Chapter8: 1st Taste of Battle

*Action* or *Sound* (and sometimes censorship for curse words)
#Whisper# (Means to chat with another player)

Is this seriously just a game

The creature looked like something you would see from a horror film. It had a grotesque mouth that leaked purple drool from the gaps of its purple razor-like teeth. Its eyes were no longer red but light blue instead with the purple gem that Andrew mentioned lodged between them. Its fur was corrupted with the same purple color without any traces of it once being white. Most strange of all was its horn. It was bright purple with a spiraling pattern that belongs on a drill and near its base on the forehead there were two other smaller horns that looked like they were still growing. The body seemed leaner than that of a regular drill rabbit as described by Andrew’s journal. Almost as if it had shrunk. The arm and legs were still those of a rabbit but they also looked as if they were transformed as well. Its claws were razor-sharp as well and they seemed to be leaking the same purple substance.

The large purple drill on the other hand looked incomplete. It ended with a smooth surface as if someone had cut of the top. It was also a cripple. There was only a stump where its right shoulder should have been but it only made the creature look even more revolting.

(Something like this: CrazyRabbit plus all of the above)



Mini-boss: Cannibal Rab (Drill Rabbit)!
Adult (3/3)
In Progress: 37m 54s

Adamas was too afraid to read the notification so he ended up missing it. The creature looked towards Adamas and cocked its head to the side as it breathed heavily releasing purple mist from its mouth. Adamas wanted to move, to run back into the corridor towards the small room, but he couldn’t. The Drill Rabbit’s stare held him firmly in place like the roots of a tree. Adamas was afraid. In fact he was afraid of many things while he stood there under the Drill Rabbit’s gaze. Afraid of confronting the vile creature in front of him, afraid of being impaled by its purple drill, afraid of dying a slow death like Andrew, but most of all he was afraid of becoming a coward.

“Coward!” It’s what Kandy called him back then. Just thinking about it made him forget the immense pressure he was feeling from the Drill Rabbit. He clenched his fists in anger and refused to cow under the Drill Rabbit’s stare. He looked up defiantly and raised his hand towards the scabbards strapped on to his back. He unsheathed both his blades and the ringing sound of released steel sang through the empty room. Adamas raised his right hand sword horizontally in a defensive position and his left hand sword vertically in an attacking position.


    Fighting Spirit rises by 5 (+5 FIG)

Cannibal Rab scowled in anger when it saw its little snack failing to succumb to its pressure. It raised its head and opened its mouth towards Adamas and let out a shrill screech that made him cringe. It sounded as if someone was scratching a chalk board for a whole minute. It sent shivers all over Adamas’s body so he put both hands on his ears trying cancel out the sound. When it was all over Adamas looked up and couldn’t see Cannibal Rab anymore. He was just gone. At that moment when Adams was looking around the room for the monster’s whereabouts, just like spider man’s spidey sense’s, Adamas felt a distinctive tingle along his spine.

“I have to duck.”

Without a moments hesitation Adamas pulled his feet out from beneath him and let gravity handle the rest. A swooshing sound could be heard and felt as Cannibal Rab’s claws swung in the same space where Adamas’s head had been not only 2 seconds before. Adamas felt like he could see the whole swing in slow motion as he fell down. It freaked out Adamas plenty, so he quickly rolled away in fright and stood back up in preparation for the next incoming attack.


You have unlocked the new Passive skill “Sixth Sense”!
Sixth Sense!
Allows the user to sense any imminent physical or magical danger that approaches him/her unseen. Activates whenever incoming threats are thrown towards the user. Whether the user is quick enough to avoid that danger is up to him/her.

Adamas didn’t have time to read the notification so without thinking about he just said “Close notification”. As soon as the notification disappeared from view he saw Cannibal Rab rush towards him face down, horn in front, in order to ram Adamas with its drill. When Rab was only a couple of yards away it launched itself from the ground towards Adamas like a rocket.

Adamas quickly moved both swords in front of him and when Cannibal Rab was only an arm’s distance away, Adamas swung them from the left and hit Rab’s horn/drill. Adamas’s veins popped out from his little hands, arms and chest as both his swords redirected Rab’s attack to his right, straight into the wall. The stone wall cried out loud in pain as Rab’s head imbedded itself. The drill rabbit ass stuck out like a sore thumb begging Adamas to attack it.


Adamas looked down at his swords and noticed a thin line running along the basic steel sword his father had given him. It lost a huge chunk of durability.

If I keep fighting like this, the sword Rand gave me is definitely going to break!

