Chapter7: Hopeless

*Action* or *Sound* (and sometimes censorship for curse words)
#Whisper# (Means to chat with another player)

“Ouch! how long is this going to hurt!!,” Adamas groaned, “this is a freaking game! Why do they have to make everything so realistic!”

Adamas was now standing while applying pressure to his wound in front of what looked to be a dark corridor. He looked up at where he fell through and decided that the hole was to far for him to reach. He then averted his attention to the long eerie corridor that stretched before him. It was the only way leading out of the circular room he was currently entrapped in. The corridor was as dark as the darkest night with no moon. He could barely see what was in front of him even with the light streaming in through the hole up above. It looked eerie as if it was sucking in the very little light remaining.

Adamas pulled his eyes away from the creepy hallway and inspected his wound.

“Whew, thank you Elise. These clothes really are something else. There isn’t even a single tear on them despite everything I’ve been through. The purple fletched arrow was something else though…. It pulled both my shirt and the leather undershirt with it when it stuck me like a pig! *Sigh* I have to say though that Elise is really amazing to be able to make these….Ah dammit, now I feel like I owe her and I’m gonna have to let spoil me……”

Adam wore a frustrated look since he knew that if his NPC mother wanted something in return it would be to hold him in her arms for the whole day…. But towards the end of his self-dialogue he couldn’t help but grin and think to himself.

She does act like mom, even her clingy attitude is similar…. I guess I’ll let her spoil me when I get back…

He looked back up through the hole he fell through and began to ponder about his recent episode.

Who were they? They seemed well-coordinated so i can only assume that the ambush was planned. And why come after me? I’m sure I didn’t shit on anyone in NLR… Were they players or NPCs? And what was up with that super sniper!? Whoever it was they sure knew how to use a bow. Never seen anyone shoot like that before….

While his consciousness was in the deep recesses of his mind Adamas casually looked at his surroundings half-heartedly until he saw a glimpse of something white on the ground opposing the unnaturally hair-raising corridor. All thoughts about his attackers flew from his head and he inched closer to get a better look. There wasn’t enough light for him to completely see anything so he took yet another step closer to investigate and brought down his head. Before he could stop himself, his head bumped against something hard. He heard a small clanking noise and looked up to see that the wall was still a few inches away from his face. Realizing it wasn’t the wall that his head rammed into he looked down in search for the receiving end of his head-butt. His eyes widened in dread and he let out a somewhat girlish scream followed by a gasp as he fell down on his butt.

Adamas was looking in fright at what was now identified to be a skeleton. Adamas couldn’t tell how old the skeleton was but he noticed that the clothes that it wore were gold and blue and adorned on its cloak was a single large blue wing. Its forehead had a spot where the dust was falling from Adamas’s recent encounter. Adamas stayed still for a few seconds to make sure the skeleton wasn’t moving and began to stand up once more and look down at the skeleton.

“Thank god its not alive….. or should I say dead alive? A moving skeleton should fall into the walking dead category so it should be called a skeleton warrior right? …unless it was a zombie that lived for centuries and lost all of it’s skin so it was only left with its bones! …..Would they still be called zombies then? Or if it was no-”

*Clank* *Clank*

Adamas quickly reacted to the sound by moved back from the skeleton only to see it meet the ground as he it tumbled down from it’s sitting position. Dust and dirt flew up into the air creating a smokescreen that obscured his vision from the collapsed bones. Once the smoke and dust settled Adamas walked back towards the skeleton only to find it in pieces on the ground.

Adamas came to the realization that the skeleton was disturbed from its original position due to his head-butt resulting the skeleton to slowly slide down towards the ground until eventually it completely fell. He searched through the bones and the blue and gold rags until he found a small book in the skeletons hand and a short-sword. On the cover it read “Andrew’s Journal“. Adamas carefully opened up the book and began to read its contents.

=Andrew’s Journal=

Day 1
I have finally joined the prestigious Messenger Courier Association “Blue Alaes!” It has always been my long life dream to carry the hearts and souls of the people to their loved ones that are out of their reach! Now that I have finally joined the ranks of Galea’s most amazing Courier Association, I was ordered to begin a journal in case something untowardly should ever happen to me… Pft, Like I’m ever going to die! All my training these past 6 months have prepared me for any and every obstacle. The training has made me stronger and agiler than I have ever been before. I feel like I can even defeat a Night Wolf….. maybe thats going to far, but nonetheless I AM STRONG as every other messenger should be. The creatures that bare the path of my righteous task shall be swatted away like the flies that they are by my sword. I look towards my first assignment with anticipation. Hopefully I’ll be assigned to Faraldew! All, if not, most of the female wooden-elves wear very revealing clothes! Those bare thighs and stomaches! Their longs unblemished legs and beautiful calves. I’m drooling just thinking about it! Especially those well toned calves! I’m gonna have to pray to Amantes tonight and ask for her favor!!

