Chapter5PT1: Hell’s Ground

*Action* or *Sound*

Seven hours of constant swordplay by giving it your all. First thought he had was that it would be easy. He tackled the challenge by looking back at his previous feats and using them to justify his ability.

7 Hours? Didn’t I just complete 6 hours awhile back. Pfft. I can totally do this.

This time though he remembered to eat before he started. Unlike last time his satiety bar wasn’t full when his father had him swing the sword. Before he took up both wooden swords he quickly munched on one of the many sandwiches that his mother prepared without being able to actually enjoy them since he was in a hurry to get the challenge over with. Once he drank water from his canteen to wash it all down, he stood still (10-15min) to let the food makes its way through his stomach. Once he felt sure that he could push himself to the limit without regurgitating the food he just ate, he rushed towards the wooden dummy with his full speed.

His swords went up and struck the wooden dummy with a resounding thud. From the first strike Adamas fell into a trance. His feet never stayed still, circling his opponent and delivering slashes mixed with stabs. It was like watching a dance. A dance that would only be possible in NLR. He knew if his opponent was moving around it would be harder to make his attacks meld with each other like he was doing now, but he thought he could still manage a smooth flow unlike in RL. He knew the cold truth. Aria would always remind him after all. In reality sword fights were quick, vicious, bloody, and devastating.

Fighting with swords without armor in reality is like asking for a quick death. It’s rarely ever a drawn out match like those they feature in movies and cartoons. The swords would surely break if they clashed as many times as they do in TV. In order for Aria to train Adamas in how to use a sword she had to constantly remind him that drawn-out battles are a rarity. She would persistently teach him to avoid the opponent’s weapon not by parrying but by dodging. Being on the defensive was useless when you had no shield and your sword would just whittle down against the opponent’s. He was taught how counterattacks were very efficient and how to always be aggressive when possible.

“Don’t hesitate,” she would say, “because if you do, that second will cost you your life.”

But here in NLR the durability function made weapons a lot harder than in RL(Adamas thought it was a part of the 1% missing in the “99% realism”) and even if you were injured you could still survive because in MMORPG’s everyone had at least a 100HP. Basically, in NLR, long sword fights are a reality and drawn-out battles that can last for hours on end when fighting against opponents with large HPs were sure to happen. The training center in every city was dedicated to just that: “Long fights”. Teaching all those that enter how to fight a drawn-out battle effectively was the instructors’ goal. Their number one motto is after all: “Fight till the end”.

And so fight till the end Adamas did. When the second hour approached he was sweating. His slashes were all aimed at the joints of the wooden dummy and his variations were beginning to become redundant. His fighting style at the moment was to cripple then kill with one strike. During the third hour some of the people were beginning to notice him and they were all peaking at his training. He was smiling and enjoying himself now. He was now experimenting with different attack styles. He quickly grew bored with his repeating rhythm so he decided he might as well change it up and try a new tempo. His flow was now oppressive. Instead of just attacking the joints all of his attacks were now centered on one spot. He was staying in the same small area in front of the dummy without standing still. His feet were a blur and the onslaught of his slashes and stabs that landed on the wooden dummies chest were mere millimeters away from each other.

During the fourth hour he was beginning to feel the extra 2kg weighing him down and his movements became a bit slow. He was still grinning but it looked fierce. His eyes had determination written all over them and his blows sounded stronger. The people training nearby could feel his spirit and had no choice but to acknowledge him. They stopped what they were doing and turned their attention towards Adamas. What they saw threw them under a spell. Watching a small kid of 6 wielding two swords that were half his own height destroying a wooden dummy with such ferocity was too unreal.

The damages on the wooden dummy couldn’t keep up with Adamas’s bombardment. Its auto regeneration rate was slower than his rate of attack damage. Wooden chips were flying everywhere from both his swords and from the wooden dummy. By the fifth hour a small crowd of people surrounded Adamas and they were all intently watching his movements. Their breaths hung still in the air as he was now incorporating kicks from impossible positions into his combos. He grew bored so yet again he mixed up his fighting to spice up his training. He was however beginning to struggle. His legs were crying out towards him trying to tell him they could no longer keep up. His arms were weeping, hoping he would let them hang for only a minute. His mind however refused to listen to his body and he pushed himself onwards.

