Main Characters: 

  • Adam (NLR: Adamas): Our protagonist in this story. He goes through a harsh break up with his first love when he caught his best/childhood friend in bed with her. He goes through a stage of depression until he is finally able to enter the world of NLR.
  • Liam (NLR: TBA): Our antagonist in this novel who has a cold calculative outlook on the rest of the world. After encountering his best friends girlfriend, his cold world starts to shatter and without regards to Adam he seduces Adam’s girlfriend intending to explore and investigate why he feels so many incomprehensible emotions.
  • Kandy (NLR: TBA): Adams first love and Liam’s current girlfriend. She first went out with Adam and ended up cheating on him with Liam. More about her will be said in future chapters.
  • Aria (NLR: TBA): Adam’s sister who is a genius at every form of martial arts. She is heralded as the strongest female in the China region.
  • Allie (NLR: TBA): Adams younger sister (2 years) who is just beginning her senior year in highschool. Due to her intelligence, her and her twin sister skipped a grade and are soon about to graduate. She is considered as the out-going, and naive one among the two of them, although she is usually shy at first. She has long hair.
  • Annie: (NLR:TBA): Twin sister to Allie. She is also intelligent and in her senior year along with her twin. She is the opposite of her sister. She is more aware of reality and always guards her innocent twin sister from corruption. She has short hair
  • TBA (NLR: Hailey): Mysterious, silent archer within NLR.
  • Lexi (NLR: TBA): The daughter of unknown (not for long) people who are close friends with Adam’s parents. She moved into Adam’s family home in order to attend Tulane summer school. Adam thinks that under her layer of kindness is a sly and conniving woman.
  • TBA (NLR: Alecia): Mysterious girl who hounds for Adam’s attention.
  • Fleur (NPC): Mysterious silver haired girl that invites Adamas to Temptantes

Mini Main Characters:

  • Rand (NPC):  Adamas’s father. Captain in the Alvernon army with 50 subordinates. Not much is known.
  • Elian (NPC): Adamas’s mother. A High-elf. Wielder of magic. Great cook. Great tailor. Not much is known.
  • Gaurald (NLR): Long time friend of Lindsey and Hailey. Once he was rejected by Lindsey he decided a clean break was best so that he can get over her. So he betrayed her and Hailey in order to make them hate him so that they won;t ever talk to him again. He’s actually a good person but doesn’t know the right methods to use in order to convey his feelings hence the asshole act.
  • Lindsey (NLR): Hailey’s best friend. She was also very good friends with Gaurald until he confessed to her. Due to her surprise and not knowing what to do she refused him and ran away from him. The next day she acted like nothing happened and talked to Gaurald which hurt him. Although she acted like calm and collected deep inside Lindsey was conflicted and started to look towards Gaurald differently. When she decided to confess to him, Gaurald already betrayed her and made her feel like trash.
  • Grant (NPC): Greenage’s training hall’s head instructor. Also close friends with Rand. Not much else is known about him.
  • Crazy Kong (NLR): A Korean player who killed two other plays outside the city’s inner wall.
  • Leo (NLR): One of FF’s lower executives who is a huge pervert.

World Name: (TBA)
Continent Name: Galea
Kingdom’s Name: Alvernon
Main Cities in Alvernon:

  • Greenage (Human)
  • Faraldew (Wood-Elves)
  • Sythiyin (High-Elves)
  • Ithle (Dark-Elves)
  • Irongar (Mountain Dwarves)
  • Kirtan (Wild Dwarves)
  • Illumina (Capital of Alvernon)

INTERACT corps: Made NLR and in charge of A.I.s that was given to them by UNVEIL. Located in Tokyo Japan with many subsidiary branches across the globe.

UNVEIL: Group of elite scientist that invented the first A.I. and the FULL DIVE technology. They are shrouded in mystery.

