Just wanna write about what I always daydream whenever I’m sitting in class bored staring at the ceiling or on my way back home on the crowded public bus. Imagination grows off my boredom, and now its grown to the point where I’ll forget it all unless I get it on paper or in this case, on a blog. Hope you Enjoy.


Meet Adam, and get to know him as he goes through the hardships of Real Life and NLR (New Life: Reborn). Circumstances force him to abandon all hope in RL people, but when he enters NLR, his heart ends up opening up to the new world and its occupants. His journey is long but so is life, so watch as he leaves his footprints not only in NLR but Real Life as well.



 Contains mature content. Definite possible of violence, blood and mild sexual contents. Cursing does exist and probably will always exist.



 This is a free web-novel for everyone. You do not have to donate in order to get full access to my web-novel. I will not write any bonus chapters, or submit any kind of extra material because of possible donations. I will continue writing chapters regardless of whether or not I receive donations. This is strictly for those that enjoy my web-novel and wish to support me. Thank you for reading.

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One Response to ABOUT

  1. yuki says:

    Hi… I love your story. Do you have more?


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