When he reached the sixth hour his breathing was rough, his legs and arms felt like they were on fire, and he was no longer smiling. He didn’t know how low his stamina or satiety bar were because all of his concentration was affixed onto the dummy but he had a feeling they were in the in the red already. The crowd also increased in number and most them were players. They kept talking out-loud mentioning things like “NPC” or “RL” and Adamas couldn’t really catch what they were talking about since he was so engrossed in what beating the crap out of the wooden dummy, he honestly didn’t care either. He simply continued his attacks hoping the designated time would soon end.

Alecia was also part of the crowd. She came by to see what all the hype was about and she was surprised to say the least. Her facial expression seemed to yell out “impossible” when she saw that her little gopher was now instead a little god of destruction. Once she got over her surprise she began to closely observe Adamas, watching his every little move and on her face was a calculative expression. Then she slowly smiled. A smile that seemed to say, “You just wait”. If Adamas had seen that smile he most probably would have shivered in fear.

Ten minutes before the seventh hour Adamas was still going at it with 100%. His strikes were still leaving small dents but now the auto regenerative process of the dummy was faster. His brow was furrowed in attentiveness and his facial expression was that of grim determination. Five minutes left and he was still moving. His breathing was ragged like a man starving for oxygen and his movements were a bit sluggish. But his strikes were unnaturally deadly. Due to his deep resolution an aura was slowly beginning to emanate from his body. The spectators closest to him could instinctively feel an oppressive force approaching so without realizing they slowly took a few steps back. The seconds were slowly counting down for Adamas and his battle against the dummy felt like an eternity within a moment; he was so absorbed into the fighting it seemed like he had only begun but as he was waiting for the signal to stop he felt like he had been swinging his sword forever.

“Stop!!” The instructed yelled.

Adamas’s legs gave in and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. His breathing still erratic, he lay there huffing and puffing while pondering about his recent actions.

I’m never gonna do that again!!

But somewhere deep inside he looked forward the next time his limits would once again be tested. Above all he was still a martial artist, just not as extreme as Aria.



Agility rises by 6 (+6 AGI)
Strength rises by 2 (+2 STR)
Stamina rises by 2 (+2 STA)
Vitality rises by 2 (+2 VIT)
You have generated the fighting spirit stat
You have generated the charisma stat
Fighting Spirit:You can call on superhuman strength temporarily, or bring weaker enemies to their knees with a force in your eyes alone. You are prohibited from distributing stat bonus points to this stat, and it rises spontaneously, depending on the avatar’s action, especially if you fight monsters for a long time, or often confront monsters stronger than your current level.

The big buff instructor walked up towards Adamas and looked down and grinned at him.

“You can definitely become a swordsman yet boy and at such a young age to boot!

“Glad ….. To ……hear …. That….. Sir.” (Breathing heavily in between words)

“Haha, just call me Grant. Me and your father go way back.”

“My… to meet you.”

“It won’t be so nice once we start your training kid.”

Adamas could only groan in response. He couldn’t imagine anything more exerting than what he just performed..

“Haha but the training’s gonna take some time kid and you only have two more days in the city. I can’t properly train you in two days time, come back when you’re still not hanging from your mother’s dress.”

“Can’t the great and valiant Grant that my father has told me so much about manage something as simple as training me for two days?”

Grant drew up his chest and stood tall. He ran his hand through his hair and exulted a heroic feeling.

‘So he told you did he. About the time when we were traveling in the Laflame dessert and how I had to carry him half way across due to an injury during an intense battle against the Scolders. Yup, those were the days.”

Grants eyes were staring into nothing taking him back to his past glory days. Adamas kept silent and waited for the little episode in Grant’s head to play out. Adamas stood up slowly since his leg were still wobbly and leaned against the dummy waiting for Grant to come back to reality. He waited and waited and waited. He was beginning to get annoyed and veins on his forehead were beginning to become visible. Until finally he snapped and yelled.

“SO! Can you or can you not train me!

Grant’s head jerked back from surprise and his eyes were once more focused on Adamas.