Adamas looked up at the Drill Rabbit and he could see that its health bar above it went down by a quarter. He ran up to the still trapped Drill Rabbit and slashed with all his might at its thick skin with Grant’s Old Sword only to see its health barely go down. Adamas could only stare in disbelief at the little damage he inflicted. In response to the attack, Rab was now struggling even more trying to get out. It’s whole body was wriggling like a fish and Adamas could now hear a *Bzzz* sound.

Shit, it’s using its drill. I need to think of a way to damage this creep… but even if I attack while he’s trapped I’ll barely do any damage..Shit! Come on think Adam! Wait…. why did it receive so much damage when it rammed into the wall….?

The drilling noise was getting intense and chunks of the stone wall were now falling onto the ground. Adamas was getting even more anxious now. He looked at his swords and thought about what he could do to avoid its next attack.

I can probably only redirect one more attack, maybe two if I’m lucky….. Wait a minute…. “Redirect!” I used its own momentum against it when it rammed into the wall. The larger the mass and the faster the speed, the larger the momentum! Resulting in an even larger collision…. But I have to do it at least three more times and I doubt Rand’s basic sword is going to last another attempt.. Shit! Come on, think!!

Adamas could only continue pondering as Rab sought to wriggle itself free from its self-made imprisonment. Out of no where Adamas beamed with a smile. He quickly reached into his bag and retrieved a golden book. He put his hand flat against the surface of the front cover and yelled out loud “Learn Skill!!” The book shone with golden light and the light slowly transferred to Adamas’s hand continuing onwards to his arm and the rest of his body until Adamas was engulfed in a golden glow. The book lost all of its color and turned gray. Adamas’s hand then sank into it until it fell apart into dust.


You have learned the new skill Double Guard Slash!
Double Guard Slash!!
COUNTER(Attacking while defending).
    Bait your enemy into using there full strength with a guard stance and counter their attack adding their strength into yours with a powerful double slash!

Adamas smiled in relief. He wasn’t glowing gold anymore but inside he felt like he was. I was right! The skill Grant gave me turned out to be a counter after all! I had my suspicions when I saw “guard” and “slash” in the same sentence…. Now then back to-


A gut-wrenching screech was released from Rab as he finally escaped from the stone prison. He looked towards Adamas with eyes full of rage. Adamas was too occupied learning a new skill at the moment to notice that he escaped but Rab also failed to register the gold light surrounding his prey. He was hysteric. Rab never, even in his wildest dream, imagined that his food would fight back. Then he remembered that monumental event when all of its brethren were slaughtered in front of his eyes by the blue man. Yes, he was reminded of that blue man. As he looked at Adamas the image of the blue man with one wing slowly began to replace him. The hate surged up from within him. All of his muscles in his body clenched in rage until Rab lifted his head up and released a blood curling scream. Being reminded of the blue man who hurt his pride, the man who cut off his arm and maimed his beautiful horn, he instinctively opened his mouth wide and felt something rushing out pointing towards his nemesis.

Adamas looked up just in time to see Rab regurgitate a huge running stream of purple goo. Adamas relied on his reflexes and jumped to his right but it was too late. He was nicked by a few drops that burned through his clothes and onto his skin.


Adamas didn’t even realize he was kneeled on the floor yelling until he stopped for some air. It hurt. It hurt him so much that nothing he had experienced in real life or in NLR so far could compare. Half his health was gone in an instant.


You have been poisoned!
      -1hp every minute!
    Go to a priest or herbalist before you die in order to get healed, or if you have an antidote use it quickly! (Depending on poison, only certain antidotes will work.)
    Endurance rises by 10 (+10 END)

The pain was now subsiding to a constant throbbing. Adamas slowly picked himself off the ground and read the notifications. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

“The Hell!” Adamas yelled out in disbelief. Half of my health gone and a poison effect because of some vomit drops!! He looked up and saw Rab in the middle of disgorging the rest of his acidic poison. When Rab finally spit out the last of his purple vomit he swung his face towards Adamas and wore a creepy grin with purple drool leaking out from its mouth. That just made his disfigured rabbit face even more repugnant. The way Rab grinned made Adamas feel like the Drill Rabbit knew that it managed to hurt and poison him, but when Adamas saw his eyes he quickly revoked his previous thoughts. Those eyes made him look like he had completely flipped out..

“The damn rabbit went crazy.”

Cannibal Rab let out another screech and charged towards Adamas at an unbelievable speed. Adamas could only raise up his sword in defense as Rab swinged its left arm towards the right side of his body. The claws clashed with both his swords throwing sparks left and right. Adamas was unable to hold Rab’s massive left arm as it continuously pushed against his swords. He was lifted up from the ground forced back towards the wall behind him. He met the wall hard and bounced off it only to meet the ground head first. His back quivered from pain while he coughed up some blood. His health had taken another dive. Adamas picked himself up as quickly as possible trying to ignore the pain and when he looked at Rab what he saw confused him.

