Chapter4: Training Start

Pictures of what Erian, and Rand somehow look:
Erian, but with Blonde hair & golden eyes.

*Action* or *Sound*

You have accepted the quest!

“Haha, good, good. that’s my boy!” Rand said with a deep throaty chuckle. He looked at Adamas with pride and he wore it all over his face. “Dual swordsmanship, haha this will certainly turn out to be interesting. You must always remember though son to keep pace with your training and never cease to learn. Soon before you realize it you shall be stronger than most warriors. Now then let’s hurry on home so I can show your mother that I was right and you were indeed ready to start training.”

Adamas was beginning to feel the aftereffects of his reckless overexertion. His adrenaline rush was now receding and his arms and legs were quickly starting to feel like jelly. His satiety and stamina bars were both dangerously low in the red and his breathing was ragged. Once he thought about how he, a young boy, was practicing for 6 hours non-stop he couldn’t help but shiver with dread. He was lucky he didn’t just pass out over fatigue and even more lucky he didn’t die over hunger. What he just accomplished was only a few steps short of suicide and because he was feeling enervated both mentally and physically he had to think twice more about what his NPC father had just said.

“Wait… Mom didn’t give you permission,” uttered Adamas in surprise when he finally recognized the full implication of what his NPC father had just said. When his father just shook his head and replied nonchalantly with a “Nope” Adamas started to sweat bullets. Elian’s anger was not to be tested. Never. Once Adamas refused to give her a book he was reading because it was “bedtime” she literally flicked him in the forehead with an air bullet that shaved his health down to 5 hit points and made him pass out for the whole night without being able to log out. Thenceforth Adamas has never disobeyed Erian. Now here he was, an accomplice to his father’s crime, and the main perpetrator in question was smiling without a care in the world, or that’s what Adamas thought. If he took the chance to look closer he would’ve spotted the unusual twitch at the edges of his father’s supposedly carefree smile.

Adamas was scared shitless when they entered the kitchen and they could see Elian humming while placing lunch at the dining table. She was currently dressed up in a purple summer dress and over it she had a golden frilly apron. Erian was moving a sharp kitchen knife in her hand cutting the cooked fish on the table into small pieces when she asked without looking up in a cheerful voice, “Adamas, Rand, where have the both of you been. I was looking forward to making lunch with Ady but you took him away from me Rand.” She pouted sadly.

Ady was the nickname she came up with for Adamas after he had accepted the quest, “Mother’s Love.” Ever since then Elian has stuck to him like glue. She would constantly ask Adamas to help her with lunch and she would always talk to him with the goal of teaching him how to talk. He played along and repeated the words she said making it seem like he was indeed learning. As a result he gained (+2 INT). Even when he was reading his book there was no escape from Elian. She would always insist on reading along with him and once Adamas finally caved in to her pressure, he found himself sitting in her lap with her holding the book up for both of them to read. That’s why Rand was now struggling to find the right words in order to convince his son-obsessed wife that he just let their son practice the sword without her permission.

“Ahem, yes about that honey, you won’t believe what happened today as I took our son outback to test his sword skills in order to gauge his ability with the swo-”

*Zoom* -> *Thud*

Adamas heard a thud sound and at the same time he couldn’t hear his father finish what he was saying. Once he realized his father wasn’t going to continue, he slowly turned his head and found a kitchen knife embedded in the post right beside his father’s cheek. The knife’s edge was almost half a centimeter away from touching Rand’s skin. Adamas couldn’t get an exact measurement because he was scared stiff still after seeing his father’s expression. Rand’s face was pale from fear and before he could get another word out Elian said rather calmly.

“Sword? Did I just hear you say you went out back and let Adamas swing a “sword”? Because if you did,” Erian looked up and put her hands on her hips, “then you’ll be sleeping in the guest room for the whole month.”

Adamas didn’t know how it was possible but Rand’s face went from pale to deathly white. Ah, that sounds pretty rough, poor guy’s gonna be best friend with his own hands for a whole month. Adamas thought it was time he gave his dad a way out so he went ahead and spoke up.

“Mother, father is not in the wrong here. I was the one who insisted father teach me how to handle the sword and thanks to his guidance I have managed to learn Sword Mastery in only 6 hours mother.” When arguing or persuading Adamas would always talk properly and use “mother” instead of “mom” to show his parents that he was indeed serious, “So please forgive father this once mother.”

