-elves like to say: “cockroaches”. These transformations eventually stopped occurring after a very long period of time by which every sub race already had its own large population.

Next are the dwarves.

The history of how the dwarves came to existence is also unknown. Their characteristics are however very easy to comprehend. Dwarves are greedy creatures who have no satiable end to their desire for quality ore. They coveted any and every type of ore. Their love for construction and architecture is what drives them mad over every ore and as a result dwarves are known to be the best blacksmiths among all known races. But the dwarves also have sub-races.

Dwarves were all originally born mountain dwellers (aka mountain dwarves) mining, and crafting away their lives in the dark recesses of their mountain cities. However after a certain time which is not known, a certain group of dwarves ventured outside of the mountains in the morning like any other day in order to hunt for food when all of a sudden they discovered sky-ore. Sky-ore is a certain ore that falls from high up the sky, even farther than the eye’s can possibly see. Its durability was off the charts and it was deemed to be the hardest ore to smith with. There was a huge debate that day about whether or not it was beneficial to venture the lands in search of sky-ore and in the end the answer was yes.

And so the next day a huge group of dwarves left and at the same time they became the origin of the sub-race “wild dwarves” who would venture the lands in search of the rare ore (sky-ore). The only difference between wild and mountain dwarves is their heights and muscles. Wild dwarves are taller, between 4’7 to 5 feet, while mountain dwarves are between 3’8 to 4’2. The mountain dwarves would have extremely large chest and arms with their muscles bulging out, while the Wild Dwarves would indeed be cut but the chest and arm were small compared to those of the mountain dwarves. Instead they had bigger and stronger legs and thighs. In the end though the mountain dwarves began to seclude themselves away from other races including the wild dwarves. While the wild dwarves began to open up to the other races and were known for their hospitality.

Lastly are the humans.

The humans have been known to be many things. They really don’t have an overall characteristic that defines them. You could say that humans are a melting pot of everything. Hateful, loving, greedy, lustful, compassionate, supportive, courageous, and cowardly, humans are a swirl of everything. They are known to have been born with no special ability like the dwarves are born with their above average strength and the elves are born with their above average agility. But if humans had anything, it would be their limitless potential to accomplish the impossible. When humans have a clear goal in mind and endeavor to be the best they can, they can match hammers with any dwarven blacksmith and they can shoot just as far and precise as any elven archer.

The origin of the human race is alas, unknown just as the other three races, but their history is just as colorful. Riddled with diverse culture, unique fighting styles, and heroic aspirations the human race has never truly fought in wars with each other before the time of pandemonium. Despite having different skin color, features, and views, the humans would always stand united against the other more powerful races. Unfortunately despite their bravery and unity the humans were unable to overcome the waves of attacks from the other races just as the dwarves and elves were unable to stand-alone.

After going straight into battle against their enemies, the three weak races were crushed. Their armies destroyed and their cities in rubble the three races had no choice but live in hiding and constantly on the run like fugitives. The unlucky ones were caught under subjugation under the orcs, vampires and etc. The elves would hide in their forests, or either stay on the run. The dwarves would bunk down within their mountains and close off their entrances, even the wild dwarves went and hid within the mountains. The humans were always on the run but out of the three races they were the ones who were captured and enslaved the most.

The 3 race’s population quickly began to descend until finally the 7 heroes of old intervened. One from each sub-race and two from the humans, the 7 heroes united the 3 races and pushed back their enemies off their lands buying time for the 7 heroes to cast a mighty spell that enveloped the whole area now called the Galea continent. Till today it is not known how or what spell the 7 heroes casted in order to bring peace to Galea since they all disappeared soon after leaving no physical signs that they ever did exist. But thanks to them the 3 races were able to recuperate and lick their wounds.