Rab wore a strained face as his body seemed to change. Adamas thought that the Drill Rabbit’s body was unstable as certain areas of its body were bulging out as if it was growing.

No, it’s… shrinking?

Rab’s body looked to be smaller than before almost like a humans and the two extra horns on its forehead were no longer small. They were now half the height of the original horn. Adamas had a sinking feeling inside of his stomach. Whatever was happening could not be good so he stood up and yelled at the Rab.

“Hey Vermin!! Whats the hold up! Having trouble taking a crap!! Maybe it’s because you ate your own kind you little flesh-eating prick!!? Why don’t you come over here so I can help make all the pain go away with my sword!! Then I’ll be able to enjoy some of your rabbit jerky!!”

Cannibal Rab looked up in anger. It didn’t understand most of what the puny little human was yelling but it did understand one word. “Vermin” It remembered that word. When it was young and still a red-eye rabbit it used to live in the fields outside the city. It was chaotic then, sometimes humans would come out and slay his kind for no reason at all. Even his brother was slain and he remembered what those ugly humans said before they did it. “Die you Vermin”. Vermin. It angered him beyond means. Vermin? This puny little human dared to proclaim it would kill him? It was even more angry because it brought back memories of his deceased brother. Cannibal Rab looked up with anger clouding his eyes and let out another ear-splitting roar!! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Its mind was preoccupied with only one thought: KILL!

Cannibal Rab ran straight towards Adamas faster than ever but this time Adamas was ready for it. He thought of using Double Guard Slash and his swords automatically went out in front of him in a cross guard. When Rab saw that Adamas thought he could take on his attack he went into a frenzy from all the anger. Adamas took a deep breath and began doing a mental exercise his sister would always force him to do before sparring. It never worked before but he had nothing to lose now and he needed every advantage. He closed his eyes and pictured it all within seconds.

A sword. A white stainless steel sword without any hilt. It started with just a bar of steel floating in complete darkness. He concentrated on the base and made sure it was strong enough to handle the most powerful impact. Next he focused on the balance. It had to be just right so that it would strike true. Afterwards he turned his attention to the edges of the sword and made them sharp and sleek so that it would slice unimpeded. He then went to the end point of the sword and imagined himself apart of it. He imagined that he was the end of the sword. The end to any he pierced. He was deadly and unforgiving. Precise and accurate.

Suddenly Adamas opened his eyes and looked up with a tranquil expression.

Adamas could feel his heart beating in anticipation, the flexing of every muscle in his body, the sweat sliding down his face, the numb feeling in his shoulder from where the arrow struck, the burning wounds on his left arm, and the slow acting poison in his blood stream. He was calm. Unusually so. He felt as if he knew exactly how to defeat the incoming enemy.

When Cannibal Rab was only a few yards away he drop his head and all of his horns began to rotate like a drill. He didn’t jump like before but increased his running speed. He looked like charging bull getting ready to shatter the two little metal sticks between him and Adamas. Rab quickly closed in on Adamas and was ready to make contact with his swords but the were no longer crossed in front him.

The skill forced Adamas into action and he calmly went along by moving his swords to his right and stepping to his left. After his first step, both his swords came up covered in gold and made a fast arc towards an empty space on his left. Cannibal Rab saw the incoming swords to late and he ran straight into that same empty space. Adamas felt the swords sink into Rab’s side and they cut through him like butter.

“Eeeyargh!!” Rab screamed out in pain and at the same time the sound of Adamas’s basic steel sword breaking could also be heard. Rab fell down with blood streaming everywhere and it continued to cry in pain as it lay there twitching.


      Level Up: Sword Mastery [5] (23%)
      Increases Attack Power with a sword (+40% ATK)
      Increases Attack Speed with a sword (+15% ATK SPD)
You have unlocked the new Passive skill “Serenity”!
Allows the user to dive into a serene state of mind that allows for full control of the user’s body and emotions. This is a passive skill that will only be activated when certain conditions are met. Whenever the user finds out what those conditions are they will be listed in the skill directory. Once the user masters this skill it will turn into an active skill that can be used whenever user desires

Adamas continued on for a few steps after slicing Rab and just dropped onto the ground with his sword beside him in exhaustion. His tranquil state of mind was lost after that attack, he rolled over face up breathing hard. He had watched the Drill Rabbits health sink during the attack and he was confident that it would die soon. Almost all of his stamina was gone and he could still feel pain from his past injuries. He was beyond tired. After a minute or two Rab’s screams finally stopped. Adamas smiled.

