Chapter9: Heartache

*Action* or *Sound* (and sometimes censorship for curse words)
#Whisper# (Means to chat with another player)


Hailey groaned in pain as she woke up to a raging headache. She steadily opened her eyes and tried to ascertain her condition. She was still in the woods near the top of the hill where the kung-fu kid fell. She looked down and found herself tied by ropes with nothing on except for her underwear. Her mouth was gagged by a white cloth as well. Her mind was still foggy due to the pain but she could process that she no longer had her clothes on so she checked her bag as well.

She somehow muttered, “Invondowy” (Inventory).

Thankfully the system understood her and a box popped up into her view with only one word at the top.


The long-bow that she received from her NPC father was gone as well as the arrows she painstakingly took the time to make. The clothes that she received from her NPC mother as well were gone and they were in a pile out of her reach. All the items she had on her lay down in a heap besides them and even her money was gone. She slowly looked around her surroundings in confusion and found 4 FF guild members sorting through what looked to be her friend’s, Lindsey’s, items. She looked to her right side and found Lindsey sitting there beside her unconscious. She was also tied up in the same semi-naked way.

What’s happening? Why am I and Lindsey in our underwear? Weren’t we showing FF where the kung-fu kid left his trac-

Suddenly Leon stepped into her view from behind her distracting her line of thought and he kneeled right in front of her. He bobbed his head up and down checking out Hailey’s body with his eyes leering at her bare skin not trying to hide his intention at all. A disgusting smile appeared on to his face as he regarded the “goods” in front of him.

“Heehe, you woke up pretty earlier. It’s only been 5 minutes since I knocked you out and you’re already up! More fun for me I guess. Its boring staring at an unconscious girl in her underwear.”

Everything that transpired only moments ago came back to Hailey in a rush. This asshole!! He must’ve knocked me unconscious…. and Lindsey! Where’s Gaurald? I saw him last. Maybe he went to get help! She glared at Leon while struggling to wiggle loose from her bonds.

“Woah, calm down there little kitten. Heeehe. Watching you struggle in your undies will only turn me on even more! Heeheheehe”

Hailey couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment. She drew her body in closer in a futile attempt to cover herself. She felt Leon’s gaze licking all over her semi-naked body. Hailey could only shiver in disgust. This was the first time anyone other than her family members have ever seen her in her underwear and it made her extremely uncomfortable.

Leon’s smile widened even more when he saw Hailey’s reaction and his eyes grew wilder. His breathing grew rougher as well like an animal in heat.

“Yes, Yes! That’s the reaction I love the most. Shame, embarrassment, and discomfort! This is why I’ll never get tired of this! Heeheehe!”

Wearing a sadistic smile, Leon reached out a finger to run over Hailey’s bare thighs. Hailey tried to draw herself away from Leon’s touch but she couldn’t. Her back met against the trunk of a tree when she tried to reel away from Leon’s hand. She tried yelling “don’t touch me” but all she could manage were muffled sounds due to her gag. When she saw that she couldn’t escape from Leon’s touch her eyes teared up and she closed them refusing to see him touch her. When she waited and felt nothing she slightly opened her eyes and saw Leon scowling in anger before he spoke up.

“Tch, the creators of this game suck ****. They sure know how to take all the fun away!” His finger was a couple of inches away pressing on what looked to be an invisible barrier. A message popped up in front of Hailey.

Another player is trying to initiate a sexual encounter. Do you approve?

Hailey wanted to scream out no but she controlled her self. She knew she couldn’t with the white cloth gagging her. She mumbled no in a barely audible whisper with the gag on.

Rejection has been logged. In the next three days, further advances shall be reported to GMs

Leon looked surprised as if a notification had suddenly popped up in front of him. After reading its contents he his face was red waiting to burst with anger. He looked at Hailey with his seething eyes. She saw some motion from his hand and before she could react she was no longer sitting upright. She was on her side lying on the ground. She felt a slight stabbing pain in her jaw and that was when she realized that she was back-handed by Leon. He sneered hauntingly at Hailey and spoke out in a deep commanding voice.

“Don’t get full of yourself you little slut. I still have you life in my hands.”