Erian looked a bit surprised than she quickly covered it up and said in a stern tone. “Adamas, you know that I forbade you from touching the sword until your body has grown a bit more and you still disobeyed me…… But since you’ve already started I don’t suppose I could stop you. Once your training had begun it was already impossible for me to stop you. On the other hand, you still blatantly disobeyed my command so from now on you will be preparing lunch with me everyday and you’ll have to come with me to pick the herbs and vegetables from the garden.”

Punishment? She’s just taking advantage of the situation to have me spend more time with her!!*sigh* Oh well, it’s not like I hate having her around.

“Yes, of course mother” Adamas replied dutifully.

Rand let out a huge sigh of relief and went to hug his wife, but she slipped away from him at the last second. “Don’t think that I’m letting you off Rand. You had a part in this as well, so you will be staying in the guest room for the next week.”

Rand froze and let his head hang down in disappointment.

Hang in there dad, its only for a week.

Lunch was uneventful. Rand was in a depressing mood and he was eerily silent. Erian wouldn’t stop putting food on Adamas’ plate urging him to eat more so he could grow up to be strong. He was extremely hungry so he didn’t hold back. When Erian saw how enthusiastically he was eating she couldn’t help but ruffle his black red tinted hair (view my avatar for example).

When Adamas’s virtual stomach couldn’t handle another bite, he politely laid down his fork and excused himself from the table. Before he could take a step away from the table though, his father spoke up and stopped him in his tracks.

“Son, before I forget, I’ll go ahead and hand you these right now.”

Rand handed Adamas two silver band bracelets with black inscriptions and 2 silver band anklets with the same black inscription. The anklets were a bit thinner, almost like a small loose chain except that it was sturdy with a fixed shape. Adamas was caught unexpected from the sudden gift his NPC father imparted onto him so he quickly accepted them and listened to his father’s explanation.

“They’re magical weights for your training. They are magically enhanced so that whenever you wish to increase/decrease more weight you must only tap the small black dot underneath besides the clasp 3 times and speak how many kg you want them to weigh. At the moment they are set at 1/2 a kilogram each and they shall always increase/decrease by however kg you want. Since your body composition is small and you’re still developing I’ve locked the ability to increase your weights until you have grown up. I will however increase them myself if I deem you fit to take on more. Even though I know that you are surprisingly level-headed, and strong for a child of your age, it is still better to be safe than sorry. I don’t want your mother to kick me out of the house next because I failed to keep you safe during your training, isn’t that right honey?”

Erian responded towards Rand’s comment was a “hmph” and a turn of her head to the right with her chin up. With her arms crossed, Erian’s pose seemed to say “I still haven’t forgiven you, so I won’t be talking to you”.

Rand just shook his head in helplessness with his ponytailed black hair moving in the opposite direction and turned once more to Adamas.

“Why not look at their stats for an apt description son, I’ve already unlocked their values to you so you shouldn’t need the skill identify.”

Training weights huh, that brings back some unpleasant memories of Aria. But these look really stylish

Adamas quickly looked at the bracelets together with the anklets and clicked on their description button which was unlocked thanks to his father.

Black Gravity Armaments: Bracelets & Anklets (Set Item) {Unique}

Silver bracelets and anklets that were forged as a set by an expert arcane blacksmith who has the ability to engrave magical enhancements onto his creations. The “gravity core” inscription allows the user to increase/decrease the weight of the bracelets and anklets by however kg the user wants. Some bonus effects were applied thanks to the blacksmith’s devotion towards the Mason family.

Durability: 500/500Maximum weight per bracelet/anklet is 100kg

When both bracelets and anklets weigh the same you are able to use item-skill gravity field.

Gravity Field:
*Only those of the Mason blood are allowed to use this item-skill
-Can only apply to one opponent and lasts for only 10 seconds.
-Total weight of gravity field is determined by total weight of armaments/20kg
-Can only be used 3 times a day.
-Cool down period of 5 minutes

Level Requirement:None

Baffled. That’s the only word that could describe how Adamas felt when he read the description of the set item. Adamas was no stranger to MMORPGs and he knew that unique items are so coveted by players that some wouldn’t hesitate to obtain them by spend thousands of RL money. And now one of them just happens to be handed over to him by his NPC father.