I did it!! I beat that crazy f***ing bastard. Yes!

Adamas was glowing on the inside. He felt like he had just moved mountains.


The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard and Adamas quickly looked up.

“Are you for real!!”

Cannibal Rab stood only a few steps away. It looked tattered beyond repair, and it was breathing heavily. The health bar above its head looked empty at first glance but when Adamas looked closely he could see a bit of red attesting to the life of the Drill Rabbit. It growled at Adamas and began to limp quickly towards him. Adamas panicked. He didn’t have time to stand so he reached out for his sword beside him without looking and realized he wasn’t going to make it. I’m not gonna make it! Then an idea struck him and he thought of extra gravity pulling down on the Drill Rabbit.

Gravity Field Activated

Rab faltered under the extra gravity but he soon continued on despite the extra weight. It only bought Adamas a couple of seconds but that was all he needed to find his sword. As soon as Rab opened his mouth to bite Adamas’s head off, Adamas brought up Grant’s old sword from underneath Rab and stabbed it through his chin. Digging all the way through his brain and coming out from the top of his head, Rab could only make a choking sound. His eyes stared into Adamas in hatred as the dimmed away into death.

Adamas sighed in relief but when he did, he felt a sharp pain coming from the side of his stomach. He looked down and saw on of Rab’s claw stabbed into his body. Due to the adrenaline he never noticed being stabbed.

The b**** stabbed me!

You are Bleeding!

No shit sherlock!

His health slowly began to drop at a steady rate. He looked up he saw a timer counting down from ten on top of the Drill Rabbit’s body.

Am I going to last long enough to see it reach zero? Shit! ……I can’t believe I’m gonna die and fail two quests!!

The timer reached zero and the Drill Rabbit’s body broke into tiny glass pieces that disappeared.

Ahh, So that what happens…..


Adamas’s health was almost all gone and his eyelids grew heavy. He tried to stay awake but he couldn’t. He looked up and the last thing he saw was a purple gem among the various glass pieces turning pink and radiating profusely as it fell down towards him. When Adamas’s eyes closed the echoing voice of some female laughing could be heard.

*************** (Hailey’s POV)

“Leon! Thanks for coming over!” Gaurald yelled at loud to the oncoming group.

Garuald was now outside in the woods around the vicinity where Adamas had fallen. Hailey and Lindsey behind him and in front of him was Leon and four other players. The newcomers all wore yellow and red clothing. Leon looked like a young adult in his mid-twenties. He had a wide mouth, big lips, brown eyes and black hair. Overall, he looked very creepy

“After saying that you had located the kung-fu kid I had no choice but to come. No-”

“We told you to only bring two other players! I see four with you!”

Lindsey came up and cut in yelling.

Leon wore a disgusting smile and replied. “Now, now. Let’s just calm down. There was nothing I could do about that. Executive members have to have four bodyguards with them at all times. I’m only following the rules set by the guild.”

Lindsey couldn’t come up with a rebut all so she just smacked her lips and shut up with a scowl on her face but thankfully Gaurald came up and assured her.

“Hey don’t worry, we can trust him, I’ve known him for a while now. He’s one of the brothers in my dad’s fraternity….. Trust me.”

Lindsey could only mumble “okay”.

(FYI: They have different names in real life, but for now I won’t say them until we actually have them in a RL setting.)

Hailey could only smile as she watched Gaurald comfort her best friend. She had known Lindsey ever since they were children and Gaurald begun to hang out with them in middle school (8th grade) when he transferred. In High School (10th grade) Gaurald confessed to Lindsey but she turned him down. Only now it seems like after the confession she has become more aware of Gaurald. It was just a few weeks ago that Lindsey confessed to Hailey that she liked Gaurald. She cried saying that she was afraid Gaurald still hated her because she turned him down but Hailey comforted her by telling her there was no way Gaurald would ever hate her.

Now that they had all graduated, Gaurald, the Valedictorian (#1 student), left for the University of Oxford in the UK while Hailey and Lindsey chose Tulane since they always dreamed of living down south in New Orleans after their family summer trip there. Now Lindsey was planning on confessing to Gaurald in VRMMOPG since long-distance relationships would now be possible with the invention of Full Drive. They could meet up online here in NLR.

Hailey’s watchful gaze over her best friend was broken off when she heard Leon talking.

“Now then, where did you say you last saw the kung-fu kid?”

“Wait…. Are we going to… join.” Hailey asked.

Leon looked at her and smiled.


“That depends on whether your information is accurate. If we can find him than of course we will allow you all to join.”