“Well, if you put it that way then yes I certainly could but it’s gonna be one of the most gruesome and challenging training regiments you will have ever experienced kid. You won’t be able to afford to have time to rest or sleep. We’ll barely manage to have small breaks in order to eat. What do you say, are you ready to go to hell?”


Grant’s Hell!

Complete Grants “Two Days In Hell” training and he’ll teach you a dual sword skill! Complete the training without passing out once and you’ll receive an extra reward!! (All stat points gained during training shall be allocated after the completion of the quest.)

Quest difficulty: Skill Quest

Quest requirement:
Be the son of Rand Mason
Complete 7 consecutive hours of battle against a wooden dummy.

Quest Rewards:
Dual Sword Skill

Failing Requirements:
Not finishing training in 2 days.

Adamas hesitated when he read “Two Days In Hell”, but the chance to learn a new skill was too tempting.

I’m seriously gonna sue INTERACT if this game creates any masochistic tendencies within me and what is up with these question marks I’ve been seeing lately? Is it a glitch…?

Will You Accept?

*sigh* “Sure, why not.”

You have accepted the quest!

“Alright, I expect you to be here tomorrow morning at 7AM sharp”

Grant than proceeded smile evilly and slowly began to laugh maliciously as he walked away from Adamas. He could barely hear what Grant said to himself as he drifted farther.”

“Muwahahahaha, I haven’t had a chance to have this much fun in ages! I can’t wait to start tomorrow. Let’s see what should I make the poor boy go through…. Hmmm maybe I should……” (HIs was too far so Adamas couldn’t hear the rest)

Aw shit.

Adamas quickly regretted his decision. He soon realized that Grant was most likely a deprived man who enjoyed inflicting pain onto other. To simplify, Grant was probably a sadist and Adamas was going to be his little B****.

Suddenly the whispering crowd surrounding Adamas began to slowly increase in volume.

“Dude did you see that kid! He just got a quest from the head instructor of the Training Hall. I’m definitely posting this online!!”

“Who cares about that, did you not see him just go all kung fu with dual swords on that wooden dummy. I thought I was watching a movie!”

“Did anyone record it!?”

“You can record what you see in this game?”

“I’m gonna take that as a no. Dammit. I totally forgot to turn the recorder on.”

“I didn’t know you could get quests during your growth period!”

“Are you sure he’s just not a kid in RL?”

“No way, do you know any kids that can fight like that……. do you?”

“Lets ask him and find out how he can fight like that.”

“Wait, hold up. Are you sure he’s a player?”

“Idiot, only players can get quests… I think”

The crowd was heating up discussing about the “kung fu kid”. Luckily no one heard his name and all of them were distracted arguing with each other which was perfect for Adamas. He silently escaped from the surrounding crowd and headed towards the door in a rather slow pace. His legs were still screaming out in pain.

As soon as Adamas reached the entrance f the training hall, he felt a hand lift him back from the collar of his shirt a few inches off the ground.

“Hold it gopher. You do still remember your promise right?”

Adamas turned around and saw Alecia staring him down. Her tone of voice had a hint of frustration in it, and her face was oddly serious.

“I can’t have you leaving without at least repaying me for damaging my family pendant.”

“Fine whatever just put me down!”

“Woah no need to get so antsy with me kid.”

“I told you, I’m not a kid!!”

Before Adamas noticed he had lost his temper and shouted out rather loudly. Now the whole hall was silently staring at him.

“He’s getting away!!” One of the many players from the crowd earlier shouted when he saw that Adamas was at the door and longer among them.

“Hurry up and catch him so we can ask him about the quest and his fighting skills!!”

Soon everyone in crowd began to shout out.

“Get him”
“Tackle him”
“Hold him”
“Catch him”
“Restrain him”
“Go!! Body Slam Him!!”

Everyone in the crowd quickly shut their mouths and looked at the guy who yelled out “Body Slam”.

“Seriously dude, “Go. Body Slam??” This isn’t Pokemon where you can call out an attack and someone will execute it.”

“Ah. Y-Yeah, sorry… I was caught up in the moment”

“Hey its alright. Just watch what you say next time, remember you’re a part of our guild now and anything you say or do reflects on us.”

The rest of the crowd nodded at the same time.

