Good List of similar novels&books.
    Mainly Japanese light novels that have been translated and some fanfics. Give it a try, some of them are actually good.
    The website dedicated towards the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor series. A korean light novel that is surprisingly enjoyable. Many other fanfics as well.
    Kind of self-explanatory. Where else would you go looking for web novels other than this site. Various web novels written by an equal amount of various authors who are just as bored as me are all listed here. Surf the site and dive into one of their many stories!

Current Web-Novels I’m Following.

2 Responses to ReCoMeNdAtIoNs

  1. Callum Legg says:

    It would be cool if you could link actual stories rather than areas to search for them, gives us an idea of what you enjoy and allows us to understand where you are going with your story.


  2. Caleb says:

    I loved the story so far. Are you still active or is this it. Let me know so that I can still follow you.


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