Hey! Let me know what you all have to say about the story. Speculations, thoughts, comments and advice are all welcome. Even if you want to bash on my story go ahead, its not like I’ll delete it….I think.

Anyways just let me hear your voice! Comment sections are bellow  and the chat box is on the HOME page.

15 Responses to YOUR VOICE

  1. Bruce says:

    i hope you are ok and every thing


  2. rahmat says:

    please make Adam a cruel person (only to his enemy) it’s fun to see MC do something bad to his enemies (mentally or physically) rather than the MC is the one get wronged. I hope you understand what I mean, my english is bad.


  3. sierrebwarts says:

    Really enjoying the story and looking forward to the next part. With Bruce in hoping you’re alright.


  4. Sablecaballero says:

    This is a very interesting FF, I love the idea of the pcs having a family in game. Thank you for your work, and I hope you keep updating!


  5. Callum Legg says:

    You haven’t been active for a while now, everyone’s worried… if you are stuck with things in RL then mention it and say if you are going to take a while. It will help your poor fans sanity.


  6. zerokill says:

    I really love your story. Just wondering when it’ll be updated. No rush
    Tahnk youuuu ❤


  7. Rodolfo says:

    waiting for the next chapter
    great story so far 🙂


  8. Chance says:

    Love the story. Hope this keeps on going and going. Good luck 🙂


  9. draakdio says:

    Its Great WRITE MORE!!!! please, and thank you for reading our messages.


  10. david says:

    you have a great potential as a writer.

    I have read enough novels, books of different genres
    and I can clearly see that you have an original style
    and very captivating.

    goes on to write, you’ll have success.
    I think you can live a future of books


  11. Clark says:

    Is everything okay because it’s been some months and nothing new has happened here.


  12. zecrano says:

    hello when the next chapter update


  13. yuki says:

    I really loved your story. I was wondering when you would update it..?


  14. Eddi says:

    There hasn’t been any info about you for a long time. Are you ok ? This story is just great and i can wait it to continue as long as it takes just wana know if you are ok and if this story will still continue?


  15. Alex says:

    So, is everything ok and is it safe to assume that the story is dropped?


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