That was when Hailey realized the hilarity of the situation. She started to laugh. At first it was a quiet laugh kept to herself but before she realized it, she was laughing out loud. She couldn’t manage to truly laugh out loud since she was gagged and unable to open her mouth, but her chest rocked from the rumbling laughter inside, making it obvious to all she was laughing. The 4 FF member stopped what they were doing and stared at Hailey wondering if she had finally gone crazy. Leon had a confused look as well. He probably thought that Hailey had went cuckoo as well.

Leon couldn’t hold it in anymore and he practically yelled out his question towards Hailey after ordering one of his men to take off her gag.

“Why are you laughing!!”

Hailey controlled her large fit of laughter and responded with giggles in between.

“It’s because this is only a game.. hehe.. and you looked so… hehe.. serious when you said you had my life in your hands. hahaha!”

Leon’s face somehow went from light red to a darker shade due to embarrassment. Even some of the other FF member were snickering. He finally had enough and kicked Hailey in the face. Hailey immediately shut up as soon as Leon’s boot met her face. She was on the ground again with blood dripping down from her nose. Leon was about to do more until he saw Hailey’s health bar. It was still in the green but Leon must’ve thought it was better to be safe than sorry. Last thing he wanted was to become a chaotic player or what everyone likes to say, a “red player”.

Leon, realizing he wasn’t going to have a one on one session with Hailey no matter what, threw up his arms, and walked away in anger. He was cursing the creators of the game and Hailey under his breath while he kept kicking up a bunch of branches from the ground. He than signaled the same FF member that took off Hailey’s white cloth gag to tie it back on again.

Hailey sighed in relief and using the tree to drag herself upright into a sitting position. The blood running down from her nose reminded Hailey that Lindsey might be injured as well so she looked at her friend once more searching for any severe injuries. Other than a red bump on her head, Lindsey looked fine. She was still unconscious but that really didn’t worry Hailey.

“Are you all done yet? The road is clear and I’d like to get out of here as soon as possible.”

The voice Hailey heard unbalanced her world.

No it’s impossible. He would never casually talk to the people who captured us! It has to be someone else!

In walked Gaurald, straight into her view from the surrounding trees. It looked like he just returned from what sounded like watching the road.

Leon stopped cursing and looked up with a scowl responding rather vehemently. “Soon! We have to sort through the items and catalogue them.” Then his expression changed again. He sneaked a peak at Hailey and smiled. “Its a good thing you told me to bring players with the “pickpocketing” skill. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to take their money or bag items.”

Gaurald grinned. “Yeah. I thought we might need them in case we couldn’t find the kung-fu kid. I guess I was right.”

Hailey could only gawk at Gaurald in disbelief. She couldn’t believe it. He was talking to them as if they were old friends, as if he was working with them, as if he had betrayed her and Lindsey. It took a while for Hailey to come to grips with Gaurald’s massive betrayal. It shook her foundations. He was supposed to be their close friend.

Gaurald followed Leon’s line of sight and found himself looking towards Hailey. He met her eyes. He didn’t look away in shame, nor did he look sad. He looked Hailey in the eyes with a stoic face and spoke up with a matter of fact voice.

“At least they served me some purpose.”

Leon wore his usual ugly smile and replied. “Yes, with all their items and money I don’t see the guild leader refusing you admittance. Heeheheee.


Adamas slowly opened his eyes to a blinking notification box.

You have been blessed by the shard of the Amantes Gem!
All ailments have been healed including bleeding effects! (You may only be blessed once a week)
These bonus stats shall remain applied while shard is in possession.
+5 strength
+5 agility
+5 endurance
+5 wisdom
+5 intelligence
Other bonuses:
Love stat has been generated! (+10 LOV)

Adamas wore a dumb look on his face as he read the notification. He quickly checked his health and found that he only had 7HP left. His health points suddenly jumped up to 8. It looked to be slowly increasing. The stab wound on his side was closed up as if someone had melded it together and all the pain in his body was now reduced to a throbbing ache. The poison in his system was gone as if someone had sucked it all out. When he looked to his immediate right a few inches away from his stab wound he found a small purple puddle of what looked to be the missing poison that was inside him. The burnt marks on his arm were also healed. They were now only red spots instead of the poisonous purple color.