I feel like something bad is going to happen soon if I keep on getting this lucky….

Before he could think about all the possible bad scenarios that could happen soon, his father spoke up.

“Since old Danious was the one who created these armaments, the end result exceeded my expectations. I only wished for some gravity training armaments but since he’s still an old delusional man with thoughts of grandeur he ended up going far and beyond and created what you’re holding now.”

Adamas bowed his head and said in a clear voice, “Thank you father and please thank Danious on my behalf.”

Rand laughed softly and slapped gently grabbed Adamas’s shoulder and looked him in the eye.

“Thank us by making good use of them and I’ll be sure to pass on your thanks to old Danious”

Adamas looked up into Rand’s eyes and he couldn’t believe how life-like his NPC father looked in that moment. His eyes were so full of emotion that Adamas’s sense of reality was losing against the virtual world. NLR is too amazing.

Adamas had to reconsider how he should act towards his NPC parents. They have their own personalities and are capable of thought so they deserve to be treated like sentient beings. I should stop referring to them as NPC and start viewing them as “inhabitants” of this world. After re-establishing how he would act towards the inhabitants of NLR henceforth Adamas nodded towards his father and replied.

“Yes father. I shall not disappoint” He then saluted his father and went to the living room.

There was however one detail that piqued Adamas’s interest when he viewed his item’s stat and it was the fact that the blacksmith seemed to be working under the “Mason” family. He already figured his father’s surname when he received his quest but he never thought his father’s family would be capable of having servants. Adamas filed away the information for a later time when he would surely ask his father about his “heritage”. Meanwhile Adamas equipped his armaments and felt a total of 2 kg weighing him down.

Elian began to move around the kitchen carrying the dishes to the counter in order to wash them by using the magically enhanced sink. To sum it up quickly the magical sink is connected to the man-made underground water reservoir. Magic sucks up the water (advanced automatic wind magic) through the pipes until it reaches the sink faucet. The water then proceeds to be used to clean the dishes and once it passes through the sinkhole ,it is magically filtered by the filter gimmick attached to the sinkhole which basically purifies the water once more. The purified water then goes through another pipe that is connected to the reservoir in order to fill it back up resulting in an endless supply of water. (The filter has to be cleaned once every week.)

Just like the magical sink every other daily household activity uses the latest magical technology in order to make life better just like science is used in the RL.

When Elian finished up all of the kitchen chores she went upstairs and returned, she called out to Adamas who was already sitting down on one of the couches reading the Herbology book. Since he was going to help out Elian pick up some herbs and vegetables, he thought he might as well gain some knowledge about it. So far, it was all gibberish to Adamas. Most of the herbs were alien to him, while some he may have heard from his father. The process of removing herbs were a bit more understandable but it varies for each type while the tools used were all basically the same.

“Ady, I also have something to present to you.” Erian said cheerfully. She was jealous of how Rand made Adamas happy so she decided to do the same and hand over his gift even if it was a bit too soon.

She then handed over a super lightweight bag that every player gets in regular mmorpgs. “This is the bag that the church members started handing out to all the families with any “destiny” children in order to give to you when you grow up in 10 days so I decided to hand it over even though you are still a child. Now these are from me.”

She then proceeded to show Adamas some clothes. A silver tight undershirt that looked like it was made from super hard leather but extremely thin, a black shirt that had silver designs running along the arm, a strange-looking sign near the heart and silver black laces instead of buttons near the top. She also had black pants/trousers that looked and felt like khakis with some silver designs running along the whole cloth but were extremely resilient. On the floor near her feet were black boots with silver patterns as well. Lying on the shoes were two black gloves with the same silver sign that was embroidered on the shirt.

“Since I knew you would be going out soon to explore the city I decided to make you some clothes in order to protect you from anything that could harm you. With your unusually fast growth the clothes will only fit you for the next 10 days since they can stretch. By then I’ll make you some new ones. If you were wondering why i chose the colors and this sigil then you should know that the Mason’s colors are silver and black and our sigil is the large sword with two dragons biting the shield in the middle. Here,why not try them on now.

