Chapter10: SU

Adamas’s feet beat upon the dusty path in the afternoon heat at a regular beat with the sun blazing from above causing drops of sweat to slide down his small forehead and into his eyes. He wiped the sweat off his head for about the 20th time since he first left the woods and it wasn’t just the sun that was making him sweat.

Adamas tried to look back towards the sound of the rhythmic beating of four footsteps behind him and the cause of his agitated state.

“Keep your head straight or I’ll poke your eyes out,” voiced the grim semi-naked girl who introduced herself earlier as Hailey. She trailed behind Adamas with another girl in the same underwear that Hailey was wearing. She was in Hailey’s arms and was still sobbing incoherently.

Adamas suppressed his curiosity once again and kept his head forward.


I save them and this is how they repay me… I knew I should’ve just left them alone. Adamas then sighed once more and thought back to what happened when he stepped out of hiding in order to give them his assistance.


Shit, me and my niceness. Wasn’t it because of me being nice that Kandy broke my heart? Shit.

Adamas got up and walked towards the pair of sexy teenagers. Adamas thanked the gods that he was still a kid causing his reaction to go unnoticed. As soon as Adamas reached the pair he got a good look at each of them. The girl that was staring daggers at him was dark skinned just like milk chocolate with white long hair. She also had slightly pointed ear which attested to her elven heritage. Her eyes were ruby red and her body wasn’t an hourglass per say but slightly developed nonetheless. The girl tied up next to her was a typical red head. She had freckles all over her face but that only added to her unique beauty. She was light skinned with dark brown eyes.  Now unlike her friend she definitely had an hourglass body that would leave any man drooling after her. Her bust and derrière were full and just ripe for the picking. A grunting voice broke Adamas out of his trance.

“Ummmgh!!!!,” grunted the girl on the left that looked like an elf. Since she was gagged by a white cloth she couldn’t talk.

Adamas’s turned towards her and by the stare she was giving him, he realized that he was inappropriately staring at her friend. Adamas cleared his throat and looked down attempting to hide his blushed state while raising his sword. He heard a gasp from the elven girl but he ignored it and brought down his sword in a quick flash. The ropes that were tying the dark-elf’s legs and arms together were sliced the next second. Adamas then proceeded to do the same to the other girl. Adamas stepped back to give the two females some space and looked towards the dark-elf as she ripped her gag from her mouth. She then bent down hastily started to collect rocks the size of a thumb. Adamas just stood there staring at her confused on whether to let the girls speak first or if he should just wait for the red head to stop crying then speak up himself. Thankfully Adamas didn’t have to wait long because as soon as the dark-elf girl stood up she began chucking rocks straight at Adamas.



-10 Hp (Critical Hit!)

“Ow! What was that for!” Yelled Adamas indigently while raising his small arms to cover up his small face.

-5 Hp

-5 Hp

The dark-elf girl proceeded to throw more rocks at Adamas while yelling, “Turn around you perv!”



With arms raised in order to protect his face, Adamas hastily turned around with a slight blush tinting his cheeks while cursing himself under his breath for his lack of tact. He also heard the dark-elf girl mumbling something about brats being indecent and having no manners, but Adamas didn’t really mind since he was more relieved that the violent girl finally stopped throwing rocks at him. They really hurt despite the small damage.

“Lindsey come on we need to arrive at a rest point before we’re able to log out,” said the dark-elf girl softly as she gently helped her friend rise from the ground. The red head whose name is Lindsey slowly rose while sobbing and began to mutter incoherent words to the dark-elf in between her sobs. The dark-elf on the other hand seemed to understand since she would sometimes reply with a “yes”, “Everything will be fine”, or “You still have me”.

Adamas just stood there with his back towards two of the most alluring girls he’s ever seen, and in underwear to boot! And what was he doing… He was counting the leaves on the tree in front of him in order to alleviate the boredom he was feeling. He would finish one tree then move on to the next closest one and so on until finally his patience snapped after his 9,803rd leaf.

Why the hell am I counting leaves in a virtual reality game!! He understood that the red-haired girl needed some time to recuperate and having her friend there for her to comfort her was priceless to her recovering process, but Adamas had to be home before dinner. It was still going to take over an hour to get back. Adanas decided that he needed to leave now, so he cleared his throat loudly interrupting the conversation the two girls were having behind his back and spoke out in his childish voice.

“I’m going to have to leave now since I need to be somewhere before dinner. If you want to enter a safe place you can follow me since I’ll be entering one. There you should be able to safely log out….”