A thousand years later the 3 races were able to somehow regain their numbers. This period was called the Convalescence and during this period each sub-race kept in constant communication with each other. After the Convalescence came to an end the sub-races met in the now capital city and joined hands in order to create the kingdom of Alvernon, but not everyone wanted the 3 races to unite. Those who were against the creation of the kingdom of Alvernon left and soon after many decades various kingdoms began to pop up around Alvernon. They were all racially secluded. Each kingdom were either strictly humans, elves, or dwarves. Alvernon on the other hand was a United Kingdom mostly in dedication to the bond the 7 heroes of old displayed before.

And so began the construction of the capital and the six great Threshold cities of Alvernon in remembrance of the seven heroes of old: Faraldew, the Wood-elves naturally made city; Sythiyin, the High-elves majestic city; Ithle, the Dark-elves crude but attractive night city; Irongar, the Mountain-dwarves tremendous mountain city; Kirtan, the Wild-dwarves colorful hut city; and Greenage, the Humans large sturdy city with its large stone walls. Finally, the last city and capital of the kingdom of Alvernon, Illumina. With the six cities surrounding the capital, the kingdom of Alvernon is the most strongest and stable kingdom on the continent Galea.

The next 2,000 years were fairly peaceful with a few skirmishes between the different kingdoms on the continent, and one major war between two opposing kingdoms that had nothing to do with Alvernon. The strength of Alvernon scared the surrounding kingdoms shitless. None of them had the power alone to attack, and they all distrusted each other too much in order to have a proper alliance. In the end Alvernon enjoyed 2,000 years of peace and prosperity. The only minor danger they had and still have today are the constant attacks on them by goblins and kobolds…

Woah, this back story of Alvernon is pretty deep, but I feel like there’s more to it than what’s written here. I’ll just have to research later on my own. Now then, I’m sure that the system dropped me in the Threshold city Greenage, so this must be where most of the humans are gathering…


    Intelligence rises by 1 point (+1 INT)
    Wisdom rises by 1 point (+1 WIS)


You have completed the book ” History of Alvernon”!
(+1 WIS)
(+1 INT)

Alight! Now I’m definitely sure I can gain any stat point depending on the action that I do. Let’s see how my stat points look like.

He whispered, “Show Stats,” and a screen appeared in front of his eyes.

Stat Window
Character name
Affinity to Nature
Magical Resistances
Dark: -5%
Light: 5%

Ugh, this hurts my soul. I’m unbearably weak! For now I should worry about getting my stats up as fast as I can!

The next 2 hours before dinner Adamas stuck his head in the “Magic for Noobs” book. He also gained 2 stat points in stamina and 2 more in strengths due to going up and down the stairs carrying a large book. He could barely get a fourth of the new book done when his father suddenly his father arrived at around 6, which usually meant it was time for dinner. Adamas quickly closed his book, and dragged it with him to the dinner table.”

While eating some rice with freshly steamed vegetables and cooked beef, Elian began telling Rand what Adamas did that day. Rand already saw that Adamas had grown about 2 years in one night before he left in the morning so he really wasn’t surprised when he heard his son could already walk.

As soon as Elian finished, she came close to Adamas and began rubbing her cheeks against his. Adamas just ignored her and tried to eat his dinner on his own by clumsily bringing the spoon to his mouth. The reason why Adamas was so concentrated on eating was because after the 10th spoonful of food that Adamas ate, somehow his dexterity went up by 1 stat point.

I can get stats just for eating!!! Holy Shit, I just hit a goldmine!!

Sadly Adamas had to eat 15 more spoonfuls for his dexterity to rise once more and by then he was already past full. He couldn’t eat another single bite, but the whole conversation between his pseudo parents went through one ear and out the other. He was too focused on eating.

Erian beamed at him with a smile thinking that her son was truly enjoying her food and she decided that starting tomorrow she would have Adamas accompany her whenever she did the cooking in order for him to learn. After all, every hero needs to learn how to cook for him or herself

“Look at him eat honey!! At the rate he’s growing, I should hurry up and start teaching him swordsmanship! He’ll definitely need it if he’s going to be like the hero’s of old!!”