“Yes sir, I’ll always put the integrity of our guild fist!!”

“Good, now… sik-em boys!!”

The crowd once more began to run over towards Adamas and Alecia in a frenzy.

Using more than a 100 players to catch me!! What integrity are you all talking about!!

Alecia shook her head in disbelief and let go of Adamas at the same time. It looked like she thought the same about the opposing players. She looked at Adamas and spoke out in a hurry.

“Let’s get out of here before those idiots actually mange to catch you. Come on!”

She pulled Adamas’s hand and they ran out the Training Hall and into the streets of Greenage….

Ten minutes later they finally managed to get away and they were now standing in an alley. Adamas was currently chewing on another sandwich while Alecia was still trying to catch her breath.

“Hey umm Al-Alexis loo-

“It’s Alecia! Didn’t I already tell you my name!?

“Uh, right Alecia. Look, I have a really important rendezvous tomorrow that’s gonna take two whole days so I would like to get some sleep. How about I just pay you for your pendant and we’ll call it even.”

“Pfft, sorry kiddo, you can’t pay for the repair without at least 2 gold and i doubt you even have half that much. I’m letting you off easy by being my gopher and you still want to pay!”

2 gold! F*** me. This chick is grating on my nerves!!

“Look, I’m sorry but I just can’t be your gopher tonight or for the next 2 days! I just don’t have the time.”

“Ugh, guys who try to wiggle their way out of promises are really the worst.”

Adamas recoiled in response to her statement. If anything he has always considered himself a keeper of promises and here he was trying to “wiggle” his way out. He felt ashamed at himself so he resolved himself and spoke out once more to Alecia.

“Fine, How about this. I promise to be your gopher for a whole week after I’m done with my growth period. Wherever or whenever, it doesn’t matter. Just let me off this once and I’ll definitely repay you with hard work.”

Alecia smiled in delight as if she was knew that Adamas would compromise.

“hmm, I could work with that, but you’ll have to add me to your friend’s list if we’re ever gonna meet up after your done.”

*sigh* “I guess I have to.”

Alecia ignored his rude remark and sent Adamas a friend request. Adams reluctantly accepted his first friend request in NLR with an unsure face.

Alecia came up to Adamas and ruffled his hair while smiling mischievously.

“Well then little Adamas, I hope you’ll take care of me in the future.”

Her smile seriously creeps me out.

“Since we’re not gonna do anything else today, I’ll go ahead and log out. Oh, and make sure you watch out for those guild members. From what I’ve heard they’re one of the new up and coming guilds in Greenage… See you soon Adamas.” *giggle*

At least her laugh sounds cute…

Adamas was now left alone on a street in the middle of no where. It was now dark outside and Adamas wanted to get some sleep in an inn before he went and tackled Grant’s training in the morning. He walked up to a pair of guards on duty patrolling the streets and asked politely.

“Excuse me sir. Could you tell me where the nearest inn is located?

The guard looked at Adamas then knelt down and patted his head.

“Hey kid, you shouldn’t be out at night. Where’s your parents?”

Tch, Didn’t you just hear me ask you a question?

“My parents are at home and they sent me on an errand to the inner city, but since its too far to travel to at night they told me to stay at an inn.”

Adamas barely managed to keep his anger in check. The guard nodes thoughtfully and points Adamas in the right direction.

Once Adamas reached an inn called “Wandering Sword” he was greeted by pretty muscular lady who proceeded to question him about why he wasn’t with his parents. Once again Adamas was irritated by his appearance but he reminded himself it was only for now and just said that he was on an errand for his mother. Once he asked the inn-lady to wake him up at 6:30AM sharp he was finally situated inside his room for the price of 50 coppers (Being a kid has its perks). As soon as he reached the bed Adamas knocked out from exhaustion…..

Before he went to deep sleep Adamas quickly controlled the settings and loged off.

Once Adam exited from the capsule he went straight down into the kitchen. Since he was so engrossed with NLR Adam had missed out on lunch. He quickly grabbed a meal from the fridge that his mother had prepared just in case he missed lunch and quickly ate up it all up. When Adam was finished his meal he went straight back into the capsule and logged back on into NLR. This time he didn’t wake up, he continued to sleep until the appointed time in NLR…..