The girls remained silent for about 10 seconds before whispering with each other until finally the dark-elf spoke up.

“That sounds good…., Lead the way and we’ll follow…….. If you look back at us, I’ll blind you……..”

Adamas sighed in relief. I can control myself, its not as if I have to see them. Then Adamas frowned after realizing he didn’t properly know their names which pushed him to speak up towards the girls. “If we’re going to be traveling together we should know each other’s names. To begin with my name is Adamas.”

The dark-elf relied curtly, “Name’s Hailey.”

The red-head who finally stopped sobbing a while ago spoke up as well with a clear voice. “My name is Lindsey.”

Adamas dug into his bag/inventory and took out a small blanket that was big enough to cover his entire body since he was still only 8yrs old. He held out the blanket over his head until he felt one of the girl snatch it from his hands. He knew it wasn’t enough to cover up but it was all he had.

Lindsey thanked Adamas and he just mumbled back you’re welcome and waited for them to give him the go sign so they could leave. Once they started on their journey towards the Maoson household neither of the girls spoke with Adamas but when it was among themselves they were quite unreserved. In fact they did nothing but chatter and sometimes Lindsey would start sobbing all over again.

When is she going to get over that guy…….

***Flashback End****

Adamas sighed once more while his fingers started to mindlessly tap on the pink gem lodged into his chest. It was a conundrum. Amantes shard? He could only think of asking his parents about it when he got home. It was thanks to it that he managed to survive but it was still unknown. Something he didn’t understand, and anything he didn’t understand left a bad feeling inside him.

They made good time and in only a few minutes Adamas could see the familiar hill that rested right beside his house.  As they pass the bend in the road, the house came into view and so did Elian who was out side hanging up wet clothes to dry in the afternoon sun. Her actions were odd to Adamas since the sun was going to go down soon, but as soon as Adamas frowned in confusion he saw his mother use…. magic. Literally it was Magic. It was the only word he could use to describe what he saw. His mother was waving her hands in front of the wet hanging clothes and with each movement water would leak form the clothes in front of her and trail her hand in the air. She repeated this process until the whole piece which was Rand’s trouser was dry. She then moved on to the wet sundress and began the process anew. Adamas was mesmerized with the sight of Erian using magic including the two girls behind Adamas.

All of the players in NLR so far are relatively new and magic has only been seen bt using incantations for attacks, but never before has magic been seen being used so effortlessly and naturally. As they neared the house Erian finished drying the clothes on the cloth line and began to fold them until she saw Adamas.

“Adamas! my baby,” Erian quickly put down the clothes in her hands and rushed straight towards Adamas like a bullet stuffing him into her bosom while ruffling his hair. Adamas could only groan and squirm in capture. Oddly enough even though Erian was beyond beautiful and very well endowed Adamas couldn’t feel anything for her other than family love.

“I’ve missed you soooo much my baby! Are you hurt? Have you eaten well? *Gasp* You’ve grown so much! This won’t do! I can’t have myself as your mother missing out on your growth! I won’t ever you go again until you’re all grown up!”


    • Your Mother has put down the law. You are not able to leave the premises of the house until you are 12 years old.
    • In Alvernon 12 is the age that most children begin apprenticing under masters in order to work towards their occupation.

‘*groan* Not again, I can’t believe my luck.


Adamas managed to turn his head and look at the girls who now wore smiles and were repressing their laughter. They were still in their bras but now they each had a piece of Adamas’s blanket wrapped around their thighs as a makeshift skirt with a rip down one side in order to optimize movement. My blanket!! *sigh* nothing I can do about it now. I expected them to rip it apart anyways. Adamas wasn’t the only who noticed the girls though. Elian also raised her head to look at them.

“Oh my! Adamas, you’re still too young to be bringing girls hime with you.,” Elian said in a surprised voice. Adamas wanted to clear the misunderstanding but he was shoved further into his mother’s bosom with both her arms possessively wrapped around him while intensely observing Hailey and Lindsey. It was as if she was trying to protect her little baby from the two seducing ladies. The action Elian took didn’t go unnoticed by Lindsey and Hailey and they both tried to explain the situation.

“It’s not like that ma’am, Adamas just helped us out when were betrayed…… and left by our friend… Well I guess he isn’t our friend anymore…. Anyways Adamas found us tied up in the woods nearby.” Lindsey said. She looked like she was about to cry again but she balled up her hand in fists and somehow held her grief inside and continued talking. “Our… companion knocked me and Hailey out only to steal everything we had and left us tied up. Then Adamas found us and helped us get free from the ropes. He also offered us sanctuary inside your home since it was close by and we thought we might be able to take a rest.”