“Honey!! One step at a time, and besides I have this strange feeling that he won’t be growing up as fast anymore, so we might have more time to spend with our little Adamas. Let his body grow some more before you decide to have him swing the wooden sword all day.”

*Haha “I guess I was getting ahead of myself, but I just have this feeling he’ll become a great swordsman darling. Uoooh!! This excitement is just unbearable!! I should go practice now in preparation, I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of my own son when I begin teaching him!”

Rand quickly got up and went straight into the backyard and began hitting at the wooden dummy at a really fast pace. Elian just smiled and shook her head as she watched her husband strike at the wooden dummy.

What the hell!! Do I attract crazy fighters? First my sister and now my freaking NPC dad!

The next two hours Adamas finally managed to get halfway through “Magic for Noobs” and he began to have a general idea of how mages would work their magic, but for now he really didn’t care for magic. Strictly speaking Adamas was a dual wielder and he wasn’t really interested in using magic, but it always helped to know how magic worked in NLR. (Adamas also gained 1 stat point in intelligence and wisdom) As soon as the clock on the wall reached 8:00PM Adamas began to feel sleepy and his mother Elian came and carried him upstairs to his room and laid him on his bed. As Adamas began to nod off he saw the usual message and he pressed yes!!

Adam awoke once again from NLR and stepped out of his capsule. He went straight to the kitchen to eat a late lunch when he caught sight of his family at the kitchen table. His mother and father sat side by side while his younger twin sisters were opposite of them talking instead eating. His older sister was sitting near the head of the table and an open spot was available opposite from her. They were already eating and chatting with considerable interest.

Adam quickly took his seat and the conversation at the table ended as everyone looked at him. His father broke the silence.

“Adam, I’m glad to see you enjoying NLR, but me and your mother want to discuss what you’ll be doing about college. You still have 3 months before school starts but you should be sending your applications now. What we want to know is which college you want to attend.”

“I’ve been thinking about it as well so I already sent in my application to both Loyola and Tulane university.” replied Adam

“Which one are you gunning for?” his mother asked

“It really doesn’t matter which school I attend since I only care about the VR major that only both of them have in the state.” Adam’s voice began to pick up in intensity as he got excited talking about his plans, “I’m really interested in the potential and benefits VR has and I’m 100% certain that diving into VR will be an everyday occurrence for every household in the world. INTERACT has this internship program for VR major students and hopefully I might be able to intern at INTERACT in Japan later on and maybe if I’m lucky I might be able to meet some members of UNVEIL.”

Adam’s mother sighed in relief; she thought that Adam’s recent setback was crushing all of his ambitions and excitement. If only she knew that she was half-right.

“Ah I see, well then I guess we have nothing to worry about” his father said in relief.

“Don’t worry dad, now that I’m here Adam won’t be able to slack off in anything”, his older sister Aria said with an evil smile directed straight at me. “Allie and Annie might be joining us tonight so make sure you don’t embarrass yourself in front of them.

That’s right, Adam Aria weren’t the only ones who practiced martial arts. Their younger twin sisters would sometimes join them, but they didn’t really take it as seriously as Adam or Aria. They would only practice the basics of hand-to-hand fighting.

Adam secretly sighed and looked towards his sisters. It’s been a long time since I cooked for them, much less anyone. I should make them peach pecan pie as an apology for ignoring them until now.

Adam couldn’t help but become curious as to how his two favorite sister were faring inside NLR so he asked.

“How are you guys enjoying NLR?”

His younger sister Allie quickly answered as if she couldn’t wait to talk to Adam.

“It’s so much fun!! Me and Annie both registered at the same time, we chose to be high-elves and then the lady in the capsule asked us if we wanted to be twins in NLR as well, she said it wouldn’t work unless we both agreed and when I said yes, the lady told me that Annie said yes too so we ended up being reborn as twin sisters. And then on the second day our NPC mother started teaching us how to use light magic and then our NPC dad started to lecture us about how to use the bow and why its the best weapon, and then our NPC mom took us outside to see the city which is soo beautiful and the-”

“Allie, slow down and take a breath or two, you’re talking too fast.” Annie said while laughing. Allie blushed and looked down in embarrassment. “Anyways, we’re having fun brother, what about you?”