“-ake up! Wake up little boy!

Adamas jerked up right from his bed and checked his lower right field of vision where the time was. When Adamas saw that it was 6:30 he breathed out a sigh of relief. The inn-lady told him that breakfast would be served downstairs in the main lobby. He jumped off the bed and looked in the mirror. He had grown again. Now he estimated that he was approximately 7 years old. The clothes from his mother still fit fine and once he was all dressed up he proceeded to check the contents of his bag. As soon as he finished checking his bag Adamas walked on down to the lobby.

The main Lobby of the inn was vast with countless chairs and tables. The floor was made out of dark red hardwood and the table/chairs were of the same material. The wall was made up of the same brown color bricks like all the other brick houses in town were. The fire-place was rather large situated on the farthest wall and adjacent to it was a stage made of black wood where entertainers would keep the occupants’ spirits’ high. All in all, it appeared to be a high-class inn so Adamas was surprised he only had to pay 50 coppers. (Like I said being a kid = Huge Perks)

There were quite a few people already awake eating breakfast and preparing for their journey. Most of them were all female warriors and when Adamas commented about it towards the inn-lady she told him that her inn is reputable for its information network and that most warriors would always stop by her inn when they pass through Greenage. The reason why most of them were women on the other hand is because they don’t get hit on by guys in this establishment. Apparently anyone who does would have to answer to her and anyone who dares to challenge the inn-lady’s authority would find themselves outside the inn with a few broken bones and are banned from the establishment.

Well thats what happens when you mix us guys with alcohol.

As soon as Adamas finished his breakfast he went straight to the Training Hall where he was greeted by the instructor near the entrance. Luckily none of the onlookers from the crowd yesterday were there.

“Sorry, did I keep you waiting?”

“Of course not! I just arrived myself kid. Now then follow me and don’t dawdle!”

Without waiting for an answer Grant began running at a moderate pace through the streets heading straight towards the south gate and trailing behind him was Adamas. As soon as they arrived at the south inner gate Grant skidded to a halt and turned around to address Adamas.

“Here hold these and equip them right now.”

Adamas received two wooden swords but as soon as he held them they immediately fell out of his hands. He also received a leather dual back sword sheath for them as well.

“They both weighed 3kg (6.6ponuds). You’ll be holding onto them during our 10km(6.2miles) trek outside the inner city. If you can’t keep me in sight during our little voyage or you let go of either sword then you don’t have what it takes to complete my personal training. Now let’s go!!”

Before Adamas could get a word in, Grant quickly began to run once more. Adamas swiftly picked up the dual wooden swords that weighed like a baby each and ran after the instructor. 10 km with a couple of weights….I can do this!

(NLR) 1 Day & 12 hours later…..

I can’t do this anymore!!!

Adamas was now on the last stretch, swimming inside a river against the current with both wooden swords in their sheaths on his back weighing him down. The past 9 km were insanely hard.

{Rewind 1 Day & 12 Hours}

As soon as they left the inner city gates Adamas had to run after Grant while holding on to both wooden swords. Whenever he would catch up to him, Grant would increase his speed making it even harder for him to keep up. Once they finished running for ten km Grant ordered Adamas to sheath his wooden swords and ordered him to do 100 push-ups, 100 crouches, and 100 squats.

When Adamas finally managed to finish the various exercises, he was given a 30 minute break. As he sat down wheezing for breath he eventually got a chance to look around at his surroundings. Grant and Adamas were now in a large training ground area that was encircled by a wooden wall, and right behind him was the gate that he and Grant just came through. Looking around he realized that everything around from the long river, to the huge mountain inside the wall were in fact manmade. There were 10 sections inside the walls and all went around in a circle. They were all a good distance away from each other but each section looked at least a couple of km long. Then it all dawned upon Adamas.

This is an obstacle course!

Grant smiled evilly at Adamas as if he knew what he was thinking.

“Yes, as you’ve most likely found out this is an obstacle course but unfortunately it was shut down because too many weaklings would pass out and none of them would ever manage to finish the course. Since then everyone has begun to call it “Hell’s Ground”.

Adamas began to have a sinking feeling in his stomach as soon as he heard Grant’s last words.