(Sigil. Imagine a small shield instead of the gem)

After receiving his clothes multiple windows began to pop out.

Silver Leather Undershirt:

Made by an expert tailor this undershirt is as hard as any conventional leather armor but as thin as any other leather shirt.

Defense: 20

Durability: 100/100

Level Requirement: None

Fine Black Mason Shirt

Finely made by an expert tailor, this shirt is made up of elemental material that resists fire, freezing and lightning. The Mason family sigil located on the shirt also adds a bonus affect.

Fire Resist: 10%
Freezing Resist: 10%
Lightning Resist: 10%

Durability: 80/80

+10% Agility

Level Requirement: None

Fine Black Trousers

Finely made trousers produced by an expert tailor.



Level Requirement: None

Black Mason Gloves

Made by an expert tailor. The Mason family sigil adds a bonus effect towards the user.


Durability: 50/50

+10% Attack power only with sword(s)

Level Requirement: None

Black Leather Boots

Finely made boots that were produced by an expert tailor. Are extremely comfortable and durable

Defense: 5
Agility: +2

Durability: 100/100

Level Requirement: None

Adamas quickly read then closed the windows and threw his mother a hug in his excitement and voiced out his thanks, “Thank you mom! I don’t know what to say, their incredible. I’m just so lucky that you’re my mother.”

Erian smiled and hugged her son back. She could barely make her son show affection towards her and she knew this was a rare moment so she reveled in it as much as she could. “Your welcome Ady.” Adamas wanted to disengage from the hug but his NPC mother held him tight so he decided to let her indulge in the moment and remained in her embrace. She finally let him go to allow him to try on the new clothes.

When Adamas finished wearing his new looking clothes in his room he looked at himself and thought that he looked pretty cool. He was currently 45 inches tall (114.3cm) and 52 pounds plus the two kg from the armaments. (23.5868kg + 2kg) He looked almost exactly as he did when he was young in RL. Except for his muscle mass which was a lot less when he was a kid in RL and the sharp features and ears that came along with being a half-elf. Adamas felt like he was looking through a window into the past while he was staring in the mirror. When he finally got enough of himself Adamas went downstairs and presented himself to his mother who smiled and quickly hugged him yet again rubbing her face against his while saying “so cute” repeatedly.

When Elian finally got enough of Adamas she declared to him.

“Tomorrow we shall begin to gather herbs from the garden, why don’t you go outside and explore for a while. I have just realized you’ve never been past the yard. Just make sure to make it back in time for dinner.”

Out of no where Rand, who was sharpening a sword by the entrance of the backyard, spoke up.

“Honey, the boy has never gone out to the center of the city before. Why not hand him some dinner for his small trip and allow him to spend the night and the whole day tomorrow exploring. You know how far he must go, it would be unfair to expect him home for dinner when he has a whole city to explore.”

City? Aren’t we in it? Wait, I was too busy thinking at the time but when Rand took me out to practice I couldn’t see another house for miles… So then where are we?

Elian responded with the usual “hmph” towards her husband but her facial expression gave away her considering look. She was obviously struggling on whether or not it was a good idea to let Adamas roam free for the next 24 hours so Adamas gave her gentle push. He wanted out to roam the lands alone. It was something he always wanted to do in RL and right now this was the next closest thing possible. He also wanted to know why they weren’t in the city so he worded his next sentence meticulously

“Mother, I will make sure to be careful and besides aren’t we safe inside Greenage.”

Erian wore a thoughtful expression for a while longer until finally she seemed to have come to a decision and stated sternly.

“I’ll allow you to miss dinner tonight and the next two days, afterwards we’ll begin gathering herbs and vegetables, but you must promise me to stay on the road when you go to the city. You see Ady, Greenage isn’t just a normal city, it’s the largest city with its walls surrounding not only the suburban area but the farms and a vast expanse of land. While it is true that in Greenage one will not encounter monsters out in the open, but it is still possible to encounter secret dungeons within Greenage and those dungeons house monsters. These monster will never leave the dungeons since they know the soldiers of Greenage will quickly dispatch them, but anyone who enters them will be fair game to the monsters inside. There are also rumors of monster staying near the entrance and attacking any animal or person who walk by. The monsters who reside in these dungeons are thought of to be weak, and no one has discovered otherwise, but Ady, your weak as well now, so I shall not allow you to diverge from the road on your way to the city. The South-East road is the safest path to the city and you following it will put my mind at ease.”