Then Adam began to tell everyone at the table how he was holding up. The table was filled with laughter and plenty of talk that afternoon, and it left a good feeling within Adam’s chest

Yeah, if anything, I still have my family with me and they would never betray me.

After lunch, everyone went his or her separate way except for Adam and his mother. Adam helped his mother wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen table. It was the first time Adam ever washed dishes, which surprised his mom. It was a silent apology to his mother and an attempt to let her know that he was doing better now. By the way she smiled at him Adam was sure that she received his silent message and smiled in return. Adam was never good at telling his parents he loved them or saying anything from the heart after he grew up. It was even harder now after his debacle with Liam and Kandy, but he was still able to feel regardless of his silence.

Soon after Adam’s mother and him finished washing the dishes and cleaning the table, they sat down in the open veranda facing the dojo and his mom poured some tea into a cup and gave it too Adam. Once she finished pouring herself a cup of tea as well, they just sat there in silence sipping their tea. It was peaceful and relaxing. Every worry and heartache just disappeared from Adam’s mind and heart during those 30 minutes. Adam recalled the saying “Silence is golden” and felt like there was nothing more true.

His mother excused herself after the 30 minutes and walked away in order to go answer her phone. Adam was left alone staring at the sky. He was beginning to nod off himself from fatigue when his wristwatch alarm went off. He looked down at the RL time that read 00:30. In 30 minutes his avatar would wake up. Adam just continued to sit down until the timer went down to 00:05. He got up and walked slowly to his room and into the capsule. As soon as he went in the capsule, he had only 4 seconds left