Day 2:
Today was a lovely day matching my own mood. The effervescent sun shone down on me as if it was holding me in a loving embrace of light and warmth. The white fluffy clouds floated in the sky fighting with the sun for my affection by trying to shower me with its shade hoping that I will look up and notice them. Since it would have been a pity to only let one of them enjoy my presence, I shared my love equally among them. I spared half my body to the sun and the other half in the welcoming shade of the clouds!! Since I have joined Blue Alaes from the Alvernon branch my first year will be spent in this magnificent kingdom connecting the hearts of many and sometimes breaking depending on the contents of the messages. I was split between going to Faraldew or Greenage for the first 4 months as a rookie Blue Alae. Since Greenage is where my father is currently posted I decided to head there for my first assignment. Most often regarded as our or the humans most beautiful city on the continent Galea. Even though it only has a small amount of semi-naked wooden elves like any other city, (other than Faraldew of course) I hear it is still a nice place. I shall work there for four months transporting letters to and from the surrounding villages and towns. Then I shall be transferred to Falraldew. I have yet to set my eyes on the city but I am unable to contain the excitement within me. I leave on the morrow before the sun rises, so I shall stop here and get some rest for the long journey ahead.

Day 3:
The morning met me with red-eye rabbits blocking my path, but I as one of the great Blue Alaes cut them down like the vermin they are. As I proceeded to leave Illumina behind me I met with foxes and wolves but me and my steed trampled through. My spear effectively disabled all of my obstacles and my trusty stead trampled them to death. We made good time today and came upon the town called Lowston where unfortunately I could not rest. As a Blue Alae I shall not rest nor eat in leisure until I deliver these letters. So I spent the rest of day riding towards Greenage sometimes eating some bread and cheese while my close friend Kasp trotted. Now I am settled down into a small rest stop where I’ll be sleeping for the next 4 hours. Hopefully I’ll reach Greenage in a week.

Day 4:
Nothing to mention. Met some wolves on the road today nothing me and Kasp couldn’t handle. I gained good time. Passed another village. Only about five more day until I reach Greenage.

Day 5:
Encountered two strange people on the road. One was a tall male with dark hair that went all the way down to his back. It looked shaggy and unkempt but somehow he made it work because walking right alongside side him was a tall breath-taking beauty with long smooth silky white hair. At first glance they had a predatory demeanor but as soon as Kasp trotted near them I got a good look and realized they were just regular elves. But when I met their eyes I got the goosebumps all over my body. Their eyes made me want to dig a hole and hide until they were miles away from me. Even Kasp seemed restless. I resisted the temptation and saluted them Blue Alae style. The lady laid her arm on the man’s shoulder and somehow the pressure that was heaving down on me suddenly disappeared along with my goosebumps. They nodded their heads in return and I turned my back and watched as they passed me up and disappeared from view. Even now as I write this journal I find myself drifting off in thought about them. They were mysterious and somehow I knew to never cross their path again…. Other than that nothing of worth to report.

Day 6:
More obstacles arise in my path today. Mostly wolves that seemed to rush out of the forest in packs. Me and Kasp had to deal with 7 packs today which was really surprising. Had a tough fight but I managed to come out as the victor. I wonder why so many were in the area?? Nothing else to say.

Day 7:
Nothing to note today as well. No monster on the road, and no enemies. clear weather. Almost there.

Day 8:
I can now see the magnificent outer walls now. They rise so far into the air that I can see them even though I am a day away. Tomorrow I shall head straight into the Blue Alaes, Greenage branch and deposit my letters. I really feel great being able to transport them. A load off my shoulders.

Day 9:
I have arrived in Greenage today. The checkpoint located at the outer wall gate quickly let me through when I showed them my Blue Alae badge. I rode the rest of the way in a hurry to reach the inner city without enjoying the landscape and arrived in only two hours. The city was bustling with life and the Blue Alaes, Greenage branch welcomed me with open arms. I had a drink with father and discussed about recent events in his room. Later on I went to my new room and settled in. Right now I’m going to sleep through the afternoon until tomorrow morning which is when I plan to explore the city.