Mother’s Love Quest Update:

You are allowed to miss dinner with your family today and the next two days only if you heed your mother’s warning and stick to the South-East road on your way to the city. Any divergence from the road will result in the failure of the Mother’s Love quest.

Adamas quickly closed the update and reassured his mother.

“Of course mother. I shall remain on the road during my trip to the city.”

Erian smiled and handed over a full canteen of water and a basket full of sandwiches. Adamas put them both in his bag. Rand then came up and handed Adamas a short iron sword and 20 silvers.

Short Iron Sword:

Durability: 40/40
Damage: 8-10

Basic short iron sword mainly used by beginners.

STR 5+
VIT 5+

“The iron sword is for protection. While monster may not be able to harm you within Greenage, people like us are another story. Consider the twenty silvers as your trip money, you’ll need it for a room in the city and do whatever you want with the rest. Oh and before I forget, why don’t you stop by the training center while you’re in the city. My friend Grant is one of the instructors there, tell him I sent you and he might be able to give you some tips.”

When Rand finished talking he shot a look full of uncertainty at the sigil embroidered on Adamas’s shirt but he quickly covered it up with a smile. Adamas hugged his NPC mother and kissed her on the cheek with a goodbye. He also saluted his NPC father once more and said thanks to both his NPC parents. “I’ll be back.” he spoke up from the doorway as he left.

Adamas quickly took the South-East road leading to the actual Greenage city. He promised his NPC mother that he would stay on the road and he also didn’t want to lose his quest so thoughts of wandering off never popped up. The valley was wide and long with grass swaying in the wind. At a distance to his left he could see a farmhouse with rising smoke coming from the chimney and on his right he saw a river flowing right along the road. It was a beautiful day and the smell in the air was clean with no pollution.

Man I wish it was like this back in RL, it’s terrible that with everything the earth has provided us we’ve only managed to repay it with constant pollution.

Adamas always hated crowded cities like New York and his birthplace New Orleans. His family was the same which is why they moved to Metairie (15 min. away from NOLA) when he was young and bought a huge expanse of land where they built the current house they’re living in. Since then his family would always have to wake up early to get to places but it was all worth it.

Just like that Adamas was jogging for 30 minutes while thinking back to when they moved to their current home when suddenly he heard a low pitch gurgling sound from the cluster of trees to his right. He stopped and looked over to where the sound originated. He then heard some scraping noises soon after.

What is that. Sounds like something is being dragged.

The scraping noise continued to fade away until nothing was heard after. Adamas took out his sword and marked both sides of the road with an infinity sign in case he ever had time and wanted to discover what the noise was about. When Adamas was sure the sign couldn’t be erased by any natural phenomenons he decided to continue his journey when all of a sudden he came to a halt once more.

I have a strange feeling that something unlucky is going to happen and the landmark isn’t gonna last…

So Adamas stood there looking around trying to memorize the scenery in order to remember where the noise originated from. When Adamas was satisfied he once again continued his journey south-eastward towards the city.

It took Adamas about 2 hours of jogging from his house to finally reach the city which was also surrounded by tall walls. During those two hours he gained a +2 stat point in stamina and strength and a +3 in agility. On the other hand the road was no longer his only companion. An hour back when the road Adamas was traveling joined with the main road more and more people were beginning to appear on the road. Some wagons passed by and sometimes he would see a group of cavalry soldiers otherwise known as knights pass by. When Adamas finally arrived, 12 or so guards at the gate were patrolling and inspecting wagons, 2 of them spotted him and one of them left behind the other and proceeded to stop him by holding out his hand.

When the guard saw that it was only a child, he felt funny for what he was going to ask, but rules were rules. They had to always interrogate those who bear weapons when entering the city.

“Halt! State your name, place of origin and purpose for visiting the fair city of Greenage”

Adamas knew his father was in the army and he decided it might be a good idea to mention his family name alongside his own. He quickly performed a salute and answered.

“My name is Adamas Mason, I hail from my family home to the north-west of here, and I am here to further enhance my training.”

The opposing guard reacted with a return salute before he could catch himself, and grumbled in anger for returning a salute that was meant for his superiors until he heard Adamas’s last name.