Blue Alaes

  • Galeas prestigious Courier Association which is in charge of delivering messages all across the continent. They do not hold any allegiances to any country and are allowed across all the borders free of charge. In times of war between kingdoms they abstain from delivering for either side remaining neutral.  They are held in great prestige by citizens all over the continent and kings can do nothing but curse at their freedom.

Known Gods and Goddesses

  • Maia: Goddess of fertility and Hearth
  • Amantes: Goddess of Love
    >The rest will be announced in upcoming chapters.

Current Guilds in Greenage

  • FF (Fierce Fighter)
  • Valiant
  • Loyalers
    >The Guild system in NLR prohibits players from creating guilds until the month lockdown is over, so the players instead gather in groups and keep tally of “future” guild members by friending them and accepting either in-game payment or RL money to join. The merchants write up the contracts so the players won’t be cheated.

> Alvernon is not the only kingdom on Galea. There are many kingdoms and most of them comprise of only one race. The names of the kingdoms will become known in the upcoming chapters since the destined children will soon set out in search of adventure.

>The political state of the real world will also be discussed in the upcoming side-chapter since that also pertains to the story. Since this is set in the future the political state of the world needs some explaining so look forward to that.

>The set races are only the current available races for players. In the future more races will be discovered and unlocked. But only after the player leave the continent Galea. Don’t worry, Galea is a small continent so the appearance of new races wont be long to come.

>>> I am now un-pausing myself and will continue to upload chapters. Two chapter will be uploaded in a week. If it doesn’t happen just wait because it will. Anyway I know many people have emailed me, but I still haven’t checked me mails yet so ill get back to you all soon. CIAO

And sorry for the wait, school has been a pain and work just adds to it.


Adamas’s feet beat upon the dusty path in the afternoon heat at a regular beat with the sun blazing from above causing drops of sweat to slide down his small forehead and into his eyes. He wiped the sweat off his head for about the 20th time since he first left the woods and it wasn’t just the sun that was making him sweat.

Adamas tried to look back towards the sound of the rhythmic beating of four footsteps behind him and the cause of his agitated state.

“Keep your head straight or I’ll poke your eyes out,” voiced the grim semi-naked girl who introduced herself earlier as Hailey. She trailed behind Adamas with another girl in the same underwear that Hailey was wearing. She was in Hailey’s arms and was still sobbing.

Adamas suppressed his curiosity again and kept his head forward.


I save them and this is how they repay me… I knew I should’ve just left them alone. Adamas then sighed once more and thought back to what happened when he stepped out of hiding in order to give them his assistance.


Shit, me and my niceness. Wasn’t it because of my naive niceness that Kandy broke my heart? Shit.

Adamas got up and walked towards the pair of sexy teenage girls. Adamas thanked the gods that he was still a kid causing his reaction to go unnoticed. As soon as Adamas reached the pair he got a good look at each of them. The girl that was staring daggers at him was dark skinned just like milk chocolate with white long hair. She also had slightly pointed ear which attested to her elven heritage. Her eyes were ruby red and her body wasn’t an hourglass per say but slightly developed nonetheless. The girl tied up next to her was a typical red head. She had freckles all over her face but that only added to her unique beauty. She was light skinned with dark brown eyes.  Now unlike her friend she definitely had an hourglass body that would leave any man drooling after her. Her bust and derrière were full and just ripe for the picking. A grunting voice broke Adamas out of his trance.

“Unnngh!!!!,” grunted the girl on the left that looked like an elf. Since she was gagged by a white cloth she couldn’t talk.

Adamas’s turned towards her and by the stare she was giving him, he realized that he was inappropriately staring at her friend. Adamas cleared his throat and looked down attempting to hide his blushed state while raising his sword. He heard a gasp from the elven girl but he ignored it and brought down his sword in a quick flash.

>>>>>Full chapter will be out soon!


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  1. Eh, you still continue this story. I waiting for your update soon.


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    Thank you for all the work! I am a big fan of your work, and this is one of my favourite stories about VRMMORPG~


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