Day 10:
Greenage is amazing. I went out and tasted their food, saw the amazing sculptors and paintings, went to the large library and spent sometime sitting by the main fountain where I would enjoy the view as gorgeous women walked by and merged onto the scenery. After than I went out with father to eat dinner. Made it back to my room before 10PM where I’m now writing this right now. These four months will be outstanding. Im in a glorious city and I love my job. Life right now is fantastic!!

Day 11:
How did this happen….

This morning I was assigned to deliver a letter that was given to the Blue Alaes by one of the Duxes (aka General). The recipient of the letter was a border control captain located in the watch tower positioned in the north-west. It was supposed to be an uneventful three-day ride, but when I passed the inner city walls and began riding towards the outer wall I heard a weird noise in the woods. The tress were packed together tight so there was barely enough light to see what it was exactly. I was only able to see a black blur.

For some stupid reason I felt adventurous and decided to check out the noise. I headed towards the spot where I thought I the noise was coming from. I came upon some dragging track marks. I followed the track marks to a large tree. Oddly enough the tracks led straight to the tree which piqued my extraneous curiosity. Me and my stupid curiosity!! I tried to find a way into the large tree but it was futile. Once I realized I couldn’t get through I turned my back to leave the place but as soon as I took a step away from the tree the ground in front of my feet suddenly heaved upwards!! Suddenly I felt extreme pain in both my ankles as if something had bitten them. I felt both my ankles get bitten ad before I could respond I was instantly dragged below ground.

While I was being dragged down I somehow managed to free my sword from its scabbard. I then hacked at whatever had bitten my right ankle without looking hoping to free it. The result was instantaneous. I could feel the creature let go. I then proceeded to do the same for my left ankle but whatever had bitten had let go. I slowly stood up and with the light emitting from a torchlight hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room I was able to see the horrible visages of my enemies. Before me there were three large rabbits, each with a horn protruding from their heads. I then realized that I was underground with three freaking horned rabbits in front of me. Horned Rabbits!! Even as I write this all down I still can’t believe it. Horned rabbit are the next stage of growth from a regular red-eye rabbit! They’re considered stronger than 5 packs of wolves!! 3 Horned Rabbits!!

I somehow managed to kill two of them and I had injured the third by cutting off its right arm. I would have killed them quicker but both my ankles were injured. Of course it was at no small cost to myself. I took a considerable amount of damage. Most of them were small injuries, but injuries nonetheless. Piled on top of each other they began to slow me down.

I was about to kill the third horned rabbit when abruptly I was attacked by another creature that was hiding in the corner. It managed to distract me from finishing off my prey. The one-horned rabbit backed away into the corner of the underground room dragging along a dead horned rabbit that was soon being devoured. I ignored it and looked up at my attacker, what I saw horrified me. It was a Drill Rabbit, also known as the chief rabbit and the last stage of growth after a horned rabbit. The stage just before they evolved. What also fueled my fear was its unnatural appearance. You have to understand, a casual drill rabbit is as large as a man with a long horn extending from their foreheads that can rotate at extreme speeds. They have white coats and red-eyes.

This drill rabbit had an unusual purple thumb sized gem sticking out between its eyes and its whole coat had purple glowing veins growing from it. Even Its teeth were purple and when it breathed out you could see its breath dyed in the same purple color. The most discernible trait though was its horn. Instead of the usual dark gray color, it was dark purple. It seemed to throb in hunger for blood. I trembled in fear but somehow I managed to hold my ground. I slowly raised my short sword in my right hand and my dagger in my left hand. I was already breathing hard from my previous fight so I slowly tried to get it under control and launched an attack.

It was the worst. I managed to kill the drill rabbit only to have a big hole in my left leg and a broken dagger. I could barely feel anything much less walk and when the last horned rabbit saw my current state it ran towards me in hopes of finishing me off. I managed to repel its attack and cut off the top section of its horn. It then retreated once more but this time it started to feed off the dead drill rabbit that was located in front of the door that led outside. I saw a corridor at the opposite end of the room and I proceeded down its dark depths since I couldn’t afford to fight again. I then came to a dead-end where I found a hole in the ceiling leaking out sunlight. For some reason the horned rabbit wouldn’t follow me here. It seemed like it was afraid of the light. I was glad at first. I would not be disturbed, but what I found out later dashed all my hopes away.