    Leadership rises by one point (+1 LEA)

Why did i get a leadersh-


Before he could finish asking himself the guard suddenly yelled.

The guard’s face contorted in fear as he began to recognize the sigil on Adamas’s shirt and quickly apologized. “Excuse me for my rudeness my lord, I had no idea you were Captain Rand’s son.”

my lord? Who the hell is Rand!! All thoughts of the leadership stat disappeared.

“Um, don’t worry about it, you were only doing your job sir.”

The guards face sagged in relief. “Right, of course my lord, please come and enter. Welcome once more to Greenage.”

“You can drop the “my lord” title, it make me uncomfortable.” Rand replied automatically.

“Of course my lo- I mean, of course sir.”

Adamas sighed to himself and began walking towards the gate. On his way through the gate Adamas nodded to the other unassuming guard who was ignorant of what occurred between Adamas and his comrade. The guard, not close enough to recognize the sigil just nodded back and turned his gaze to the vast lands beyond. When Adamas looked up at the walls earlier he realize that there wasn’t that many guards keeping watch on the city. He assumed it was because most of them were either on the outer wall or at the various watchtowers at the border of Aldernon. His father did tell him Greenage was the closest to the nation’s border. As soon as Adamas passed the gates of the city his thoughts of the border quickly vanished.

Loud, aromatic, crowded, and beautiful. Those were the four words that came to mind as soon as Adamas laid eyes on what was inside the inner walls of the city. Some wagons were being parked by the side at a large stable like building. The wagons would be parked under a large pavilion and the many horses would be kept in various stalls at the large stable. When combined the pavilion and stables looked like a medieval taxi center. The wagons that didn’t stop continued on inside the city. To the left various peddlers were advertising their wares trying to gain some profit before they departed off to the other cities. They were selling food, items, and whatever anyone could think of. The food smelled delicious attracting hungry newly arrived customers and the items sparkled in the sun catching the gaze of many armed people who weren’t soldiers.

The houses and stores on the sides were mostly made out of sturdy bricks and the architecture wasn’t anything fancy but it had an appealing look when you looked at the buildings side by side. It was all orderly. Some buildings were different but in the end they were all made up of the same material. Just as Adamas was standing around enjoying the view someone suddenly pushed him from behind.

The gate was crowded with people leaving and entering, pushing Adamas deeper into the city. He was beginning to panic when the crowd wouldn’t disperse and continued clogged up down the street. Adamas was always uncomfortable with crowds and he hated them even more when it was a bunch of people he didn’t know. He struggled left and right trying to escape from the human stamped but it was all effortless. Releasing his fate to the flow of people Adamas stopped struggling and just walked/jogged with the crowd.

15 minutes later the crowd finally began to disperse and Adamas took his chance to quickly roll away, which confirmed his escape but also resulted in him bumping into someone else. 10 hit points were gone just like that. He quickly stood up and faced his victim and apologized.

“Ah, I-I’m sorry please forgive me, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

The person who was at the end of the bowling ball (aka Adamas) slowly picked herself up and replied, “It’s okay, I only lost a few hit points. It’s not like I died or anything.”

Once the victim stood up at full height she was about 5’8 (172.72cm). She had a rather large chest, slender legs and a buttocks that popped out a bit. Her hair was fiery red with purple eyes and her beautiful mature face looked familiar but Adamas couldn’t quite remember. Her clothes and equipment were obviously those of someone who belonged in the melee department. She had on a sky blue long-sleeved shirt, a blue leather vest that oddly covered everything except her chest, sky blue leather leggings that advertised her form, a blue leather skirt, a blue cloak that looked like it was made of high-quality material and a fencing sword which looked like an epee.

Once their eyes met, Adamas wasn’t sure, but he could swear that he thought she recognized him and smiled but before he could think on it some more, his victim holding something in her hands suddenly spoke up in a sad voice.

“Ah! I seem to have broken the pendant my family gave me when I was under their care.”

Adamas looked at what she was holding and his heart dropped. He felt guilty for destroying his victim’s important object. He didn’t know how to fix the pendent, so she would most likely ask for money and Adamas only had 20 silvers. He was waiting for her to demand monetary compensation when she suddenly spoke up.