Erian noded her head in understanding and slowly released the pressure that was suffocating Adamas to her bosom.

“I see, well come in, come in. We can’t have you young ladies underdressed outside for all to see.” Adamas’s mother finally let him free from her bosom but she quickly grabbed his hand and led the girls inside. Once they were all inside the house Erian turned around towards the girls.

“I’ll quickly go upstairs and get you young ladies some clothes. Adamas dear, you look tired, why don’t you go up to your room and get some sleep.”

When Erian pointed out how ragged Adamas looked he realized that he was indeed tired, especially after the fight he had with that monster. All of the sudden his legs felt weak, and his arms just hung from his body.

Adamas looked back towards the girls and waved goodbye. “I’m logging out so I guess I’ll see you all again.” The girls waved back to him and said goodbye.

 Adamas dragged himself upstairs after his mother and went straight towards his room where his cotton bed was located. He fell down in exhaustion and quickly logged out from the game.


***Aria’s POV***

I’m in the living room of the house on one of the couches in front of the huge holographic image in front of me. Under the holograph image is a small circular device that is the size of a medal projecting the hologram up above it. The device is a Holovision otherwise known as HV. Ever since hologram projectors were invented in 2017, televisions slowly became obsolete.

I noticed the news coming on so I decided to watch it,  seeing that I have nothing important to do. Oh! the whimsical life of a maiden. *sigh*

On the HV a good looking blonde male appeared.

News Anchor John: New on SUN.  Construction on Mars is soon coming to a close. The colony has been reported to be 95% complete and the assembly of the gravity reactor has begun. It is estimated that the colony will be able to hold up to 500 million occupants and about one million people have already registered to move to mankind’s new frontier. In other news the Moon Colonly X1’s governor has been detained for tax evasion and for accepting bribes. The expected court hearing is scheduled for October 9th. And now on to the the topic of the day. It seems that another major discovery has been made by UNVIEL. Please tell us the specifics Mina.

Mina: Well John a few hours ago UNVEIL has publicly released viable plans for a practical Space Elevator

John: A space elevator!? Haven’t scientists all over the world already tried and failed. Something about not having material strong enough for a cable?

Mina: Thats right John. UNVEIL was able to come up with a way to create long cables of carbon nantubes.

John: You know Mina whenever I hear of an amazing new tech, or ideas UNVEIL’s names always come up.

Mina: Obviously John! They are rumored to be prodigal geniuses that have the intelligence to technologically advance mankind hundreds of years into the future in only one year.. Many have tried to identify this secret group but no one has succeeded. On the other hand we have received an anonymous tip on who they really are.

John: There’s actually a lead on UNVEIL’s identity! Well, don’t keep us waiting Mina, do tell!

Mina: haha, hold your horses John, in order to better explain this for our viewers, I’ll have to give a quick history lesson.

John: Go right ahead Mina. If what your saying is true than this could finally shed some light on one of the world’s biggest mysteries.

Mina: *Chuckles* Not just the world John but the whole Sol solar system. As everyone knows 2017 is the year known as the Tech Boom year. Corporations were making new discoveries left and right. First it was the holographic emitter then it was the high efficient process of creating clean nuclear energy, which was followed by the huge advancement in nanotechnology and so on. . However despite this time of technologic advance scientists still could not mass create the materials strong enough for the force that would have been exerted on the cables of a supposed space elevator. At the time they were only able to create small amounts of carbon nanotubes which is insufficient for a 100,000 km long cable. Well despite those shortcomings during this tech boon the path to living in space was no longer a dream. With such a huge leap in science, space ships were being built by each separate government and space ramps were sprouting out like plants all over the world in a matter of months. The race to space was on. The future looked so ideal back then, but the tough reality was that not every nation thought the same thing.

John: Ah yes, you must be talking about the 3rd world war, but why? Does that have anything to do with UNVEIL?

Mina: Why yes John it does, but don’t worry I’m getting there…. Recorded as the shortest and most lethal war in history WWIII began when North Korea out of jealousy decided to cripple South Korea’s advancement into space by launching a nuclear strike. On August 18th, 2017, the day known as Bloodfall, South Korea’s capital, Seoul was struck by  an atomic bomb. The casualties reached up to 11 million people and more than 9 million were afflicted with radiation sickness. Once the situation was made clear to the rest of the world, nations were forced to pick sides.