“Yes” he answered when the capsule prompted him to connect to NLR.

~~~2 Days Later (RL)~~~ _____________________~~~8 Days Later (NLR)~~~
8 days have passes in-game and now Adamas is 6 years old. The past four days have been nothing but a constant cycle of reading books, being taught how to cook in-game by Elian, eating food and doing some exercises. He has managed to finish reading five books: Magic for Noobs, Flying Continents: Do They Exist, Tale of Lover’s Bond, Hero’s of Old, and Elian’s Cooking Recipes. At first his parents thought he was just turning the pages and looking at the pictures in the book but when they began to look closer they realized their son was indeed reading. They wondered how a kid of only 2 and a half years of age was able to read and understand the human language. After pondering on it for a while they just calked it up to Adamas being gifted by the gods with incredible scholarly skills.

His intelligence and Wisdom each increased by 15 points and his strength and stamina rose by 5. Oddly enough after eating plenty of his mother’s food for the past four days, his vitality also rose by 4. Adamas also learned the Cooking skill from his mother and he raised its proficiency up to Lvl. 4 (14%). Any type of sword training was prohibited by Elias. She said until Adamas grew up to an appropriate age, Rand would have to abstain from teaching any kind of swordsmanship to Adamas.

On the other hand In the real word Aria was definitely not holding back. After each morning and night practice Adam would leave with numerous bruises under his shirt. (Aria always said it would be a shame to scar Adam’s face so she restrained herself). Adam was going through a daily routine back on earth as well. In the morning he would log out from the game during sleep and practice 2 hours in the dojo, during lunch time he would eat and talk with his family while relaxing. At night he would go and practice in the dojo again for 2 hours after logging out, and at midnight he would just sleep in-game for 12 hours.

During the past two days Adam was slowly recovering from his emotional heartbreak. He was slowly but surely picking up the pieces of his heart that Liam and Kandy scattered, but unfortunately the emotional wounds inflicted would leave scars behind. Adam would never be the same. On the other hand his progress was met with much delight from his family, especially his sisters. They would always beg for Adam to cook their favorite pie (peach pecan pie) whenever they could get a chance. All in all Adam was getting better.

After the 10th day in NLR Adam logged out and headed towards to the kitchen. The past 2 days his parents have been logging out early missing out on their growth period in order to make breakfast/lunch/dinner for the family. During the end of their first day, the whole family decided to sync their times within NLR. Adam and the girls would arrive at the kitchen at around the same time since then and they’ve been greeting their parents already waiting at the table full of food. However today was different. When Adam and the girls arrived they saw their parents sitting in the same spot as yesterday, but right next to Adam’s mother a girl with dark maroon hair (obviously dyed), black eyes and unbelievably tanned skin. Her body was shaped proportionately just like an hourglass and her posture excluded a sense of dominance. She looked up as soon as they entered the kitchen and beamed them all with a bright smile. Adam’s mother Zaria (Zah-ria)

“Children. This is Lexi. Lexi these are all my children. Starting from the right: Aria, Adam, Allie, and Annie.”

“Nice to meet you all” Lexi cheerfully announced.

“Likewise” answered Adam
“Hello” Aria happily said
“Umm H-Hi” Allie stuttered”
“Nice to meet you as well” Annie intoned calmly

Lexi smiled at all of their greetings and made eye contact with all of them. As soon as her eyes met Adam’s though he couldn’t help but shiver. It felt like she was plotting a sinister plan when she smirked when their eyes met. Then his mother spoke up for them all to hear

“Lexi here is going to be attending Tulane university for the summer and the next four years. She just arrived from Chicago after a long drive. Her parents and I, along with your father, are good friends and so these past few days we have been communicating about her staying in one of our guest rooms while she’s attending. Unless of course she decides that she wants to move into Tulane’s residential dorms.”

“Mrs. Abalten, You family is already beginning to grow on me and your house is a beautiful work of art. It would be a privilege to be able to commute to my classes from here.”

“Oh! well then that settles it. After dinner Adam will help you take your stuff from the truck and unpack it in your room!” yelled his father in delight.

What a pain, I really don’t want too. Adam could care less about helping, but he had a feeling that he should keep his interactions with Lexi at a bare minimum.

Aria could sense Adam’s hesitation so she interrupted everyone, “Why don’t you leave it to me, dad. A girl has secrets that only other girls can see when unpacking, Adam can just move the her stuff into the house. ”

“That works too,” her mother added, “now, let’s all sit down and dig in.”

During lunch the twin girls couldn’t help but ask about Lexi and where she came from. They complimented Lexi on her make-up, and how they wished they were that good at applying it themselves. “Blah blah blah” was all Adam heard as he ate. Listening to girls talk about their accessories, make-up, and clothes didn’t really interest him so he just zoned everyone out.