“How about you repay me by being my gopher for the rest of the day.”

Yes, I’ve got no choice but t- wait what!! Gopher!? Seriously!? I don’t have to lose any money and all i have to do is follow her around like a servant for the rest of the day and it’ll all be okay!? Hells yes.

Adamas then quickly proceeded to reply.

“Ah sure.., but weren’t you going to ask for some money in order to repair it?” He couldn’t help but make sure. It sounded too easy.

“Why would I? You’re just a child right now. But just to make sure, aren’t you a player?”

Adamas then realized his victim wasn’t an NPC but a player, so he quickly guarded himself mentally and answered her question with a “yes”. His victim then smiled with a knowing gleam in her eyes and stuck out her hand and introduced herself.

“My name is Alecia, and as you can see I mainly deal in dps. {(damage per second) for those who don’t know dps specialize in giving the most damage in a party} I just finished up my 10 day growth period yesterday…what about you kid, usually the AI system automatically pairs up children below 12 with their parents as younger siblings so you should still be in your growth stage.”

Adamas hesitated about what to say then spoke up when he arranged his thoughts.

“My name is Adamas and you’re wrong about me being a kid. I’m older than 12, but you’re right about me still growing.”

It was a vague enough answer that didn’t expose the quest Adamas was performing or his real age.

“Hmm.. okay fine with me, anyways since your my gopher for the rest of the day, here, carry my bag and follow me. I’m on my way to the training center to raise my stats up.”

Thank god she’s heading to the same place as me! Saves me time from looking for it. Adamas considered her heavy bag as extra weight for practice so he put up with it.

On the way there she asked questions about how the experience of growing up all over again was like for him and Adamas always answered vaguely since he never trusts RL people who aren’t related to him. She took his vague answers in stride and kept up the constant barrage of questions until finally they arrived at the Training Center.

The training center was amazingly large just like a basketball gym stadium. So many people were inside (about 432) striking at various wooden dummies. Adamas would catch the sight of a couple of mages here and there but the majority of the people there were using melee weapons or the bow & arrow.

“Welcome to the Greenage Training Center Destined ones. We offer training for everyone and we are honored to have the foretold destined ones practice in our facility.”

A huge buff warrior came up to them after welcoming them inside. He looked at both of the newcomers and frowned when his eyes landed on Adamas. His frown quickly turned into surprise when the instructor noticed the sigil on Adamas’s chest. Alecia didn’t catch the surprise on the instructor’s face and quickly spoke up.

“I would like to train my fencing on one of the dummies here if possible.”

The instructor just nodded his head and waved her in without taking his eyes of Adamas. Alecia frowned at the impolite treatment but she managed to not make a fuss about it and left to strike at a dummy.

The instructor then spoke up in a polite manner.

“I see that Captain Rand has sent his own son for training, and at such a young age.”

“Well my father thought it would be beneficial for me to come to the training center during my stay here at the city. My mother has only given me today and the next two days to spend here in the city.”

The big buff instructor laughed and said, “That does sound like Elian. She must’ve hated the idea of separating herself from you for a whole day much less than three..” He stopped laughing and began to size up Adamas. “So Rand thinks you’re ready to start your training today. Well then why don’t we see what you’ve got, follow me.”

The instructor proceeded to walk towards a used dummy and told Adamas in a serious voice, “Strike the dummy for 7 hours without stopping and I’ll personally oversee your training.”

Adamas quickly reached into his bag and took out a sandwich from the small basket and began eating it while he walked up to the weapon rack 5 meters behind the dummy and grabbed two wooden swords. He walked back smiling with his mouth full of the last bite and mumbled with his mouth full, “No problem”. (Kids, don’t talk and eat at the same time. smh)

After swallowing his food and rinsing his mouth by taking a long drink from his canteen Adamas waited a while for his stomach to settle. After seeing his satiety and stamina bar fill up until they were 100% he rushed straight at the dummy with both swords in his hands trailing him from behind and created a storm with the dummy at the receiving end.



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Just wanna write about what I always daydream when I'm sitting in class bored staring at the ceiling or on my way back home on the crowded public bus. Imagination grows off my boredom, and now its grown to the point where I'll forget it all unless I get it on paper or in this case, on a blog. Hope you Enjoy.
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