“…..Has anyone ever passed it before?”

“Of course, 51 people were able too complete the whole course and you already know two of them; the great me and your father.”

“Um, How many people attempted the course?”

Grant’s grin was so wide that his teeth began to show.

“Every soldier in Greenage is required to go through “Hell’s Ground” once before they graduate from training in order to gauge their innate potential. More than 10 million soldiers/fighters have gone through the course kid, hopefully you’ll belong to the group that passes”

Holy shit!!(Yeah, he says/thinks shit a lot!)

“Hahaha, don’t worry, my training won’t be that easy. This is only the first day, I expect you to finish this all before midnight tonight and then I’ll give you my full attention until morning. Then you’ll attempt the course again and you’ll have to pass it in an even faster time than before. After that I’ll teach you depending on whatever your lacking then. Muwahahahah. I haven’t had this much fun in a while!!

This game is fu**** up….

The following 15 hours proceeded with Adamas attempting each course in the obstacle with a 15 minute rest in between for the sake of regaining his satiety and stamina bar. He constantly held onto the wooden swords that weighed 3km each. Sometimes they were sheathed and sometimes they weren’t. It was all according to the situation. Everything Adamas did was full of hardship and barely endurable:


1.Running through a series of swinging logs that had to be dodged (1km long)
2.Jumping through holes that reminded Adamas of tires (2km long)
3.Crawling under a hail of arrows that flew in the space above him. (1km long)
4.Climbing a mountain bare handed. (3km long)
5.Climbing down a mountain bare handed. (3km long)
6.Dragging 25 logs from one area to another (.15km long)
7.Balancing himself on a small wooden peg stuck from the ground for an hour (2.54cm/1in Diameter peg)
8.Swinging through and endless forest of monkey bars. (1km long)
9.Running up a hill dodging incoming rolling boulders that fell down. (2km long)
10.Swimming in a river against the current (1km long)

Fifteen hours. Despite the short 15 minute break in between, during each course Adamas felt like rag doll that was run over by a truck then beat mercilessly by his sister. He hurt all over. He just laid down without moving a muscle groaning in pain until Grant came over and gave him a small healing potion.

“Good job kid, longest time ever recorded but still, good job. You actually managed to complete “Hell’s Ground” at such a young age, so you should be proud of yourself. You can get some shut-eye for a couple of hours in order to fully recover.”

Adamas could only manage another groan in agreement to what Grant said until his eyes slowly started to close and he fell into a deep slumber, and he began dreaming immediately.

“Ah! So your our first visitor! Yaay! You’re a little kid but you actually look like you have what it takes!”

A clear feminine voice rang out from a small cute girl who appeared right in front of Adamas. Before he could make out the girl’s features his surrounding suddenly flourished with life. Green fresh grass magically appeared at his feet. Trees sprouted at random locations around him and a giant majestic silver castle rose up in the distance. The sky was covered in a shade of blue with random colds popping out. Birds flew by chirping happily in the wind and squirrels would occasionally scurry around looking for nuts. And right in front of Adamas was a pretty little girl with silver hair clotted in a white&black dress smiling straight at him.

“Wh-where am I.. I-I was sure I just went to sleep…”

“Ehe, well you are still asleep silly, this is all a dream and right now only your astral projection is here.”

“So this place actually exists….. It’s beautiful, like it’s never been tainted before.”

“Thats because time here is stuck in a loop!”

“A loop? Wait who are you, and why am I here?”

“Hehe, too many questions. Lets sit down and have some tea, it’s the first time someone actually came here.”

“Sit where I don’t see an-”

Two chairs and a small table with a tea set came into Adamas’s view as he was looking around.

“Wha- I was sure there was nothing there!”

“hehe! You rely on your eyes too much silly. Let’s sit down and have some tea, then I’ll answer all your questions.”

She really does laugh a lot…

As Adamas was beginning to make his way to one of the chairs his world suddenly flickered. He stopped in surprise and the world flickered again. He tried to ask what was happening but his voice wouldn’t come out. He stared helplessly at the little girl. The girl seeing Adamas’s helpless look, could only pout sadly at him.

“I guess our time is up huh, it’s to be expected since this is your first visit.. I guess I’ll be alone again….”