I freaking survived! Holy shit! Thank you god!

His clothes were still worn out. The long sleeves on his wounded arm had holes in them due to the acidic poison and both undershirt and front shirt had holes in them from the malicious stab attack by the Drill Rabbit. He felt his body all over with his hands to make sure he wasn’t injured and felt a small bump on his chest towards the left. He steadily stood up and took off both shirts. There lodged into his chest on top of his heart was a pink shard about the size of his thumb. He was too afraid to pry it out and injure himself since he only had 9HP (it slowly increased) so he warily but carefully touched it. The shard glowed softly from his touch but other than that nothing else happened.

Why the hell is this thing in my chest!!

He tried to wiggle the shard to see if it was loose but it remained in place like a tree rooted in the ground. He tapped against it to test if it would hurt him by putting some weight on it but oddly enough it felt like he was touching a part of his own body.

Shit! It’s already firmly lodged in and made itself at home! I hope I wont start turning purple and spitting out poison like the drill rabbit….

Adamas then turned his attention towards the notification icon that was constantly blinking. He touched the blinking icon and another box popped up before his eyes followed by more.

Love is an essential part of everyone’s life. It comes in many forms but the underlying meaning is the same. The higher your love stat the easier it will be to familiarize yourself with the inhabitants of NLR! You cannot distribute points to this stat. It will rise and fall according to your actions

You are the first player to generate the love stat!

– Love rises by 5 (+5 LOV)
– Wisdom rises by 2 (+2 WIS)
– Intelligence rises by 2 (+2 INT)
You have defeated the min-dungeon boss Cannibal Rab!
– Strength rises by 2 (+2 STR)
– Agility rises by 2 (+2 AGI)
– Fighting Spirit rises by 10 (+10 FIG)
– Luck rises by 5 (+5 LUC)

You are the first player to defeat a Drill Rabbit!

– Strength rises by 2 (+2 STR)
– Agility rises by 2 (+2 AGI)

You have defeated a monster 30+ levels above you!

– Fighting Spirit rises by 20 (+20 FIG)
– Endurance rises by 10 (+10 END)
– Luck rises by 10 (+10 LUC)
You have earned the new tittle: Rabbit Verminator
  • When facing rabbits your attack power increases by 25%. When facing rabbits the chance of critical hits rises by 20%. The chance of evading rabbit attacks rises by 20%.
  • The received title increases all stats by a bonus of 1.
  • Fame increases by 25

Rabbit Verminator? …..I could think of worse titles so I guess I could live with that.

Adamas wore a massive grin on his face as he continued to read the many stats boosts he gained from all of the hardships he was forced to endure. He went through all of them again and checked even the notifications that popped up during his battle. When he finally came upon the notification describing Cannibal Rab’s level Adamas couldn’t help but pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dead and just dreaming.

Level 40! No wonder… The sucker wouldn’t even flinch to any of my conventional attacks. I should worship the ground Grant walks on for giving me that skill book. Without it I would be rabbit food by now.

Adamas also noticed the timer under the word evolution but he ignored it. He didn’t want to think about what would have happened if he waited 4 more minutes before killing Rab.

His attention was taken away by the various objects lying on the ground. He picked up 2 gold coins and 5 silver coins, two bottles of what looked to be some poison, some rabbit meat, some rabbit fur and one more item. The last item brought a smile to his face. It was a short bone sword that had rabbit fur near the top of the hilt. The blade was all bone but it was exceedingly sharp to the touch. Adamas tried to equip it but failed. He couldn’t even identify what it was exactly so he sighed and threw into his bag with the rest of his new goods.

Adamas then proceeded onwards to the incline that would eventually lead him to freedom. Much to his surprise, it was a long climb up before he finally reached the square hatch-like door. He slowly swung the hatch open in order to peak at the outside. When he saw no immediate threat he opened it the rest of the way and climbed out quickly.

It felt like I was in there for days, but it was only for about 2 hours!