John: Ah yes, if I remember correctly Russia, China and Iran sided with North Korea which came to be known as the Federate Alliance while the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan aided South Korea (Allied Force) in their retaliation. Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, Canada, Egypt and all of the other major countries remained neutral (Neutrality Alliance). If I remember correctly all the neutral countries allied with themselves and adamantly stated that they would not condone another nuclear attack from either sides and would be forced into taking action.

Mina: Yes but matters escalated out of hand rather quickly. The UN had no idea on how it should fix the situation and when Germany made their position clear by joining the Allied Forces, Russia conducted a joint attack with China on Germany. Germany with the help of France and the Uk were barely able to prevent them from getting a foothold in their country. On the other front Iran and another force from China pushed into what remained of South Korea with the North Koreans leading.  They held a solid grip in South Korean territory for about a year but thanks to the US and Japan, South Korea was able to push the North Koreans back into their land and began to attack North Korea with everything they had.

John: A desperate fight that led to another tragedy.

Mina: True. The Allied forces learned from then to always be wary of a cornered rat but they learned it the hard way. When North Korea’s capital Pyongyang was on the verge of collapse from the siege of the Allied Forces, their mad “king” launched two atomic missiles. One of them hit Washington in the US and the other one hit Tokyo in Japan. Following this action the Neutrality Alliance joined the Allied forced into subjugating North Korea, and continued their attacks on China, Russia and Iran. On 2020 January 9th, The North Korean king and his generals were now history and the rest of the Federate Alliance surrendered but not until they bombed more than 18 countries with nuclear weapons. After joining the war Canada, Israel, India, Germany, Uk, France, Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Chilie, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Spain and Ireland were all bombed by either Iran, North Korea, Russia, or China.

John: The Nuclear Months of 2019. All the nuclear attacks took place in that year, but they weren’t the only ones to use nuclear weapons. The Allied forces also retaliated using their own atomic bombs. Onc nation even used a hydrogen bomb.

Mina: Indeed they did but they only targeted military instillation away from civilians, but there were still civilian casualties among them. It was truly the most deadliest war. After the Federate Alliance surrendered and WWIII ended, a group of young prestigious scientists, politicians, and great thinkers from every nation came together and drafted the SU plan. They presented the plan to the UN conference that was held after the war in March and they publicly released it to the people.

John: Ahh, it sure was a huge upstart back then. I was just a child and every nation’s government thought the plan was preposterous and wouldn’t agree upon it.

Mina: Yes, It was originally thought that it would be forgotten and everything would return to normal, but the next upcoming weeks after the meeting surprised the world. The citizens of every country were just sick and tired of politics and wars. So many loved ones were lost in the world nuclear war that they were just exhausted and sad. All they wanted was to live in peace without having to worry about another war that might affect them or their children and so they spoke up. Almost every country in the world had about 80-90% within their population that wished to go through with the plan purposed. But their governments were stubborn and took a firm stance against the plan. That was when the riots broke out. It was turning out to become a full on revolution and once the various governments of the world noticed their predicament another summit meeting was held with every country that wanted to attend. The plan was reviewed once more, revised a little, and finally it was voted through.

John: The Great Revolution. A historical moment for all of mankind.

Mina: Of course, it’s not every day that the world decides to come together under one government. It was on June 28th 2020 when the Sol United (SU) government came to existence. The Sol United capital was place in Switzerland, Geneva with all 152 countries, now know as provinces, under SU. Each province no longer had a president but a governor with select representatives from each area within the province. So the United States turned out to be the US province of SU. The governor as everyone knows is usually the main representative of the province and the president of SU has certain rights but only usually oversees the proceeding when each governor meets in Geneva to discuss budgets, laws, and the oh so important political mumbo jumbo. I won’t bore the audience with the details of our government since we’re talking about INTERACT. On the other hand the audience should know that most of the governors and political officials that were elected originally belonged to the group that developed the SU plan. They were all young politicians that were extremely bright and intelligent. Each province had at least one from the group of capable politicians that drafted the SU plan and they were promptly elected as their provinces governor by the people in lieu of their part in creating the SU plan.

John: Ahh, Now that i did not know, so they were all apart of the original group that drafted the plan?

Mina: Yes John, even our first governor was part of the original group, but aren’t you more curious to know about what happened to the exceptional scientists that aided them in the SU plan?

John: NO! So its been them this whole time!