“‘-dam, Adam, Adam!!”

Adam jerked up right and looked around, “Y-Yes, what’s up?”

“Obviously you were! Had to call your name six times before you came back to all of us here on planet earth.” Aria said rather vehemently, “I was telling Lexi about how you applied to both Loyola and Tulane. Lexi was asking whether you decided on which college to attend, she apparently has the same major as you. You did get an acceptance letter from both Tulane and Loyola yesterday.”

Adam glanced at Lexi and she smiled at him. She was cute. Too cute Her mannerism was proof of her rich upbringing and her eyes were like that of a predator stalking its prey whenever they met his own eyes. Adam knew at that moment she would be nothing but trouble. Adam decided right then and there, “Oh, I’ll be attending Loyola.”

Lexi pouted sadly when she heard Adam’s answer, “Oh, that’s a pity. I was hoping we could go to class together, but I guess I’ll have to start attending all my classes alone.” She ended her sentence in a low and sad tone. Her appearance was that of a really dejected and disappointed girl. Like when parents refuse to buy their children candy and they get really disappointed with sadness written all over their face.

Adam’s mother and father couldn’t help but feel sorry for Lexi, so they turned their attention towards Adam and his father began talking.

“Adam, didn’t you say a while ago that it didn’t matter which of the two universities you wanted to attend? So why did you pick Loyola all of a sudden?”

Adam was hard pressed for an answer. Everyone’s attention was now on him and he had to think of a reasonable response quickly so he just went with what he remembered seeing at the university’s website.

Uh, B-Because of the tuition. Tulane’s tuition is an astronomical (exaggeration) compared to Loyola’s so I thought it would be much easier for you all to cover the extra that my scholarship can’t pay for if I attend Loyola.

“Adam”, his mother began, “you should know that we spare no expense when it comes to education, so if you’re attending Loyola because of the costs please reconsider. We want you to get the best education possible, and going with someone who you know who has the same Major is a big plus.”

“Yes son, forget money, when it comes to school, we’ll handle it. Just go ahead and attend Tulane. I heard it has better curriculums to offer than Loyola.”

Adam could only lament in silence. Of course they don’t care about money, dammit, should’ve came up with a better excuse

“So, that means Adam might be able to attend Tulane with me?” Lexi said in a rather suppressed tone that supposedly hid her excitement.

“I don’t see why not” his mom said
“Of course” his dad bellowed

Then Lexi looked at Adam and smiled showing her teeth. To the whole family it looked like a smile of pure delight and excitement but to Adam it looked like a vixen showing her victory smile. He could only shiver.

She’s too dangerous. Best if I watch myself around her.

And so it was decided unanimously that Adam would attend Tulane. Aren’t I supposed to decide!! After lunch Adam was spared from unpacking Lexi’s stuff from her moving truck (which was also towing her Audi A5 2025) because she had already called in movers to transport all of her belongings to her new room. Once the movers began their way to her room he spotted some of them carrying a capsule as well.

Huh, It looks like she plays NLR as well.

(Adam’s family house)

Adam went up to his room, shut the door, and dropped on his bed to take a nap. From the day he started NLR, he hasn’t really gotten a good night’s sleep. The past two days, he’s been sleeping NLR which is in fact satisfying, but RL sleep is still way better. So whenever he gets the chance, aside from training with his sister, he would always take a nap.


Adam’s wrist watch alarm was ringing out loud in his room. Adam woke up with weary eyes and looked down at his wrist watch:
RL: 00:04
NLR: 00:16

He walked over to his restroom and washed his face to completely wake up and used a towel to dry himself off. He walked and slowly entered his capsule. “Yes” he said out loud before the voice could say the whole question and his world went white.

Adamas slowly opened his eyes and saw that it was still early in the morning from the light coming from his window room.


First 10 Days are Over!!
Your growth period still has 20 more days left due to a quest, but you will now be able to decide when and how long you want to sleep in order to log out without missing out on the rest of your growth period.

Adamas smiled bitterly, and sighed to himself. He went downstairs to greet his NPC mother and possibly help her with breakfast like he has been doing the past 8 days, but what he saw instead was his NPC father standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him.

“You’re finally awake Adamas, I was about to give up and wait until tonight. Anyways, grab the basket on the table and follow me.”

WIthout another word he began walking out the backyard door. Adamas quickly caught up to him and asked him:

“Where has mother gone?”

“She went out to the morning market.”

His father’s reply was straight and to the point. His father would always joke around and kid with Adamas but know he seemed serious and angry.