Adamas’s world once more began to flicker but this time it was consecutive. Once every 10 seconds his world would flicker.

Then the girl smiled suddenly as if she remembered something.

“But you’ll be back won’t you!? I have a good feeling about you, if its you I’m sure you’ll come back!!”

Adamas wanted to ask her how so he tried communicating with her by waving his hands but the flickers started to come more often. His field of vision was becoming more black as if he was going blind but once in a while he would catch a glimpse of the girl and her world. The girl smiled happily and practically yelled for Adamas to hear.

“You’ll find out how!! I’m sure!! Just remember and don’t make me wait!!

Then Adamas woke up with a start. He sat up-right immediately. He was drenched in sweat and he was breathing hard. His body ached but it was only whisper of his past pain from the obstacle course. He looked around surveying the area wondering why the sun wasn’t out and why the girl with the silver hair wasn’t anywhere near.

Girl with silver hair? I’m sure I haven’t seen anyone like that….. Must’ve been a strange dream… Weird… I can’t remember what happened..

“Wha- Your awake already.. Tch taking away all of my fun… It’s 2AM. Now get up and get yourself some grub before we begin!!”

Grant was hovering right above Adamas as soon as he woke up as if he was getting ready to punch and now he was walking away in disappointment.

Adamas proceeded to get something to eat. It was really tasty spiced rabbit meat. Unfortunately Adamas was to pre-occupied trying to remember what his dream instead of enjoying the food.

silver girl? silver hair girl? why silver? where was she? How come i can’t remember her?

Adamas couldn’t exactly remember anything about his dream except two words; silver and girl. It frustrated him. Adamas would always remember his dream right after he woke up but now it was as if someone or something had erased all memory of anything having to do with his dream.

Before Adamas realized he was done eating and Grant was now walking to towards him with a huge two-handed wooden axe for practice purposes.

“Alright kid, now until daybreak we’ll be sparring against each other. I’ll be using different weapons every 30 minutes in order to get you accustomed to fighting against them. Now prepare the swords that I’ve given you.”

Grant waited until Adamas was ready and saluted him with the axe and charged directly towards him. Adamas quickly repelled the blow with both swords crossed in front of him but he was nonetheless pushed back by Grant’s sheer strength. Adamas got back up and circled towards Adamas’s flank. He slashed horizontally at his legs but Grant easily dodged with a sidestep. Adamas reverse gripped his offhand sword and slashed back with it. Grant seeing Adamas’s attack easily deflected it with his axe’s handle and hit Adamas on the head with the pummel. Adamas’s health went down to 40 but Grant stopped the battle.

“Before I forget to mention, in this area your health will not drop down below 1 hp so you don’t have to worry. hahaha”

Damn sadist

The rest of the night continued on with Adamas learning that there might actually be someone who could hurt him as much as his sister could. He fought against swords, spear, axes, staffs, whips and even bow and arrows. Almost every weapon known to Adamas was used by Grant against him for training. Despite the variation in weapons the result was always the same; Adamas lying on the ground in defeat.

As soon as the sun broke through the sky resulting in a red daybreak Grant called it quits and praised Adamas for his resilience.

“I must say kid, the fact that you haven’t passed out yet is really surprising. This is the most fun I’ve had in a while so keep it up. You only have one more run through Hell’s Ground.”

“*Hahh*, *Hahh*, *Hahh*….If I can last that long!!”

“Wahaha, have more confidence kid!! Men trice your age can’t possibly finish this training. Your one hell of a kid so stick out your chest with pride!!”

Adamas could only sigh in response to Grant’s praise. It felt good to hear at first but when Adamas remembered how much of a sadist Grant was he could only sigh in resignation to his fate.

“Drink this small potion and take an hour-long break. As soon as you’re ready you can start the obstacle course. Just make sure to finish it under 15 hours.”

After an hour of rest Adamas for the last time challenged Hell’s Ground.


About tmbrakta

Just wanna write about what I always daydream when I'm sitting in class bored staring at the ceiling or on my way back home on the crowded public bus. Imagination grows off my boredom, and now its grown to the point where I'll forget it all unless I get it on paper or in this case, on a blog. Hope you Enjoy.
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