He closed his eyes and inhaled the fresh air while streaks of sunlight sneaked through the openings of the surrounding trees only to land on Adamas’s face. He held the fresh intake of breath inside of him relishing the scent and feeling of the outdoors. Adamas still couldn’t get over how real virtual reality turned out to be. He could taste the wild grass in the air and smell the fresh supply of oxygen that the surrounding tree were releasing. If it wasn’t for the constant reminder of the time located towards the bottom of his vision, he would begin to think that NLR was in fact a real world. His thoughts began to wonder. He played with the idea that maybe his real life was a virtual reality as well. He felt he was in a similar situation just like the matrix only that he was playing a virtual reality game inside a virtual world. It seemed mind-boggling but his imagination would always turn up with a crazy scenario.

Adamas finally exhaled when he could no longer hold his breath and opened his eyes. He pushed away all of his wild imaginations into the far corners of his mind and concentrated on the task ahead. He looked around his surroundings hoping to get a better bearing of where he was. He needed to get home. He still had time seeing as it was only 10:30, and dinner wouldn’t start until 6 so he took his time. He looked around until he saw a familiar decline towards his right. He reached the top of the decline and noticed that it was the exact same decline he had rolled down earlier. He was just a bit further south from the exact spot where he got clipped by an arrow.

Looks like my best chance towards finding the road is to back track the way I came in.

Adamas then proceeded to unsheathe both his swords from their respective scabbards. He held them pointing face down at the ground while he traversed through the woods.

I won’t be caught with my hand in my ass next time anyone wants a piece of me.

It took about 10 minutes for Adamas to reach the vicinity of the place where he last got hit by an arrow. Before he reached the exact spot he heard voices up ahead and stealthily walked over to the nearest shrub that was big enough to conceal his body. He peeked past the bushes and saw a small group of 6 guys and two girls. Five of those guys were all wearing yellow and red clothing and had the picture of a lion roaring on their cloaks with the letter FF on top of it. One of them had what looked to be better gear than the other four. The guy had what could only be described as a greasy smile. His face was unsightly and his smile gave Adamas the creeps. His hair was long and black. Adamas immediately recognized the 6th guy in the group. He was wearing full armor except for the helmet. His hair was blonde and his build was kind of big. He wasn’t fat. Just really muscular. Maybe it was a game tweak. Adamas didn’t know.

The two girls in the group were naked in their underwear. One was awake with her nose bleeding and eyes wide staring at the guy in full armor and the other gal was knocked out. The unconscious girl was immediately recognized by Adamas as one of the assailants along with the armored guy. Adamas did not know what to make of the situation. They seemed to be in the middle of a discussion so Adamas stealthily moved closer to another shrub that was hearing distance away from the group. The first words he heard came from the greasy guy’s mouth.

“-n’t see the guild leader refusing you admittance. Heeheheee.

Gaurald grinned at what Leon said and replied.

“No, I don’t see him refusing me either.”

The shock of Gaurald’s betrayal was so immense that Hailey couldn’t have said anything even if she wanted to.

If Lindsey sees this, she’ll break down! She loves and trusts Gaurald unconditionally! Oh god or whatever you are in this game please don’t let Lindsey wake up!

Hailey silently prayed to whatever higher being the game housed for Lindsey to stay down and unconscious, but it seemed like they had other plans because at that exact moment, Lindsey began to stir.

Hailey looked down at Lindsey then up at Gaurald in a panic. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if she even could do anything. She was helplessly tied up by numerous ropes in her underwear and she couldn’t speak due to the gag in her mouth. Hailey looked down and saw Lindsey slowly turn around. She saw her mouth and realized she wasn’t gagged like she was.

Why didn’t they gag her like me!!

Hailey thought that it was a bit unfair but she quickly got over it and began to worry all over again about Lindsey finding out about Gaurald. Gaurald also saw Lindsey stir and looked a bit concerned. Nonetheless he stood his ground and watched her arise.

“Ugh, my head hurts.”

Lindsey groaned under her breath before she opened her eyes as she sat herself upright on the ground. When she realized she couldn’t raise her hand in order to touch her head because it was tied to her back, her eyes quickly opened. She squinted because of the sunlight and blinked a few times before she finally got accustomed to the light.

Everyone went quiet. They all stood still as they observed what Lindsey would do next. She first looked at herself and had a wondering expression on her face. Then she looked to her left and saw Hailey with blood leaking from her nose. Her expression quickly changed into that of worry.