I laid down with the intention of bandaging my left leg and resting up a day before I finish off the last horned rabbit. When I came to my leg injury I saw some purple goo mixed with my blood. It was poison. Nothing I had ever seen and none of my antidotes worked. When my last antidote failed to work I lost all hope in living. I could only sit there helpless as it slowly paralyzed my leg and draining away at my life. I estimated that I had about one more day left before I die, so I decided to open up my journal and document my demise. Imagine the irony when I saw my first entry. I’m such a fool. I should have heeded my father’s warning. We’re Blue Alaes not adventures. I can only laugh at my own idiocy.

Day 12:
This is the end, both my legs are paralyzed completely and I’m having trouble breathing. I can feel my heart struggling to keep me alive and each breath I take is painful. I look up at the hole above me and curse my fate. The sun, the light, the outdoors. Freedom. It’s so close yet so far. To die in this godforsaken place fills me with anger and regret. I’m only twenty-one! I’ve though about killing my self with the sword father gave me, but I didn’t have the heart to do it. I can only write now……. about my death and my last moments…… I only have one last request to whoever reads this…. Please……. Don’t let me rest here forever……. Even though I only have one wing I’m still a Blue Alae…… Let me be free of this place..even….if….it….is…in….. death.

Dying Wish!

Fulfill Andrew’s dying wish and take his remains out of the cave! Bury him somewhere where the sun can reach him. If you fail at this task, all Blue Alaes will become hostile towards you. Refusal is not acceptable.

Unrepeatable Quest.

Quest Difficulty: G+
Deadline: Within 2 days

Quest Requirements:
Read Andrew’s Journal

Quest Reward:
+10 affinity to nature.
+1000 contribution points to the Blue Alaes

Failing requirements:
Dying. Will drop bones upon death.

You have accepted the quest!

Eh!? No I didn’t.

Adamas could only stare in disbelief at the message hovering before his eyes. He checked all his active quests to make sure it wasn’t a glitch and there it was. The last quest in his log with the green words “ACTIVE”.

“Shit!,” He yelled. He looked at the skeleton as if it was all his fault.

But Adamas couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor guy. He was baited by the rabbits by the dragging sound and they ambushed him into his trap. He wanted to cry for him. He would have actually if he wasn’t in the same situation that Andrew was in. He could only shut the journal and along with the sword he could not identify since he didn’t have the skill, (He also couldn’t equip it either.) he threw them both in his bag. He gathered up the bones and put them all in his bag as well. He took out what he now liked to call rabbit jerky and began to munch on them. He stopped eating half-way and looked thoughtfully at his rabbit jerky. An idea started to form in his head about using the rabbit meat to distract the horned rabbit. It did eat its own kind. Adamas then shook his head and continued on with his meal. I doubt it would work

Adamas continued on with his meal deep thought about his way out until his Satiety bar was full. He stood up and sighed.

“Well it can’t be helped. There’s no other way out other than through that damnable horned rabbit.”

He looked back at the clothes on the ground. Especially the cloak. Even after all the years it still looked good enough to wear and flaunt. Adamas walked up to it and picked it up surprised to find a shiny object falling down from it. When Adamas bent down to inspect it he found out it was the Blue Alae badge. It depicted a single blue wing outlined by gold. It was also an unknown item since he could neither equip nor identify it so he just bagged it with the rest.

If I die here not only will I fail the Dying Wish Quest I’ll also fail the Mother’s Love quest…

He looked up towards the corridor leading to the room with the mini-boss inside. He could only grit his teeth and enter the darkness. His steps echoed all around him intensifying the eerie atmosphere. When he finally saw light up ahead, he found a large empty square room alight from a hanging torchlight on the ceiling in the middle of the room and a large boulder near the entrance.

The Horned Rabbit’s not here? Yes!! Hallelujah!

He began to run towards the cellar-like door exit and when he was a few feet away from it the large boulder near it shook. Adamas stopped dead in his tracks. The boulder started to shake some more so Adamas decided it was good idea to back away from it. He backed and backed away as the boulder grew in size. Adamas found himself in front of the corridor when the boulder started to move away from the door and towards the center of the room.

When the large boulder-like creature was showered with light, revealing every detail, Adamas couldn’t help but have the sudden urge to piss his pants. He whispered fearfully to himself.

“Is this seriously just a game?”


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  1. eragon says:

    will u release weakly?
    good chapter bet that was the horned rabbit which escaped and maybe became drill rabbit after eating the purple one


  2. 1jayds says:

    nice flowing story makes sense and doesn’t leave u confused.


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