“I-I see” replied Adamas. He didn’t know what else to say since his father took on the “strict leader role” so he kept on following his NPC father in silence.

When Rand finally stopped Adamas found that they were now standing in front of the wooden dummy and two wooden swords were leaning against it.

“Pick up a sword and begin hitting the dummy and don’t stop until I say you can….. If you understand say yes sir!” his father yelled.

This caught Adamas by surprise so he quickly stuttered out loud:

“Y-Yes Sir!”

Adamas picked up both swords but before he could begin his father’s voice interrupted him. “What are you doing, I said “a sword” not “the swords”.”

Adamas turned around and explained, “I have a feeling that I might be able to perform better by wielding both swords father.”

Rand frowned and decided to let it go. If his son truly felt that he could do better with both swords, then why not let him try it out. After getting a nod from his father Adamas began to strike at the wooden dummy. It was a new feeling to him. Before he would strike against thin air, opponents, and sometimes he would practice on a thick tall piece of wood. Striking at a wooden dummy was a first. He tested out the hardness of the dummy with some slashes and stabs and when he determined the durability he began to go all out.

Adamas started dancing around the dummy. He was executing an all out attack with no defense. His slashes would produce loud crackling sound and his stabs would let out a hard thudding sound. His dance was majestic. He would mix up his slashes with upper and lower ones, and his stabs were always aimed at either the neck or armpits. His slashes would always target the backs of the dummies knees, its chest, and the backs of its elbows. He would sometime use the momentum of his weapons rebound to turn and deliver even harder and deadlier strikes. Sometimes in the middle of an attack Adamas would change the grip of his left sword to a reverse and begin a new set of combos that relied more on slashes than stabbings. It was like a game to Adamas. He would try to think of all the stances he knew and execute them in different various chains. In other words Adamas was having fun and he was beginning to anticipate fighting against enemy monsters.

“Stop!” His father yelled.

Adamas quickly finished off his last attack and stepped back with both wooden swords at the ready pointing towards the ground. He looked at his father only to discover him smiling happily.

“By the gods son, you have genuine god-given talent for the sword and I can’t help but feel proud right now. Have you generated the sword mastery yet?”

Sword Mastery? What is he talki-

Adamas suddenly saw in the corner of his vision that he had 7 notifications pending so he slide the little circle notification that was only visible to him and they all popped up in front if his eyes.

Agility rises by 2 (+2 AGI)
Strength rises by 1 (+1 STR)
Vitality rises by 1 (+1 VIT)
You have learned a new passive skill: Sword Mastery!
New stat: Sustenance
    You are likely to use less stamina in action. You are prohibited from distributing stat bonus points to this stat.
      Sword Mastery Beginner Lvl 0 (89%)
      Increases attack power with a sword (+10 % pr level at beginner)
    Increases attack speed with a sword (+3 % pr level at beginner)

Adamas’s mouth was wide open, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“How is this possible father, I’ve only been hitting the dummy for about an hour.”

“An hour? My boy, you’ve been at it for a bit more than 6 hours! And it usually takes about 3 days of training for adults to learn sword mastery. The only reason you learned it sooner than most is because you are still in your growth period, and during this period you are able to learn and gain skills at 3 times the pace it take for a full grown adult.”

Whaa- 3x faster. Holy shit. It turned out to be a good quest after all!! YES!!

“Thank you for your guidance father, it was only under your great tutelage that I was able to learn Sword Mastery.” Adamas saluted as his father taught him. (Right fist over heart).

Rand beamed at his child in delight and bathed under his son’s compliment before deciding that now was as any good a time as ever.

“Adamas, you have shown great promise and I can’t help but acknowledge your prowess with the sword. If you continue your training until you reach the age 12, I will bring you along with me to the watchtower towards the border where me and my men will subjugate the goblins. So what do you think son, You up for it?”


Subjugate the Goblins!Your father is impressed by your swordplay and has high hopes for you! Continue your training everyday (4 hours a day) and grow stronger. By the time you reach the age 12 your father will take you on his monthly campaign against the goblin menace at the border.

Difficulty Level: E

Quest Requirements:
Be the son of Rand Mason.
Impress Rand with your swordplay and learn Sword Mastery under 8 hours.

Strong iron sword

Will You Accept?



Adamas held back his excitement and replied, “It would be an honor father”.



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Just wanna write about what I always daydream when I'm sitting in class bored staring at the ceiling or on my way back home on the crowded public bus. Imagination grows off my boredom, and now its grown to the point where I'll forget it all unless I get it on paper or in this case, on a blog. Hope you Enjoy.
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