“Hailey! Are you okay? Oh my god. What happened? Who did this to you? Where’s Gaurald? Why are we not wearing our clothes? Who did this to us? Are the-”

Hailey could only grunt in reply since she was still gagged and unable to properly talk. Lindsey quickly caught on that Hailey was unable to answer her questions so she stopped her interrogation.

Lindsey looked up towards the 4 FF member going through her and Hailey’s stuff. She wore a “wtf” expression on her face when she saw them folding her clothes. Then she swung her head to look at Leon who was flashing his repulsive smile. She was quickly disgusted and swiftly looked away. She eyed the rest of her surroundings looking around for Gaurald who wasn’t really all that hard to find.

When Lindsey met Gaurald’s eyes, Hailey realized that he faltered under her gaze and he quickly looked away. Lindsey caught him looking away as well but she spoke up as if he hadn’t.

“Gar, what’s wrong with everybody? Did we get attacked by another group while looking for the kung-fu kid? Did you all just rescue us? Hurry up and untie these ropes. They feel really uncomfortable.”

Gaurald just remained quiet while he keenly observed a nearby tree.

“Gar! What the hell! Are you ignoring me?”

Leon decided to open his big mouth right then and there.

“Heheeheheee, yeah “Gar”! What’s wrong? are you ignoring her!? Heehehee”

Gaurald stared daggers at Leon which only resulted in more fits of laughter from the creep. Gaurald finally looked at Lindsey and spoke up.

“Nobody attacked us, I was the one who knocked you out Lindsey.”

Lindsey stared at Gaurald with confusion written all over her face.

“What? You knocked me out? Come on Gar, there’s no way you would do th-”

Gaurald yelled out loud interrupting Hailey before she could finish.

“I did! I knocked you out so that I could take your money, items, and weapons! I’m going to give them to FF as payment for joining their guild! I did the same thing to Hailey and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! We’re over Linds! Our little group has been over since the day you rejected me! I can’t stay near you and just be friends! I can’t keep smiling as if nothing is wrong! I wanted us to be something more but you already made it clear that it’s not gonna happen! That’s why I couldn’t go to Tulane with you! We needed a clean break and this is it!”

Lindsey face was that of absolute shock. Her mouth moved but no sound came out. She wanted to say something but sadly she couldn’t.

Leon was laughing even more after hearing Gaurald’s embarrassing confession but Gaurald just ignored him and called out to the rest of the group.

“Let’s get going!”

Gaurald walked away through the woods towards the road. The other four FF members quickly picked up the items on the ground and stashed them into their bags. Leon snickered and followed Gaurald with the other 4 FF members in tow.

Lindsey just sat there staring at the man she was beginning to fall for walk away with everything she had including her heart.

Hailey couldn’t help but tear up when she saw Lindsey’s face following her traumatic experience. She wanted to just hug her best friend and tell her everything was going to be fine but she couldn’t. She could only watch in despair as her friend ‘s emotional scar took form.

Adamas saw the whole situation unfold before him and he now had a better idea of what transpired.

*sigh* Well, she got what she deserved for attacking me. Karma’s a bi***

Adamas felt bad for the girl who still had that dazed out look, but not bad enough to help. He decided it was best to avoid them completely and just let them die of starvation. He moved towards the direction the other men had gone and didn’t get farther than two steps before he stepped on a twig that broke into two pieces so perfectly under his foot, the resulting sound rang out like a bell traveling throughout his surroundings. He looked back towards the clearing and saw the girl with a white cloth acting as a gag in her mouth looking directly at him.

Their eyes met and Adamas sighed. He knew he would be no better than the jerks who betrayed them if he just ignored them and went on his merry way. But then again they were the ones that attacked him which resulted in him starring in his own horror film. He was struggling inside on whether he should help them. He met Hailey’s eyes once more and saw tears sliding from them. He decided then he might as well free them of their bonds before leaving.

…..His decision was in no way influenced by the allure of getting a closer look at two fine girls in their underwear…..

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      Charisma is a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others while Love is the understanding of the human heart that compels others to trust whole-heartedly. Love is about what’s in the inside and charisma is about the outer appearance. And yes, he acquired the stat because of the shard. It will be explained in next chapter when he gets home.


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