Mina: Haha yes John, the mysterious group known as UNVEIL were the very same scientists that helped create the government we all now live in. They were also the ones that participated in the advancement of technology in 2017. Unfortunately, even to this day we still don’t know the names or faces of the members in UNVEIL except for their PR announcer Melvin, but it is rumored that most of the first governors in SU know certain members in UNVEIL.

John: So I guess that explains the appearance of UNVEIL in 2020 when the governors were elected. They were able to stay in the shadows while the governors hogged the spotlight. When they announced the inception of their group nobody really realized since the world was transitioning to a new united government.

Mina: That’s right John, the world only began to recognize UNVEIL when they aided in construction of the Moon Colonies in 2022.

John: What else can we deduce about UNVEIL with this new information Mina?

Mina: Well John, nothing solid. I guess we can deduce that UNVEIL has mankind’s best interest at heart since they helped draft the SU plan but other than that all of our questions remain the same with number one being; What is UNVEIL trying to accomplish?

I got fed up with the news and decided I couldn’t take it anymore so I shut it off. There were no decent HV shows nowadays.

Where was the action coupled with the drama? The dying hero out to save the princess or the tomboyish princess that doesn’t want the burden of ruling and decides to leave the kingdom in search of friends and adventure. Where are the classics!! I mean come on. Is this all that matters nowadays? At least show some news about the US Province’s boxing tournament or maybe the Takewando tournament thats supposed to be taking place right now. Why aren’t the important stuff being reported on!!

I noticed a shift in the couches weight and looked up to see Lexi about to leave.

“Where are you going?” I asked her.

Lexi looked at me and smiled, “Oh, I have to meet up with some of my friends from back home (Chicago) in NLR.”

“Oh, should’ve known, have fun..” I replied back to her.

Then she left running upstairs.

Looks like she really wants to play!

*Ding, Deng, Dang, Dong, Dung* rang the doorbell.

I jumped up from my couch and ran straight towards the door opening it after confirming who it was by looking at the holographic camera next to it. I ended up facing a delivery man who was rolling over a large box.

“Delivery for Ms. Aria Arez from INTERACT crops.”

“Thats me!” I said

“Please sign hear and tell me where you would like me to install this for you.”

I quickly signed the pad and led him towards my room. As soon as the delivery guy entered my room he stopped at the doorway gawking like an idiot.

What the hell? What is he doing, hasn’t he ever seen a girls room?

***Delivery Guys POV***

As soon as the sexy girl in front of me opened the door to her room I could’t believe what I was seeing. She had posters of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chang, Chuck Noris, Kathy Long, Guitierrez, and some paintings of old chines martial artists. She even has swords, spears, daggers, and even whips. Now that’s kinky. Her bed isn’t even girlish, it’s so normal. What the hell is wrong with this girl!

***Aria POV****

“uhh, you still gonna set up the Full Dive capsule?”

The delivery guy finally came out from his trance and quickly began to unload the part of the capsule at the spot I pointed to. He carefully and methodically put together the pieces and connected the power. He took out a square object the size of a credit card with the thickness of pencil. A hologram came up from the object.

Ah, an I-phad. (Basically a holographic tablet) I guess I should get him a cup of water.

After returning to my room with a cup of water I saw the delivery packing up his tools getting ready to go. He turned towards me and began to speak up.

“I’m done assembling the capsule for you and I’ve also installed the new feature called REM-PLAY which basically allows you to play the game while you’re asleep, so you’ll be well rested when you log out. You can now enter REM_PLAY or regular play whenever you want. I was also told by my company to install any other capsules in the house with the new feature if you all want it.”

Hmm, that actually sounds good, I know mom and dad would like it since they don’t usually have time to play with their busy schedules so I tell him that we have 6 other capsules in the house that need to be upgraded.

I then lead the delivery guy to every one of the capsules in the house. Some of them were being used but the delivery guy said that he could still add the group with the capsule in use. Once I finished giving the delivery guy the tour of the house I lead him back to the front door where I had to sign again.

“Well then, enjoy playing NLR, if you have any problems please call this number.” He then proceeded to give me his business card that read:

Paul Renald.
Junior INTERACT corps technician

“Thanks Paul, I’ll give you a call if anything comes up! Goodbye”

When I finally returned to my room the download for NLR was complete so I quickly opened the capsule and laid down. Once the lid closed, I closed my eyes and I was hit with a question that I thought was dumb. Why else would I be here?

Connect to New Life: Reborn?

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