They showed Leon and his guild-mates where they last saw the little kung-fu kid and they all went back to where they originally met which is only a couple of yards away.

One of the four guild member that came along with Leon stepped up and spoke up to his superior.

“What if he logged out sir?”

Leon looked surprised as if that thought had never struck him. He put his hand on his chin in what looked to be a thinking pose and hummed for about 3 minutes until he spoke up.

“Well, I can’t deny that possibility. A grown person could log out when a considerable amount of time especially since a lot has passed since the battle you all fought trying to catch him.”

“Wait, you mean you can’t log out during a battle when your inside the city?” Lindsey asked curiously.

Leon smiled and replied. “Yes but that can only happen here in Greenage outside of the inner walls. This area is special since its wide and most of the land is still wild. We also tested it ourselves just to make sure. You are however able to log out after 10 minutes of combat.”

Lindsey absorbed the information and mumbled out “I see”

“But one of our members managed to overhear the boy in a discussion with a girl and we, the executives, found out that it would not be possible for him.” Leon said while grinning.

“What do you mean?” Gaurald asked.

Leon’s grin grew wider which made his face look even more ugly. “We found out the kung-fu kid is in fact a player still in his 10 day growth period! That means if he logged out he would leave his body here in the woods unattended.

The three-man team were all surprised. Most of all they were relieved it wasn’t an actual kid. Lindsey sighed in relief knowing she was catching some older player and Hailey felt a small part of her guilt lift from her shoulders. Only a small part since what they did was still wrong and she knew it. Gaurald on the other hand just shrugged his shoulders once he got over the surprise. It didn’t matter to him. They still needed the kid to get into the FF guild.

Leon looked back at his four member and whispered something to them. They all ran of into different directions when he was done whispering. “Now then let us join in on the search as well!”

For the next 30 minutes they all searched high and low for the kung-fu kid but none of them could find him. They all met back where they originally met and all of them shook their heads as they came up empty.

“Gaurald, I need to talk to you.” Leon said in a rather monotone voice.

Hailey watched as Gaurald walked over to Leon. They both began to whisper and soon they were arguing Gaurald slowly began to wear a reluctant face. Leon looked to be pressuring him by swinging his hands as he gestured while he continued to whisper to Gaurald. There talk continued for about 10 minutes until finally they came back with Gaurald wearing the same friendly face whenever he would talk to his team mates.

“Me and Leon decided it would be best if we went back to the spot where you all last saw the kid. From there we will try to track his way through the woods. He must have left some sign of where he went.”

Hailey frowned and spoke up. “I already tried that…. and told you that the tracks just lead to a couple… of bushes… They just ended there.”

Since Hailey had the most experience with tracking prey they had her follow the tracks before Leon came that lead them to a couple of bushes. They searched the bushes failing to find the kid or the mini-dungeon entrance so they decided to just wait for Leon.

“Maybe we can add some new perspective by observing the tracks since we haven’t seen them yet.” Leon said as he motioned to his guild-mates.

So they found themselves heading back to the spot where Adamas began to roll down the hill. Hailey, Lindsey, and Gaurald led the way and behind them were Leon and the 4 FF guild members. Leon was talking to them but none of the others up front could hear what was being said.

When they finally arrived Leon asked Hailey to show him where the tracks were and when he followed her, two of the other guild mates also came along. Hailey bent down and quietly described the track marks to Leon and his guild-mates.


When she looked up to see what the sound was she was suddenly hit in head and she passed out. The last thing she saw before she passed out was Gaurald with a face full of resolve looking down at an unconscious Lindsey sprawled out on the ground.

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  1. Raenius says:

    Another betrayal… yout pure evil man, pure evil. Nice work. When do you think next ch will be up?


  2. Bruce says:

    this is a great story. thank you
    p.s What does Endurance does


  3. tmbrakta says:

    It reduces the pain felt and physical damage inflicted by the enemy. It also frequently increases the user’s HP by a small amount.

    *Edit: Towards the end of the book, I’ll make a list of all skills and stats Adamas has with each individual description.


  4. Fujiki says:

    Dude, your work is amazing! I’m awaiting for another chapter. Hey have you already choose adamas clas? I’t would be amazing if he had any sort of beast tamer skill!
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    • tmbrakta says:

      Thank you. And Yes! I already chose his class, but that’s a secret until it comes out in one of the upcoming chapters. Thanks for reading!

      P.S. We all start somewhere so don’t mind me, your english is good enough.


  5. yuki says:

    They sort of had it coming to them…. Lesson: Don’t try to kidnap children. Karma will always find you. lol
    Love your work. Keep it up~


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